Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston Split

Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston Split

Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston have called it quits, confirms.

E! Online first reported the news and their reason is Miley‘s ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas.

A source shared, “She obviously has been hanging out with Nick again a lot, and Justin was cool with it at first, as long as it was just a cool, friendly thing. She didn’t cheat, but I guess Nick was trying to get her back the whole time.”

Reminder: This is all speculation. JJJ doesn’t think Nick is really trying to get Miley back!

Justin expressed his sadness, tweeting, “How many tears are in there? They’ve gotta run out soon right?” Miley added, “Tears are words the heart can’t express”

Miley is currently in Savannah, Georgia filming her upcoming movie, The Last Song.

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  • eman

    oh i hope there not!
    then she’ll be after nick and thats not cool with me!
    hes mine ahahha jk
    but yeah no niley pleaseeeeeeee
    jiley is okay

  • izabella

    I think it’s over, just read Justin’s and Miley’s twitters :S
    It’d be so awesome if Niley got back together but I don’t think that’s happening any time soon, they’re both so very busy right now, but I’m really excited about their duet “before the storm” and I’m happy they’re friends again ♥
    I’m going to see the Jonas brothers in Sweden october 30th, yay :D that came from nowhere, LOL

  • sARAH7

    I think they did break up.. But Nick is not the only reason.. She is close to nick and maybe justin didn’t like that because everybody know miley and nick have something special.. Yeah we hear a lot of rumors that they broke up but the twitter things and the fact that Eonline has confirmed it, make me believe it’s true…
    We’ll see but iam so happy if it’s true he wasnt the good guy for her.. And Nick is way better!
    Niley baby :)

  • denise

    i hope they broke up because he is so cute and kind of old for miley. maybe it’s about time, and i like him….

  • EMMA

    I hope they didnt break up .
    Not that its any of my bussiness but as much as i love nick and miley ,i dont think they suit each other :)

  • lucy

    FINALLLY…. i really want them to be broken up!! and i think miley really wants nick back you can just tell in the twitter and then nick just plain loves her <3 ewwww justin. NILEY FOTREVERRR.

  • ashleytizz lover09

    niley 4eva:)
    mustin eww:(

  • .

    I think they did break up, because of their Twitters. I don’t think Nick’s trying too hard to get back with her, if that’s what it is. I think that Justin was just getting mad about Miley and Nick hanging out all the time, plus Miley’s going to be gone all summer for the movie anyway. He just can’t get over that they’re getting close again.

  • sarah(france)

    i think this is all crap no one cofirmed anything
    and this is not our business i don’t think that
    nick trying to get back with miley.

  • ashleigh

    i hope soo! I love niley! and plus I was reading their twitters and their tweets kinda confirmed it!!

  • sARAH7

    if niley has to get back together, i hope it’ll be after his worl tour and after her movie and tour too.. Like in DEcember if they really want to because they’re now to busy.. :)

  • Rochel

    Why do people asume if Miley and Justin broke up that she went back to Nick ??
    Cant Miley break up with a guy without people asuming that its cause of Nick ??
    You know people grow apart and maybe thats what happened.

  • alex


  • listen to mayday parade

    i think its over, but I dont think Nick wants her back.
    He seems to be trying to be nice to her, but I really dont think he wants to be more then friends.. and not even close friends.

  • zanessa•lover•2489

    I think Niley is cuter, Justins a little too old for her, Nick would be a better fit. I doubt they broke up b/c of Nick though, if they even did. Its probably just another dumb rumor!

  • Mels

    I think they broke up just because of the distance since she wont be around at all…not bc of nick

  • Paloma

    This isn’t our bussiness. It’s Miley and Nick’s personal lives!!!!! If they want to get back together that’s great for Niley fans:) If not, lets just hope that miley and nick are happy right?

  • iLorena

    I’m not a gossip fan, but the thing is that she is tweeting things that make us believe they’re over. Like:
    “life will go on. you will smile again…. we will smile again.”

    But I don’t think Nick wants her back… anyway sell see what happens, but If they are over, I don’t think Nick is the reason.

  • mileysupporta4eva


    I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU 300%%%!!! even though i’m a die-hard niley fan..haha…i just want them to be happy (:

  • victorine

    omg!!!! im gunna be so happy if the rumours are true…
    i want niley back!!!!!
    besides justin is too old for her
    nick is just fine :)
    they soooo suit each other
    im will be so grateful if they get back together

  • Rosalie Belle

    i love she dating with Justin! but with NICK
    and he don’t like her… please

  • anna

    i hope soo !
    now niley can get back together. i hope :D

  • ella

    probably. i doubt the whole nick trying to get her back part is true. but go read justins tweets. hes such an overdramatic pathetic tool. so im thinking its true

  • miranda

    i love jiley and nick will make a huge mistake to go back to his childhood love… he said it was something so in the past

  • Paloma
  • notteellling

    I’m very close with Justin & I can say that they DID very much break up.
    Nick was not the only reason, but a big one.
    Nick very much wants Miley back & that’s why Miley changed the lyrics to “7 Things” at the benefit concert.
    She loves Nick & that has never changed.
    Justin understands that everything happens for a reason,
    and he trust God’s doings.
    They have both been very sad, but they will be happy soon [:

  • amber

    i think they did break up, but i don’t think nick is the main reason.

  • krystal

    i like justin but i think miley belongs with nick.

  • T

    I strongly doubt Niley will get back together. They seem to be okay just like that (just friends). And I don’t think Miley and Justin broke up… I mean, every couple gets through rough times at some moment… So come on…let’s not make a big deal out of all this…

  • Victoria

    YES! I do hope that they break up. First of all honestly, he is too old for her, and second I think that he was only going out with her because she’s famous but who knows maybe he did like her. But whatever this is just my opinion.

  • victoria!

    as much as i would love nick and miley to get together..i dont think her and justin broke up. the twitters are probably because she is leaving him for two months. but if they did split, i wouldnt want her and nick to get together, if they did, for a while because they are both still very young and very busy>

    love her <3

  • miley come to northern ireland

    i hope they have broke up nt being mean

    l love miley now she just has to dicth the jesus thing

    i love miley i just hate jesus lmao :)

  • Sam

    Awww, I was starting to like jiley aswell :(

  • zanessalovin’_happenedsofast(:

    Awww, I feel kind of bad for Justin if they really did break up. I know he was too old for her, but maybe he really did like her. After all, he did stay with her for quite a long time. If he did go out with her for the fame and not for her personality, he would’ve gotten tired of the situation a long time ago.
    With all of her twitters, it does seem that they might want to get back with Nick. Sometimes I think she never got over him completely. Whatever the reason, I hope things work out the best for the three of them. <333

  • lexy

    i love niley! they are so cute together. did you guys hear that miley changed the lyrics to 7 things when she performed at the aids event where she met nick?

  • yaima

    no way nick is mine only mine u got that miley bitch nick is only mine
    his my boyfriend u freak

  • Kiara

    eonline dosent lie and i think they did breaakup just read their twitter but i don think nick is trying to win her back i just think their relationship was just kinda unreal cuz her dad set her up with him and i really dont think she really liked that much

  • lauren(GERMANY)

    i don’t know..

    i love miley and nick!

    Whatever..i just want to see them happy :)

  • emma

    okay, nick jonas is WAY too good for miley,
    i really hope thats not true. if they date again i will be so pissed,
    i hope miley is still dating justing, haha.

  • zanessa4life

    I dont know for sure, but all things look like they have.

    And it would be really lovely to have another supercute Disneycouple together again.
    I dont really think of them as a Disney couple, but that’s a commonality they have with Zac & V.
    So,…. I dont know what I’m talking about :D

    I’d love to see them together again cause theyre cute!

    But not as cute as Zanessa.


  • caat

    no, i don’t think they’re over.
    even though i really want niley back.

  • nileyfan4ever123



  • brunela.

    I really hope so. I wanna Niley back! lol
    I think they really should be together, it’s like a fairytale.
    The thing with Justin never seem reaaaaaaaaaaaally real to me. I always think it was fake.
    Niley s2

  • bonquisha

    ya, i think they’re done. and very glad…

  • kanye-east. :]

    well, i kinda feel bad if they are broken up. but i believe her and nick were better together. two young hearts in love. thats so cute. <3

  • katie

    E! isn’t particularly reliable.

  • emi

    i think miley should be with the guy she loves! I mean she deserves to be happy! and I like Justin and Nick both! so it doesn’t matter!
    She should be happy, thats it!

  • me

    I think they might be, which is sad because I know both of them are hurting right now. Like JJJ said, we shouldn’t speculate too much, but from their twitters something is going on. Also, something changed between Nick and Miley, just listen to Miley’s changed lyrics to “7 Things” at the AIDS charity event. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • KareyAnne


  • Lizzie

    ooh i hope there not
    i mean i love nick and miley together
    but i think miley and justin make a cute couple[: