Miley Cyrus & Steve Rushton: Not Dating!

Miley Cyrus & Steve Rushton: Not Dating!

Miley Cyrus is getting serious.

The 16-year-old singer called into “MJ in the Morning” radio show in Tampa, Fla., on Friday morning (June 12) to talk about her upcoming tour. Miley dished on her dislike for bugs, Twitter, and posers

DJ MJ Kelli (real name Todd Schnitt) also asked about harsh comments the comedian Jamie Foxx made about her previously. Before Miley could answer, the line went dead! MJ Kelli shared with Tampa Bay Online, “I would be derelict if I didn’t ask some personal questions. But this has never happened. I can’t believe it. I was being as nice as I could and didn’t think the question was out of line.”

Rumors have also been circulating around the internet that Miley is dating British singer Steve Rushton. is here to debunk these rumors — they’re completely false!

Miley Cyrus – “MJ in the Morning”, Part 1, 06/12

Miley Cyrus – “MJ in the Morning”, Part 2, 06/12
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  • sean84

    well ive naver heard dis rumor butt am glad she denied it lol steve rushton is only a frend off her i fink nd well hes not my fav singer butt well i lik his 2 songs on the hannah montana movie soundtrack lol nd well bye the way miley shood date a fan well i hope am gunna date her lol

  • ALEX

    I have never heard of that guy! (I live in england and he must be not the very famous)

    but miley’s cooooooool :P

  • SOnya

    I never thought they were…. NILEY! haha

  • ashleytizz lover09

    no niley

  • ashleytizz lover09



  • sean84

    well i dunt fink miley is dating nick either nd well she shoodnt date him cuz well hes allreddy broke her heart once nd well he migh do it agin lol i fink miley nd nick shood only be frends nd well she shood date a fan i fink lol

  • miranda

    DJ MJ Kelli (real name Todd Schnitt) also asked about harsh comments the comedian Jamie Foxx made about her previously. Before Miley could answer, the line went dead!

    MILEY COWARD! the coments of jamie were completely true and she couldnt deny it

  • :]

    It’s not her idiot, it’s her people.

  • lo

    I heard that on multiple interviews that she or her camp hung on the radio stations. But I heard that she talk about Nick on Woody and Jim 107.5 The River for anyone who cares and Nick and Miley.

  • Lauren

    yeh it was her people who hung up, but she went on to a radio station in tennessee an talked about on also, i don’t see why she shouldn’t talk about it he was the one who was saying nasty stuff about it she should be able to talk about it its not as if she did anything wrong

  • billythekid

    @miranda: Oh please Mranda, just please STFU already. Only a complete and utter idiot, like yourself, would steep so low in manure to claim that what Jamie Foxx said about Miley was true. You are beneath contempt.

  • billythekid

    Personally I don’t see why radio stations want to bring up the Jamie Foxx bull. It’s not like it’s something she did to deserve any of that crap that he dished out to her. I dont blame her people for hanging up because I think the radio stations are just trying to get Miley to spill something on Jamie that they can use for a news-bite.

  • sean84


    ur a fucking idiot stop talkin in miley topicks if u dunt lik her nd well jamie fox is a fuckin asshole he shood quit acting or doing whut he dose in his life

  • mileyfan click this miley is takin it slow with nick but thr givin it a nother try

  • sean84

    well bye the way its not miley who hung up its her peeple nd well she didunt had 2 answers these qweshtons bye the way lol so the fuckin miley haters shood shutt up

  • lo

    @billythekid: I agreed. I think that they shouldn’t have mentioned Jaime Foxx. Her publicist hung up on multiple stations. Her publicist hung up on Kidd Kraddick because it went over the time limit of 5 minutes and this was right when Miley was mid sentence.

  • cami

    what did jamie foxx say about her? I missed it, someone tell me please :D

  • cami

    what did jamie foxx say about her? I missed it, someone tell me please :)

  • me

    it wasnt her it was he peeps

  • me

    he said she needed a gum transplant and someone else said she needs to make a sex tae with her dad and jamie foxx started laughing u can look it up on utube

  • billythekid

    @lo: I probably should have been more clear in what i said. I mostly took exception to what some idiot above thought was ok for Jamie Foxx to say. While I don’t think it’s really necessary at this point in time to rehash that stuff, I don’t think it’s really reason to hang up on the radio stations either. Miley is not stupid. All she has to do is just say no comment to whatever basic topics her people feel she shouldn’t get involved talking about. But for her management to hang up abruptly because the interview went beyond the 5 minute mark is pretty absurd. Her management just managed to make a fool of her during a day of interviews when nothing of the sort should have ever happened.

    Why the heck are they so concerned about what she says in interviews when she tweets about practically everything under the sun? Crazy

  • swe3t23

    exactly asking her if Jamie Foxx personally apologized is uncalled for. Why bring it up it is in the past. Radio DJ using reverse psychology to get inside scoop and using interview tricks to get info is low and has no respect for the artist.

    SCREW that Radio DJ they got what they deserve. Good for her management to pull the plug.

  • brooklyn

    I think she should’ve just said No comment. Whoever hung up the phone on her end is stupid. This is going to cause more media than if she had said No Comment.

  • julie

    the sun news papaer today it said about miley and steve but then shes been photograph with nick jonas :-s

  • julie

    ohh just so people kno steve rushton was in a band called son of dork, a uk band which was kinda like mcfly and busted actully one of the guys from busted (james) was in son of dork but they didnt do that well =)

  • lo

    @billythekid: I honestly couldn’t tell you where they are concerned about what she says on the radio. As for her tweets, I have read multiple times. I know that she has said that she wants her private life to remain private but yet she basically lays out her entire life on her twitter. If you don’t want people to know what you are doing at all times, then you really shouldn’t be telling everyone on a public domain such as twitter. It’s like gossip sites, she said once that she was boycotting them, yet every time something absurd is written, she goes to her twitter and rants about how it is not true. It’s not letting “gossip” sites get to you, which they clearly do for her.

  • n

    does anybody has a kidd kraddic interview cuz they didn’t put it up on there web site cuz her manager hung up on him and people said she was talking how is she in love..but they hung up cuz they were over time limit…anyway her manager obviously had a bad
    does anybody knows how can i find it??

  • maggie
  • victoria!


  • http://JustJaredJr. Jonas Brothers #1 Fan.

    @miranda: He had no right to say that about her! And he appoligized not because he was sorry just to save himself. It’s pretty obvious coming out of a guy like him. Miley rocks!

    @sean84: I totally agree! 10000000,000000000,00000000000%

    I <3 Miley Cyrus
    4 EVER!!!!!!!!


  • billythekid

    @brooklyn: Exactly my point!! Anyhow, I just read Miley’s recent tweets and that 4-part tweet was most certainly written by her management. Regardless of who exactly is in charge of Miley Cyrus (doesn’t seem to be Miley!), it was one of the stupidest methods in which to conduct an interview. To put a radio station on some clock, and then just hang up on them when their 5 minutes is up, is plainly ludicrous. All the crap press they got today was the result of their OWN doings, and can’t be blamed on anyone else. For once – and only once I sincerely hope – I do not disagree with Perez Hilton.

  • anonymous

    of course theyre not dating
    she’s dating nick

  • lauren

    steve is old..hes in his 20s. i loved son of dork. :D

  • anon

    Miley was interviewed by Kidd Kraddick (nationally syndicated) and he was hung up on as well mid question. Miley stopped by the studio recently and they were all talkin like buds. I don’t know if it was her manager or Miley (signaling the manager) that is hanging up on this radio personalities but she won’t have any radio people as friends anymore. They’ll just talk slander about her instead now.

  • meeee


  • mik

    haha that was so well put! thank you! :) :)

  • mik


    she shud get a better managgement, theyre making her look lyk SH**! poor miley. she’s not attracting the best stuff atm. (well apart from nick ofcorse :P) .

  • aakash

    I am very bib fan of your Hanah Montana

  • aakash

    i am from nepal, Kathmandu

  • Alva

    She have just some minutes to do the interwiev but I mean I would be shocked if I was the interwiver, ;)



  • dina

    sites and even fan sites like the cyrus familey site really need to stop posting this stupid rumer about miley dating this steve guy, because it is not true! she is still single! I am soo sick of rumers about her! I love miley!

  • Leah

    Miley twittered that she has a strict time-slot to fit each radio interview into, and if one interview goes over, it automatically gets disconnected so she can connect to the next interview. It wasn’t her fault. It had nothing to do with that specific question.

  • caroline

    @cami: How do you function in life . . . you don’t know it when information is readily available to you? I would hate to work with you in school. I’d end up doing all the work :—p

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