Miley Cyrus: Jet Skiing Sunday

Miley Cyrus: Jet Skiing Sunday

Miley Cyrus and a gal pal go for a jet ski ride around Tybee Island in Savannah, Georgia on Sunday afternoon (June 14).

While the 16-year-old may have a new hobby, she didn’t pay attention to safety. Miley and her friend forgot their life jackets!

Also spotted having fun in the sun on the docks was Miley‘s The Last Song costar, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth (not pictured).

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus‘s jet skiing Sunday…

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  • Yay!

    YAY first!
    She is so ugly it’s not even funny.
    Fuck off miley.
    You are obviously using Nick J. as your fanboy. just like you are using the rest of the jonases.
    Awwh, did they forget their life jackets?
    Well jared come on then miley would drown.
    bad thing?
    ha kidding. kinda.

  • swe3t23

    MILEY CYRUS looks hot on a jet ski !!!

    she is a demon….yayy

  • http://. Vic2763

    Miley looks good as a jetski speed demon. I hop she can swim =| Have fun bb.

  • Carly

    i can tell bashes about no life jacket will be coming shortly…..shes gorgeous.

  • ksi

    she’s cute. and haters, if you can’t stand miley then WHY do you waste ur time seeing her pictures and comenting here?
    Oh yeah, I forgot…YOU DON’T HAVE LIFES

  • racheal

    and they couldn’t get that HQ images when she was with Nick??

  • ashley

    omg!!!!! here we go again
    with people talking about her!!!!!!

    first her nose!!!!!
    now she forgot her safely jacket!!!!!

    who cares shes older!! she could swim!!
    people just like to see her hurting and its just stupid as hell!!!

    shes already sad, now dont make her depressed

  • mandy

    Miley looks HOT!so haters don’t be jealous!!

  • reginna

    i loved her bikini , omg so beautiful. (LL)

  • reginna

    aw she looks beautiful, .. btw i just loved her bikini (L)

    so what if shes not wearin a life jacket ? sometimes NORMAL teenagers forget.. stop trying to make her diferent just because shes a celebrity..

  • Stephanie

    Why couldn’t they get HQ pictures of her and Nick.
    makes you wonder. :l

  • cc27

    o.O Who cares if she isnt with life jacket? lol..
    As Long as she knows to swim xD
    My sister jet skiis without life jacket all the time.. lmao


  • jbr

    she is really pretty !

  • krixtina

    loove her :D

  • tHANH

    @Stephanie: THAT WAS MY FIRST THOUGHT lol :(

  • chelsy

    no life jackets? GREAT ROLE MODEL!!

  • 007

    love mielyyyyyyy

  • r

    i guess paparazzi found her and they are gonna stalk her…:(

  • Khloe

    soo cute

  • :]

    @Yay!: LMAO, she don’t need the Jonases idiot. She’s the biggest teenstar, so you can get over you little jealousy. And it was Nick who flew 2000miles to be with her, so stop picking on her.

  • victoria!

    i love miley and that looks so fun!
    i actually love her hair that color, and dang that girl with her is busty lol

  • victoria!

    umm stop freaking, just yesterday i went jet skiing w/o a life jacket. if you can swim, you’re fine

  • hannahfan4life

    miley looks really beautiful =] HATERS GET UR STUPID ASS OUT OF HERE!!! lol love ya miley!!!! :D oh and how come all of a suddenly when nick hangs out with her they get more famous???? :/ i really dont like them just as long as she does but i was just wondering?

  • lol


    pray tell – WHAT does she have to be sad about? she keeps bragging in twitter that she & Nick are together & that is all she has wanted – they text or twitter or speak all the time – so What does she have to be sad about? Please don’t say it is the break up with Justin because she is NOT sad about that. what a drama queen!

  • KAY

    who’s her friend?

  • dina

    who is the guy? Is it maybe Liem?

  • sean84

    well miley is so beautifull butt she said on twitter “no pix” nd well yeah she shood ware a life jackett next time lol

  • sean84

    bye the way pleez delete the disgusting pic off the dude hes so ugly lol

  • Shannon

    for those saying who cares if she isn’t wearing a life jacket…FYI it’s illegal to operate a personal water craft (a jet ski in other words…) without a life jacket on…just one of the rules of riding on the water….it’s like when you wear a seatbelt when you ride in a car…same thing…certain rules apply. it’s not against miley personally though and it doesnt matter if you can or can not swim.

  • jo


  • me.

    so gorgeouss =)
    & #1…jealous much?

  • billythekid

    @Yay!: I can tell you suck at life if hoping for someone to drown is one of your desires in life. I guess that just makes you to be a pathetic tool. Hardly worthy of a comment, but definitely deserving of a backhand from someone.

  • Yay!

    @billythekid: bahahaha. Look at all the bull I’m getting for calling an ugly girl ugly. okay I’ll make it better. HIDEOUS. better? You’re all so pathetic. Jealous of what? Her stringy hair? Fake personality? Or maybe her crooked with teet. you’re right. you’ve caught me. SO EFFING JEALOUS U GUYYYZZZ. OMGGGGGGG.
    Bahahahaha. Dumb asses.

  • Yay!

    @Yay!: teeth*
    lolololol :)

  • Katie

    So I’m sure nobody here cares but my family recently got a jetski and I just have to say, driving it is SO much fun! No wonder Miley is out on it all the time :) Though I gotta admit, her’s is a heck of a lot nicer than ours. rofl

    She should definitely wear a life jacket next time, though. It’s illegal to ride one without it. Her bikini is SUPER cute though! :p

  • :]

    @Yay!: Lol, you ARE very jealouse cause she have everything you don’t. Jealously will make you uglier than you already are, take it easy.

  • anon

    i LOVE how all the nice comments outdo the negative ones. one day its gonna cum bite u in the butt!
    anyway, honestly i was kinda slipping out of liking miley but once again i am reminded of how much i adore the girl! :) her hair looks lighter here though- like it better dark (like in her tweeted pics) she is GORGEOUS!!

  • Andy

    Nice legs :D

  • nik b.

    Gorgeous! Love you Miles :)
    Just stunning.

  • annie

    The red shirt with the bikini is so amazing! The colours are awesome…
    <3<3<3 Miles!!! Jet ski demon :)

  • Rachel

    Her swimsuit is from target!! or atleast there is a really really really similar one there

  • MartOlina

    Miley’s cool.Love her.follow me on twitter

  • AJ

    @Yay!: haha yes, you’re completely jealous that Miley is better looking than you, more talented than you, has more friends than you, has more cash than you, has dated Nick Jonas, has dated a model… the list goes on and on. You do get points for making the rest of us laugh though.

  • twilightlover108

    looks fun!!!!

  • Diana x3

    Miley looks GREAT :)
    omg I love her <3 she’s my role model and the pictures look like fun :)

  • keN

    . . . heck wit Nick . . shes got a wavetool
    to roost with now. “pin it girl” . . . .

  • erin

    hey no way!!! i have the same swimsuit miley has!!!! i got it from target!!!

  • DemiFan

    It’s amazing how people come on Miley post just to say something rude. Obviously they mus like her since they’re taking the time to comment all her post and youtube videos

    BTW, MC looks GR8t so haters CAN SUCK IT.@Yay!: The Jonases are the ones that used her IDIOT. No one knew who they were until the BOBW. Before then, the JBS were so HORRIBLE that they were acrtually DROPPED from COLUMBIA RECORDS

  • jimmy


  • jennifer