Selena Gomez is Princess Perfect

Selena Gomez is Princess Perfect

Selena Gomez pulls BFF costar Demi Lovato in for a hug as they arrive at the premiere of their new DCOM, Princess Protection Program, in Toronto, Canada on Thursday night (June 18).

The 16-year-old actress, in a one-shoulder white Tadashi Shoji dress and Stuart Weitzman heels, recently dished to the Associated Press that she treasures the friendship that she and Demi share.

Selena shared, “You should be there for someone, and I think you should be honest with someone. I don’t think it’s healthy to go around gossiping and telling other people (things). I think it’s nice to just sit down with someone and tell them how you feel and get it off your chest.”

Selena Gomez – “Princess Protection Program Interview,” 06/15
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Credit: John Kennedy; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Khloe


  • AJ

    I love them both. Man, Demi’s starting to look prettier and prettier these days.

  • andrea

    they rock together! wish i could see them more together now.. we need videos demi and selena! or for you two to hang out :D

  • Ann

    Love Demi !!!!!!!!!! Selena = ehhhh nope

  • Jessica

    selena is gorgeous. i love her
    i lvoe demi too, but shes getting annoying now-a-days? idk.

  • jbr

    aaaawwww selena is so awesome , i love her so much
    and i love demi too
    she is AMAZING
    and they both look stunning !

  • tee

    they look so gorgeous! i hope you post some kelly blatz pictures. he’s hothothot.

  • kristy

    i really don’t see how people can think demi looks better than selena. its clear as day selena looks better.

  • tyler

    i like selena WAY more but demi look better idk

  • kiara

    this movie better b amazing with all this hype

  • kiara

    but their still both real pretty

  • katie

    toronto? whats with that? they both look gorgeous!

  • Kim

    @katie: Wut? Toronto needs love too.

  • Kim

    Love those two <3

  • Stottlemyre

    Demi may be the Princess…but Selena is the Queen. Selena is so much hotter. She is on fire.

  • kim

    They are so cute together love them and stop compairing them…

  • tease

    why must we compare ?

  • mine

    @kiara: what hype? i dont see any hype, it got the same hype wendy wu & halloween town got..

  • Melz

    Demi looks gorgeous!

  • jess.

    i’m not going to bash anyone. i think their both pretty but i prefer selena. lol. she’s the perfect example of someone all young kids should look up to. she kept it classy and cute, and pulled it off great. love her so much, i agree with everyone who says she’s prettier — because she really is, and such a great role-model.

  • leah

    Selena always looks good and they crashed a prom. I wish I was friends with them:(

  • SARAH22

    i love their friendship, im such a fan of both of them! And Selena looks just gorgeous!

  • smiley

    YAYY Demi and Selena look amazing. i’m so happy they’re back together after being apart for such a long time. their friendship rocks! can’t wait for PPP. i love them so much! :))


  • Kay

    selena has lost a lot of weight, look at her stick arms

  • ashfansfromturkey

    love them but
    last picture looks alike vashley
    isnt it ?
    but they’re way cuter than demiley

  • swe3t23

    it seems like, demi is sick of Selena. I prefer Demi than Selena. Selena is too boring and looks bitchy all the time

  • Winter


    I don’t think so. I don’t think she would leave aside her best friends of 10 years. They’re already together when they were still nobodies. If Demi abandoned her, it would be like forgetting were she came from. That would just be so wrong. And Selena is not b*tchy.

  • Winter

    Sorry a lot of typos. It should’ve been:

    I don’t think so. I don’t think she would leave aside her best friend of 10 years. They’re already together when they were still nobodies. If Demi abandoned her, it would be like forgetting where she came from. That would just be so wrong. And Selena is not b*tchy.

  • nik b.

    that was @EMILY

  • nik b.

    HATE SELENA, no hate against being skin, thats cool
    but wear clothes that doesn’t show you are skin and bones next time god
    and this is one shoulder, and pretty short…. it’s less boring than all her other outfits though I have to say she looks old?!
    Like girls from the Hills or something with the hair that is totally inappropriate for a young girl of 16.
    She’s going for a granny look hair-wise and a young adult sexier attire…
    not sure it is working

  • Jane

    these two are both really cool i reckon ;
    they seem superfriendly and down to earth .

  • MartOlina

    Heyyy,Selena and Demi are awesomeee.i totally loove their friendship.I like Miley too.I think all these cool girls should be friends.Miley And Demi are friends but i think that it’s always Demi&Sel,no matter what.Too bad 4 Sel&Milez.Follow me on twitter. .xoxoxo

  • oriana

    it was so fun there! i got to meet selena…sadly not demi =]

  • oriana

    @katie: exactly! Toronto needs some more of them…everyone in the USA can practicully see them twice or more than once

  • NativeNYker
  • phoebe

    they are both beautiful- dnt compare them. i love thier friendship and i really look up 2 them. demi&sel 4eva! :)


    why cant we all juss love them both like we did when they had juss started disney..
    everyone was team semi and now..i see ALOT os selena or demi haters.. why cant we like them both??
    i do i love them both..
    selena a little bit more lol but i still like them

  • kris

    I really love their friendship.
    and I lovee selenaa.

  • delsy

    i am watching PPP now gosh it started of really good

  • saarah

    selena and demi both look gorgeous and amazing
    u guys rule and rck on

  • korrah

    Selena is sooo boring and dry/dull compared to demi you can see it even by looking at pictures. Selena Sucks.

  • brit


    You are just a immature hater, demi have a post of her own right underneath this one, if you like demi so much then go there, and leave selena alone pitiful hater

  • Andrea

    I love Demi,, she´s gorgeous,, i´m so jealous of her beauty and talent

  • j4D3

    Demi and Selena are amazing !!!
    i just saw the film it was really good ! =D

  • anonymous

    she is gorgeous, i love her

  • french chick123

    i really want to see the movie. and duhh its going to be PERFECT! hahah love demi and selena.

  • selena & demi

    i watched their movie twice its awesome

  • kelly

    selena u are so pretty and talented and i wish all the best for u

  • kelly

    selena is amazing

  • french chick123

    @selena & demi: how did you get to see the movie? its not out yet!