Taylor Lautner Tours Toronto

Taylor Lautner Tours Toronto

A hooded Taylor Lautner gives a big smile to paparazzi as he heads back to his hotel in Toronto, Canada on Saturday afternoon (June 20).

The 17-year-old Twilight hunk and his family took a stroll around town, stopping at Summer’s Ice Cream Store for a tasty treat.

On Sunday (June 21), Taylor and costar Rachelle Lefevre will be presenting at the Much Music Video Awards where the Jonas Brothers will be hosting.

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Credit: Sultana ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • ilovejoenas

    He looks fine. But im soo over twilight.

  • mochakiss

    Way too old to be 1st buy f*** it it Taylor’s hott!!


    How much does it SUCK to find out that your favourite celebrity was A DAMN BLOCK AWAY from where you were, but you didn’t know it. FML!

  • tara

    i live in toronto!
    i wanna c him!!! AHHH
    i wanna go downtown tmw so bad to see the Jonas Brothers and everyone…uchhh
    i tried to get ticks… cant…
    not fair

  • kate

    omg is selena still in toronto ?? if so then maybe there will be NEW TAYLENA PICS

  • http://www.celebbuzz.com rozza

    omg hes so hot i cant wait to see what hes gonna wear on sunday awesome hes taking some pics with fans too

  • saudia

    yay Toronto!! . too bad Selena left .. I wish I could make it downtown tomorrow. .. but I’m busy ..Go Canada :)

  • lovelovelove


  • nikkki

    he is ssso UGLYY!!! HE HAS A SMALL HEAD AND HIS SMILE IT WEIRD!! creeepppyyyyyyy i hate him

  • smiley

    Taylor looks so cute. aww too bad Selena left after the PPP premiere. now there will be no Taylena pics :(
    oh well i know for a fact they are still together so no worries.
    i love them both :)

  • sana


    How do you know?

  • bElla

    GET OVER IT PEOPLE!! Selena and Taylor will never be! Leave it alone.
    Plus Taylor and I will soon be together ;)

  • evalynn

    he is so cute!!

  • jess

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDWARD!!!! 108 YEARS OLD AHAHA sorry ooooooooouh nice chaquet taylor

  • smiley

    i saw it on a site that is usually right about relationships. it said that disney wants her to hide the relationship because they think it will tarnish her “good image” that’s why she’s been saying she’s single. but they say although disney told her to do that, Taylor and Selena have been getting more serious. apparently the night before PPP premiered in Toronto, Selena stayed up all night messaging Taylor on her phone and so she was very tired for PPP press the next morning, although she tried to hide it and the PR folks were upset about it.
    so yeah i think they’re still together.
    oh and they’re not the only site saying it. alot of other sites have the story also.

  • bElla

    GET OVER IT PEOPLE!! TAYLOR AND selena WILL NEVER BE!! LEAVE IT ALONE! plus, Taylor and I will soon be together ;)

  • smilinggirlx3

    @smiley: Yes! that’s true. Selena even tweeted : Demiiii!!! and Marissa! Early morning and Priscilla and I can’t sleep.
    8:36 PM Jun 17th from Twitterrific

  • kate


    if this is REALLY true then TAYLOR AINT A JERK
    taaaaaaaaaaaaylena ftw bitches :)

  • Ms A/i love nick j

    OMFG!!! I’ve eaten there b4 !!!! *swwonnnsss* :P soo happy!

  • malaysian beauty


    Can you give me the link of the site that said Selena stayed up all night messaging Taylor? :)

    thanks before..

    i’ll wait for you

  • BaRBIe__Bitch

    fuck selena
    love taylor

  • http://www.celebbuzz.com rozza

    @malaysian beauty: heres the link and i also just noticed that necklace which he wore when he came back from vancouver the sheild necklace he also wore it in all the la pics and at the MTV movie awards any ideas why its his fave one clue its

  • http://www.celebbuzz.com rozza
  • brit

    did anyone else notice this, selena and taylor were both in NYC around the same time, and they both were in toronto at the same time(well they barely missed each other) i just find that odd and funny

  • http://justjared.com SELENA FAN

    umm… for all you crazy taylena fans have you noticed that taylor is just like following everywhere selena is going. first she was in new york to do the ppp press tour then she was in toronto to do ppp premiere && i have read an article that they like eachother but they can’t be together because the disney executives don;t want her to ruin her image or drop ratings off her show. but ya he’s pretty much every where she is and i feel so bad cuz i was like he’s a jerk and all that crap for standing her up and everything when it was her but it’s not S’s fault.
    aww cute forbidden love

  • taylor luver

    Ok taylor is not following selena he is here for the MMVAs

  • chiefjustice

    Um, not fair. I was in Yorkville yesterday afternoon/evening. I would have shared my umbrella with him. And I was at the Chum City building this morning… not fair at all.

  • kenzie

    this boy has gotten so much hotter since elementary school.

  • brit


    yeah i notice that, like first selena went to new york for promoting ppp, then you saw him at some NYC Show. then selena went to toronto for the ppp premire, and now he is in toronto. i do think that they still have feelings for each other, i think they are going to be like the next niley, you know get back together in the future( i dont like niley though)

  • http://WWW.YAHOO.COM Candy

    Taylor looks so fine and sexy
    me and him are together forever
    + i dont think selena and taylor aren’t together because i was watching a video on youtube one day and he said “any girl has a chans with him” so ha!
    they are not dateing people their just friends pic’s of them don’t prove anthing at all

  • bruna

    Harry potter te amoooooooo!!!!

  • brit


    Not trying to sound mean, but i really doubt that you will really see taylor, and then you two will date, like seriously fan girls come on, him and selena have a 99.9% chance of dating then you and him, so just get over it, and recent rumors are saying that selena had to downplay her relationship with taylor, so maybe they are still together, and if not i have a feeling they will in the future

  • smiley
  • Sia

    Jonas brothers fans STOP HATING ! IT’S OBVIOUS PEOPLE ARE OVER THE JONAS BROTHERS OK. I’m sorry but PEOPLE DO PREFER AND LOVE THE TWILIGHT BOOKS more they will ever like the Jonas sisters.


  • http://justjared.com taylena

    @taylor luver:
    o.k well mabye he’s isn’t like following her i didn’t mean it in a stalkerish way i just meant that i think they still have feelings for eachtother and tthey’re finding excuses to stay in the same place mabye it may not be true and it’s a coincedence that they’re at the same place but you never know
    i KNEW he wasn’t ajerk he would never have done that to selena.

  • http://justjared.com taylena

    ehh she said that about nick jonas && she should have that boy’s ajerk

  • lucy

    hehe he has a cheesy smile =D

  • sarah

    FINALLY A celebrity teen who dresses their age !
    i mean selena gomez she dresses like shes 30 ..!

  • Jhuly

    Taayloor Baaaack , eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeu te amo amooooooor ♥