Nick Jonas Debates for Diabetes

Nick Jonas Debates for Diabetes

Nick Jonas sits tall as he testifies during a Senate hearing on Wednesday afternoon (June 24) in Washington, D.C.

The 16-year-old musician spoke on behalf of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation on the need for federal funding for Type 1 Diabetes research.

Nick was joined by TV veteran Mary Tyler Moore and boxer Sugar Ray Leonard.

Check out Nick‘s speech below.

Nick Jonas – Senate Hearing 06/24 – Washington, D.C.

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Photos: Carrie Devorah / WENN
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  • juanick

    Nick is awesome!!! he is the best of the best

  • emily:)

    i love him with all my heart:) what a great speech it was so inspirational and i am sop proud of him for going to such lengths to help a truly great cause.
    a little bit longer and you will be fine nick<3
    love you! july 13th dc baby!

  • Giullia

    Haha…Nick is so cute!!

  • lol

    he’s such an inspiration!
    I love him!<3
    Im proud of him!

    and he’s hot(; haha

  • -

    He’s Amazing!
    such a sweetheart(:

  • heck yes!!

    this photo

    is so handsome and cute! I love him :D
    he’s amazing!

  • cami

    he is SUCH an inspiration, so commited and mature, and he has handle so well this problem. He seriously is the best role model that someone can have, even if they have or not diabetes. I’m, as well as everyone else, so proud of him, and even when I think he can amaze me more, he does. He is the best and I’ll never get tired of sayin it. I LOVE NICK JONAS <3

  • rii

    i like nick and all… and i know the rolled up sleeves thing is like his signature look, but it just seems so unprofessional to do at a time like this. you are at a Senate hearing full of politicians and whatnot. roll down your sleeves! wear a tie! i mean hes looked more professional on the red carpet than this.

  • DemiFan

    How many times must we hear hear his story? Seriously its all he talks about. There are like BILLIONS of KIDS suffering with the same thing!

  • DemiFan

    God I am so sick of hearing him BRAG about his freaking DIABETES WE GET IT. I have a WHOLE FAMILY who suffers with that GOSH it aint that serious that we have to hear it 1,0000 TIMES

  • tara

    i love u baby!

  • tara

    i just cried… :(
    around 2 mins mark is so sad :( I know he says he isnt going to die, but its just sad he thought he would.
    4:00 – 4:15 :( :( :( :( I LOVE U NICK!
    Dont let Diabetes slow you down! :) Good job !!
    i love u!

    “With your help. A little bit longer and we’ll all be fine” i love u huny!

    Nick, your strong, handsome, nice, kind, sweet. i cant say enough about u! I love u! Good Job, and i wish u luck with evrythin! :)


  • Jodie Taylor

    i was actually crying when i watched this, i think other deticated loving fans like me or anyone for the matter thinks and feels the same as i do.
    i don’t have diabetes but i 100% support people with diabetes and i do hope that we will find a cure and nick , you will be fine (:

    well i love you soo much nick.
    you are an inspiration with everything that you do (:

    love jodie

    we all love you (:

  • victoria!

    good for him, and his speech was very well written!
    thanks nick for helping this cause on behalf of two of my friends who, too, have type 1 diabetes, it means a lot to them :)

  • amanda

    i agree with everyone,he is truly an inspiration.he’s an example that everything is possible.God bless him!

  • -


    You know? this is just not for nick this thing about diabetes is for everyone who got diabetes. The testimony is like a step for them
    to find a cure for it.

  • Britt

    Nick is such a great role model. I love how he doesn’t let his diabetes bring him down. And that he lives his life to the fullest. He is a great insperation. i pray that one day they are able to find a cure for diabetes.

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan

    @DemiFan: Gosh would you shut up. I get that your sick about hearing him talk about his diabetes all the time. But what I dont get is if you have such a problem with what he’s talking about, why are you even on here!? Why are you griping for all the wrong reasons when he’s doing something for all the RIGHT reasons!?

    Nick is a smart, inspirational young man who is a hero to many including me!!! Who shouldnt be judged for doing something right and helping others no matter how many times he may mention it. I will love and support Nick forever :D

  • danyyy

    im soo proud of nick jonas hes an angel i love him

  • Madi hate stupid ppl


    You’re stupid, no offence. Your whole family suffers from it, I get that, but what exactly do you think Nick is doing? He’s helping, not only himself but everyone. He wants to find a cure. If you’re so sick of it, there’s a very simple solution, even for you. STOP WATCHING! See? Simple and very, very helpful. *round of applause*


    I feel sorry for him I wouldnt want diabetes at all I just hope nothin bad happens to him anywayz LOVE HIM!!!!!

  • qiana

    @DemiFan: SHUUT UP! He’s one of those people who have the diesese. It is serious what the hell is ur problem? I

  • qiana

    @DemiFan: SHUUT UP! He’s one of those people who have the diesese. It is serious what the hell is ur problem? And hes saying that speech for a good cause. SHUT UP ur a freaking a**hole!

  • Carla

    I´m so proud of Nick Jonas :)

  • mal

    @DemiFan he’s using his story to represent millions. so i don’t know what you’re getting at.

  • Kiara

    He’s not bragging about it! Why would you brag about a freaking DISEASE? That’s like bragging about having AIDS or Cancer! If you’re so tired of hearing him talk about it, don’t click on the article! Wouldn’t common sense tell you to do so? Nick is fighting for what he believes in. He’s helping a cause? Are you helping a cause by whining about how he is apparently “bragging?” No, no you’re not. You’re just making yourself look foolish by saying such a completely unnecessary and completely rude comment.

  • dee

    he’s gorgeous. :D



    girl, i was with u for the most part, but dude your not seriously comparing Aids & Cancer to diabetes??? right? O_o

  • carolina

    words cant explain how i feel. i truly admire him.

  • Vicco

    make me cry :’D

  • Luis F. Gomez

    I really dont know why but that speech made me feel so proud of him… I mean… he was so honest about the dealing with his Diabetes every day and I admire him so much, I see a lot of me on him… he is a pretty good boy and I hope that the JoBros stand here and well for a long long time… Greets from Guatemala!!

  • canon

    great job nick let your voice be heard am proud of you.

  • DemiFan

    @Kiara: Um, I’m not making myself foolish. I’m making a point. Every time he’s on a show or something he always talks about the FREAKING DISEASE like he’s the only one with it. It becomes annoying you know?

  • DemiFan

    @#1 Jonas Brother Fan: How bout you shut up and let me say what I want.

  • rachel

    beautiful speech nick!!!
    just a little bit longer.

  • rachel

    speeches like that will make you president. fo sho

  • jennifer

    @DemiFan: You say you have a whole family that has it, so wouldn’t you understand how much it means to your family to find a cure? And how is Nick bragging? Why would someone want to even brag about having a disease you have to live with your whole life? Yeah, sure he talks about it a lot but that’s only because he believes in finding a cure. He knows he isn’t the only one with diabetes but he does know how it feels to have to live with it everyday of his life and that’s why he’s pushing for a cure.

  • Miranda

    Okay, people, stop with the “He’s hot.”
    What matters is that he gave an amazing speech and he’s trying to help people that are going through what he’s going through. So stop worrying about looks.

  • jade

    i am so proud of & luv Nick but it seems like everyone is treating him like he’s the only person with diabetes. we first heard this story in like 2007?? it was?? i think. but now its been like 2 or 3 years we been listening to this. its starting to get annoying, why is everyone giving Nick special treatment??? I mean I love Nick, his song and i’m glad hes taking it well but I mean come on its time 2 stop now…

    btw, this is my opinion thanks!! =]

  • jENNY

    y don’t @demifan and the others picking on him shut up!

    nick is supporting his cause. and i think it’s very brave of him.
    Diabetes DOES affect an entire family, not just the person that who has it. TRUST ME!
    My dad has had type 2 my entire life, and i was recently diagnosed with type 1.
    it’s really hard just to move on from day to day, but Nick shows that its possible to live a full live with this disease.
    and no, maybe it isnt the same as Cancer or AIDS, and that not making light of any of those diseases. All are very difficult to live with.
    and i’m not being a cry baby, i know there are people out there whose lives are more difficult than mine, but this isn’t a cake walk either (no pun intended!)
    i think you all need a little empathy for him!
    He’s brought light to an issue most people don’t realise, and he’s using his celebrity for good, which i think is very noble.
    so just leave him alone.

  • Stephanie

    I think it’s the first time a lot of teenagers watch an audience to the Senate.

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan

    @DemiFan: You say your family suffers from it you SHOULD care! Cause maybe one day, Nick might help people in your family with the work he’s doing.

  • moni445

    I’m so proud of him.. His such a cutie and inspiration. truly. I love him. Miley such lucky girl. haha

  • Cassy

    that man behind has such a red face :O is he the devil

  • demi

    I Love Him So Much, With All Of My Heart
    Wow, That Was Truely Amazing, Is There Anything He Can’t Do
    Total Inspiration, I Wanna Meet Him One Day!!!
    He’s Only Sixteen!!! Gosh

  • angie

    Demi fan- I hope you know that there are 2 types of diabetes .Type one is juvinile diabetes which can’t be cured and is in you from when your born and shows up at different times for some people, my brother was diognosed when he was 9. Type two is most common and usually happens in overweight people and they can get rid of it over time with a good diet. My brother has type 1 and he’s 15. He hates to know he has it and he does’nt take care of himself and has almost ended up in a coma. Sometimes in the middle of the night he starts screaming and starts having convulsions because he’s to high or to low(his blood sugar). You don’t know how it is ok ? so don’t complain about someone that has it. I ‘m glad Nick is pushing for a cure.




  • Jess.

    Having a mother, grandmother and cousins with diabetes, this is inspirational and I wish him the best.

  • candycrazy

    now that’s why i love him :)


    i never really like him well i never said i hated him but i wasnt really a fan but i listen too his songs and stuff BUT THIS SPEECH WAS JUST AMAZING AND SAD AT THE SAME TIME but now i am a fan HEHE =)