Aly & AJ Michalka: Album Update!

Aly & AJ Michalka: Album Update!

Rumors are swirling around Alyson and AJ Michalka‘s upcoming album and the duo took to their Twitter to update their fans on what’s exactly happening.

The singing sisters wrote, “There are a lot of unanswered questions about what our single is going to be and the names of the tracks on our record. We have never been in a rush for this record. We ended up writing 50 songs for this one album. We have now narrowed it down to our faves. There’s not one song on this record we don’t believe in. We can’t wait to play every single one live. It kills Into The Rush & Insomniatic.”

Aly and AJ continued, “The single has not been decided on because there are so many choices! This record will drop in the fall. We need your help to rally the fans. As well as people who aren’t aware of our music. It’s really important to buy the album the first week of sales. Here are some song titles: ‘Say Hello,’ ‘Damaged’ (Which we co-wrote with Nancy Wilson of Heart), ‘Civilian,’ and ‘Next Worst Thing’ (Co-written with Rivers Cuomo of Weezer). Brace yourselves, more to come. It has been worth making a record over a year long span to give you the quality you deserve! Xo Aly & AJ.”

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  • kourtney



  • Daniela

    I’m so exciteddd. :D
    I can’t wait. (:

  • Diana

    it’s good what theyre doing, i hope it wont take longer to release the first single! im a big fan of vanessa’s, and thats exactly what she wants to do… i hope HR dont make her do a fast, bad album :@

    sorry for the bad english! im brazilian xo

  • Leanne

    so freaking stoked for the new album
    waited for 2 years and 3 years of meeting them in 2008

  • Jordyn

    not really. no one likes them anymore.

  • Kathleen

    Can’t wait! Love Aly & AJ!!!

  • Leslie

    :] how greatt ive always been an aly and aj fan since the beginning!! finally some news, the anticipation is killing me! Aly and Aj do NOT EVEN COMPARE to Miley Cyrus’s singing ability!! I KNO their album will be sickk <3 cant waitt! :p

  • Dannie

    yayyy i cant waitttt. can we petition to them to make the album a 2cd set?

  • Diana

    can’t wait!
    I love their albums, I have all of them, even Acoustic Hearts of Winter. :D

  • ash

    yeah can’t wait to listen to their new song.
    I know them since “into the rush” so I’m lookinf forward to their new album.
    ps : I’m french I hope Aly & AJ will become more and more famous over here :)


    U ROCK

  • Ginny

    YESSS VERY EXCITED!! they”re so talented.

  • casey

    omg these 2 blond bitches need to realize that the MAJORITY of people dont even know who they are so why realese an album … i mean EPIC FAAAAAAAAAAAAAIL MUCH! ahahaha

    theyyyyy suckk

  • anonymous

    yes im always open to new music

  • Tori

    I love them and everything but they should put it out this summer. People already lost interest in them a year ago.

  • (:

    They look orange.

  • bridget

    No @casey:

    No honey you’re an epic fail. PBUS was one of the first songs from Hollywood Records to go top 20 and they did it with basically no airplay. They took their time on this album and worked with talented legends so I have no doubt it will be great. I could care less how much it sells but if it’s good I will definately be buying and i know others who will be too.

    PS- you might want to wash out your mouth. It’s not polite to call people you don’t even know such disgusting names.

  • alSalem

    of course am excited, cant wait to here thier album, aly and aj rock and i know thier album will kicks asses :p

  • Saby

    i cant wait! i lolololoveeeeeeeeeeeeeee them<3

  • Someone

    Casey you’re stupid!!

    Shut up! la unica puta eres tu!

  • Haylie


  • Peppe Michalka italy

    I Can’t Wait girls
    i lovee you
    xoxo from italy

  • Peppe Michalka italy

    love youuu girls.. xoxo from italy!
    i can’t wait for the new record

  • Michele

    I’m SO excited! aly & aj are amazingly talented & i can’t wait to hear what the new CD sounds like! we might of been waiting awhile..but you have to realize..they are putting their all in this record. it has to be good. and all the haters..just watch. aly & aj are here to stay..with a #1 record! :)

  • hazel

    so happy to finally here news about the album…I understand they have wanted to make the album the best it could be but you can only leave your fans waiting for so long. This piece of news should keep me going until the album is released or until the next piece of news. The songs names are so cool and I am so happy that they have been writing with other people. That means the songs will have a different feeling to them. I loved there old stuff but I know the new stuff will be amazing! Especially if they wrote 50 songs for the album and had to pick the best ones from that! So excited :)

  • blackberry

    huh, I posted a comment a long time ago, but it didn’t show up..

    Anyway, I’m super excited for their new album!
    I can’t wait, I just know its going to be amazing! :)

  • s3fr

    hell yea im excited!!!!!

  • Selina

    YAY!! i cant wait i’ve been waiting for so long! ha i always crave there music. I always will find myself listeing to it. There albums always have great songs that i will listien over and over again cuz they never get old! :)

  • Selina

    YAY!! i cant wait i’ve been waiting for so long! ha i always crave there music. I always will find myself listeing to it. There albums always have great songs that i will listien over and over again cuz they never get old! :)

  • justahuman

    I have one main question for aly and aj or even justjared.. whoever has the answer… when does the album come out? and I read somwhere that they will have individual tracks on the CD? What does that mean and that they don’t want there voices harmonized so u can tell whos singing? cuz it is kindof confusing me…

  • bon jovi

    don’t wait too long everyone will forget you 1-year nothing .,i have no hope ,teens will bee teens,lazydog can.t do it. that ‘s think about it for another year or soo.