Scott Speer: Happy Birthday, Ashley Tisdale!

Scott Speer: Happy Birthday, Ashley Tisdale!

Ashley Tisdale shows off a hot black bikini while relaxing with her boyfriend, music video director Scott Speer, in Hawaii on Saturday (July 4th).

The couple are in town to celebrate Ashley‘s 24th birthday.

The Tisdale family sure do have a lot of partying to do. Ashley‘s big sis Jennifer Tisdale just announced her engagement to longtime love Shane.

10+ pictures inside of Hawaiian hotties Ashley Tisdale and Scott Speer

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Credit: Starsurf; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Samantha

    she looks gorgeous!
    Jared, u should post the orange binkini pics!!! she looks stunning!

  • Julie


  • Lumi

    they are hoooooooot! scott is much hotter than Jared.

    anyway, I love Scott and Ashley, cute couple :) Can’t wait for guilty pleasure!

  • jenny

    I am not convinced the couple love each other. Photo 1 on the kiss is probably pretend like they have . maybe little time for relationships.

    sorry but this pair is not hot, I looked like with jared

    . the short of Scott is used when Zac Efron is going to the beach

  • jenny

    scott remains small compared with zac, but I think that Ashley Tisdale just wanted a boyfriend like zac with certain characteristics to those of Zac Efron.

  • sarah

    Um alright Jenny #3. You are stupid.
    First. Learn to type normal english.
    Second, who says they have to love eachother? Dating is about finding someone to love, they havnt been dating for that long so no they may not be in love yet.
    And third, what the eff are you talkin about?

  • a


    jenny please, just don’t bring zac here, we don’t need a fight again. if ashley’s happy with scott then let it be…

  • ellyne

    what are you guys talking about?? Zac’s like her Brother. why would she want a guy like him? lol even though he seems the the sweetest guy. and they dont have too be in Love they just started dating, and it doesnt matter how big you are, maybe she doesnt want a completely famous guy.

  • ellyne

    @a: what do you mean dont bring Zac here? too the convo?

  • ashleytfan

    I would love to see Zac and Ashley together.
    But I don’t really see how Scott is like Zac.
    That doesn’t make sense.
    And Ashley said Zac is too “pretty” for her.

    Anyway, I don’t like “scashley”
    but if ash is happy, I am too.

  • Samantha

    dont bring zac here, zanessa fans who hate ashley (not all of them, some of them are really sweet) are going to start a fight and that’s not the idea…
    Zac is happy, Ashley is happy, and that’s the important

  • fan

    Ignore jenny…she has been going on Vanessa, Zac, and Jbros threads trying to spread gossips and start feud drama. Just ignore her, she is trying cause trouble.

    Happy Birthday to Ashley.

  • OneTreeHillFan

    the whiole zanessa/zashley thing is old tbh it doesn;t need to be brought up and she looks happy and contempt with Scott no one knows what their relationship is like except those who know them and happy bday Ash.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    AW !! 1st picture so sweet. You know, I don’t think I’ve seen pictures of Jared & Ashley kissing each other.. (sorry, just had to bring it in) but anyways, they look happy together.. and really, why bring Zachary in this post ? This post has absolutely nothing to do with Zachary. Its all about Ashley & Scott, so let’s just stick with them. Happy Belated Ashley !!

  • Daniel

    I want to be scott in the first picture LOL jared post the ones where ashley has the orange bikini she looks hotter in those :) HBday ash :D

  • a


    because in her comment she’s like comparing zac to scott. this is ashley’s thread not zac’s…

  • yenny

    i don’t like the guy she looks better with jared i miss him..

  • shane

    he’s a lucky guy, ashley is hot as hell!

  • Stephen

    whats the link to the orange one.

  • Avril

    i love the pictures!!!!! thanks JJJ!!!!!
    Ashley looks GORGEOUS!!!!!
    but I’d rather Jared could be with her instead of Scott!

  • pop86

    @jenny: Drama Princess stop trying to start trouble. Get a new hobby.

  • Katie G!

    she looks so cuttee!!!!
    lovee herrr <3
    am i one of the only people who like these two together?
    i think theyre cute and she looks happy

    and JENNY needs to get a life. you come on here and start drama for some kind of sick entertainment. GO AWAY.

  • zashleyroxzanessasox
  • lucia

    they look so cute!!
    love them

  • lol he has another hicky on his neck
    dayum, they keep busy

  • humble

    Geez, I like her and all but does she need to tweet her every move, it’s getting really annoying . But Happy Belated Birthday Ashley, enjoy Hawaii because the weather is great, not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

  • bren

    i dont like him, he is too material I love jared M to dead<3

  • yay!!!!

    She looks happy
    lov eher!!
    can’t wait till Guilty Pleasure!!

  • yay!!!!

    *love her

  • rockstar

    Looks like they’re having a good time there. (:
    Ashley looks amazing like always.
    -cough-hickey on his neck-cough-

  • KIda

    @humble: You don’t have to read it if you’re annoyed.

    Since I always tweet I felt a little offended.

    She’s just a Twitter lover. Give her a break.

  • humble

    Gee why so darn defensive, just stating the truth, she’s not doing anything important just her birthday getaway she goes to every year same place, same channel it’s annoying.
    Why do all you Ashley fans jump on the first person that you folks think it’s negative, there’s no need to fight for her she don’t give a hoot what you all think or feel.
    Stop attacking everyong who comes on your idols thread and say what they want to say, it’s an open site so get a chill!!!!.

  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    I love Ashley, but I think she moved on from Jared a little too quickly.
    Just days after her break up with Jared was announced, she was areasy seen holding hands with Scott.
    Buts its her life ad if shes happy, then so are her fans (:
    Have fun in Hawaii, Ash!

  • wildcatgirl15

    i don’t know why but he seems like a complete douchebag to me :S

  • Honest

    No surprise that she’s at Hawaii…She goes every year so she better not complain or be surprised there’s paparazzi…Anyway to be nice happy bday ash.

  • ken

    she’s SO HOT!! HE is soo lucky!

  • Solange

    Give her a break, ppl. Let her enjoy her super happy birthday with her boyfriend. U guys are damn annoying. I don’t stop u from telling ur own opinions but is it necessary to bash her?. Like Jenny, she is always coming here and talking weird about Ashley. Ashley has done nothing to u so you’d better keep ur mouth shut and go back to wherever ur f***king place is.

    C’on. She’s not with Jared anymore. And that happened for a long time. She didn’t announce it after days. U know, we hadn’t seen them together so it’s obviously they were not together anymore. And once again, she’s 24 years of age. Hello! She’s not a girl anymore. She can do whatever she likes. Some ppl are getting too harsh with her. She’s really happy right now. Leave her alone.

  • Daniel

    @pop86 is not drama princess its drama trash lol xD

  • ash rockz

    Aww, how sweet (:
    They seem very happy.
    Ashley looks super hot!
    The pics with the orange bikini are sexy, too ;D
    Love her ♥

  • the fame


  • x3x3x3

    Is it a tradition that the girls in Hawaii wear white dresses?? I mean Vanessa and Ashley they both wear a white dress there..
    She looks so gorgeous x3 They’re a cute couple :)

  • the fame

    woow more promo for your cd ashley? dating the producer and then faking a kiss..

  • a

    @the fame:

    actually he directed some of her music videos…

  • nicky

    cute cuple.but..why ashley put podra on her face always?I mean,even when shes going to the sea shes putting makeup..thats crazy.

  • Babiivfanforeva

    Happy Birthday Ash!! :D

  • bep

    picture #1 is so cute <3
    And haters, I don’t understand if someone goes to your fav celeb post, and bash him/her, you’ll all be like “what an immature… bla bla bla”… And if fans here tell you to stfu, you’ll all be like “I’m giving my opinion..”. So, please stop it!

    And for people who are saying that in a few days after the break up she was with Scott, it’s not true… They haven’t been seen together since, like… 2 months? and then we heard about the break up before a couple of days of seeing Ash & Scott together.

  • VAshFanForLife

    JJJ pleeeeeeeeeeeaseeeee bring the orange bikini pics!! she looks soo hot!
    love scott and ashley

  • cynthia

    @Katie G!:

    Obviously not, I love them together as well!!!

  • amiel

    yuck!! they kiss in public place!!! but ashl look good..

  • cynthia


    hellooo? a lot of couple kiss on the beach. Zanessa do that wayyyy more than they do.