Robert Pattinson is Afraid of Female Fans

Robert Pattinson is Afraid of Female Fans

Robert Pattinson heads into Manhattan’s Regis High School to continue filming Remember Me in NYC on Monday morning (July 6).

According to the NY Daily News, the 23-year-old British actor is terrified of his female followers in the city. An insider revealed to the paper, saying, “He’s embarrassed by the way girls throw themselves at him. The girls here are stalking him. He stayed in two different hotels over the course of four days just to try to escape the fans who were following him. He’s afraid that if he gives a hand, they’ll take the whole arm. He’s being advised by security not to encourage the crowd, so he doesn’t even look up anymore.”

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Credit: Jose Perez; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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CT @ 11:19 am on 07/06/2009

he has every right to be, lol.
he looks cute here.

twihard69 @ 11:26 am on 07/06/2009

poor guy an austrailian mag is reporting that kristen is preggers wonder where he was this weekend

jazz @ 11:44 am on 07/06/2009

Rob. <3
I Love Him..!! He is so Down to Earth and Funny <3 <3 !!

mckie @ 11:59 am on 07/06/2009


laughs @ 11:59 am on 07/06/2009

where do u think he was twihard. with kstew. everyone knows they have been meeting up 2-3 times lol

Resa @ 12:03 pm on 07/06/2009

Can’t say I blame him! Some of those girls are absolute nut jobs and need to get a life! He’s just a guy trying to do his effin’ job. Give him a break already. Yeah, he’s cute, funny, smart, etc. But don’t attack the poor guy.

BTW, if KS is preggers, I guess that would give both of them the break they both probably need! ; ) Maybe…? Or not. Whatever. Probably just a rumor anyhow.

katie @ 12:05 pm on 07/06/2009

That’s sad :(

Sophi-ah @ 12:11 pm on 07/06/2009

Thanks why I hate uber-obsessed fangirls. They’re the reason why Rob barely took his stare off the ground when he was in Italy. They’re the reason why Vancouver is strictly secured during filming. They’re the reason we almost never have the chance to get an autograph from our inspirations like people do with other people. God, I mean: Miley Cyrus. She’s famous, right? But she can still go to the gym and get out and sign an autograph for a fan and compliment her jacket. It just feels as if he were some kind of untouchable God or something. I hate this, I hate this, I hate this. And I hate how the media and anything “commercial” aids to prevent us fans to interact with Robert or Kristen. Stupid, Famous Twilight. Wasn’t it so much better when no one knew about the book=

amara @ 12:14 pm on 07/06/2009

wow that must rly suck…i mean to be terrified.
you can be a fan but seriouly seeing him on set sum ppl dnt get to even do that. cant they just be happy with what they get. it you are a fan why make the person go through so much trouble as to switch hotels.

ashley @ 12:24 pm on 07/06/2009

no this makes me feel like hes very ungrateful. if he actually gave his fans some attention, they wouldnt attack him like they do. his fans are what gives him a job, i hope one day they realize, they shouldnt like him anymore. ughh, he acts as if he hes the only actor to deal with this.

nathalia @ 12:30 pm on 07/06/2009

he has every right to be hahaha

amara @ 12:32 pm on 07/06/2009

i think people see a movie and assume that the actor is just like that…i think people are more in love with edward…the character he plays then rob pattinson himself…if you think bout dont truely know rob they mostly know edward cullen. if that makes sense. think ppl need to give him a break….rather have him making movies then giving it all up becuase of fans you know

i dont blame him for being homesick or not being able to deal with all this…i mean we freak when our little secrets are known in a little crowd..can you imagine fans knowing everything and being all over you

lAURA @ 12:39 pm on 07/06/2009

It’s awful that he cant even walk down the street with his head up for fear on encouraging crazed fans.
Don’t people understand how hard it makes his life, if someone was truly a fan they would respecet that he is a person and has a right to a quiet life if that is what he wants.

ryanefron @ 12:47 pm on 07/06/2009

oh come on. hes so fuc*ing rude.
its fame get over it. Zac Efron has girls constantly doing that to him, and is he afrain “for his arm”? NO. there teen age girls. Jesus grow a pair.

Mariana @ 1:19 pm on 07/06/2009


We have the same thought… Ppl are in love with Edward Cullen… Not him…

the fame @ 1:27 pm on 07/06/2009

@Mariana: totally agree

Vicki @ 1:36 pm on 07/06/2009

These kids need to get a ******* life.

nikkki @ 1:38 pm on 07/06/2009


ZAC EFRON gets all that attention but he is nice and handles it! GET OVER IT!

gold baybay @ 1:49 pm on 07/06/2009

He is being rude. Once you audition for something, you know what you’re in for. He auditioned, and got the part and now he’s SCARED? I understand the scared part, they are some crazy people out there but the avoiding thing? No way, not fair to his fans. Look at Michael Jackson, he had a woman claiming to have his child, and what did he do? He wrote a song called “Billie Jean”. Make the best out of these situations. R.I.P Michael Jackson. And Rob, stop being such a baby.

Bianca @ 1:50 pm on 07/06/2009

Um as much as I love both Robert and Zac…truth is that Zac doesn’t have the girls as CRAZY as Rob. I mean the girls that are after Rob are really after Edward, and being a Twilight Saga Fan like when you read this books you really fall in love with Edward, so would you imagine seeing walking around the guy that they put for us to imagine as Edward…people go crazy. Now Zac Efron being as hot as he could be…I mean I tell you guys everytime I see a picture of him I go crazy…he’s more real to us…plus he’s got a girlfriend…and girls like the whole Zanessa thing so we don’t want an arm as a souvenir…but on the other hand a Rob/Edward hand would look good in the living room lolz.

ryanefron @ 2:13 pm on 07/06/2009

@Bianca: Yeah and why dosent Zac get all that attention? Because hes not strolling around New York City.
Truth is, Zac has more fans wanting HIM. Not wanting Troy Bolton. People just want robert because hes “Edward”.
Hes just the flavor of the month. Pretty soon people will be bored with his boring/rude ass.

RobstenLIVES @ 2:15 pm on 07/06/2009

cant wait till they start filming Eclipse, Kristen will comfort him ;)

Nathalie @ 2:26 pm on 07/06/2009


You have that right! I’ve ever said that people just want Robert because hes Edward Cullen, but all the girls wants Zac just because is ZAC EFRON the hottest man ever, the cutest face that I’ve ever seen..

laughs @ 2:55 pm on 07/06/2009

LMAO are you guys for real? Don’t lie to yourself. He couldn’t be more different then his character and at MTV they were calling his name not his characters. LMAO just realize your precious cookie cutter Efron needs to take a step back b/c a new multi-talented guy is taking stage. He sings, he plays guitar and piano and the harmonica, he writes his own music, he acts, he does it all.

overated. @ 3:02 pm on 07/06/2009

@amara: thank god for you and some other people. i thought i was the only one who thought that the girls are more in love with Edward than him. Really what else do we know about Robert besides him playing that stupid vampire ? if he’s scared of all the attention then don’t bother being an actor, its what happens. girls chasing them, paparazzi’s everywhere. Zac and the Jonas Brothers are used to all the screaming fans, he should too. and what’s funny is that nobody could care less about this guy before he became Edward. twilight ruined him.

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