Emma Watson Hated Kissing Rupert Grint

Emma Watson Hated Kissing Rupert Grint

Shielding herself from the London rain, Emma Watson looks stunning in a silver patterned gown as she attends the world premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince held at Odeon Leicester Square on Tuesday evening (July 7).

The 19-year-old brunette beauty recently revealed to Friday Night with Jonathan Ross that she hated kissing costar Rupert Grint. She shared, “[It] was the most horrible thing I’ve ever had to do … it just felt like incest. That’s the only way I can describe it. It was fine that I was actually kissing him because I had my eyes closed so I could not think about the fact that it was him. The worst bit is when we had to open our eyes and look at each other because then I was just like, (laughs) and then we couldn’t keep going. But we did it in the end. Six takes ” not bad. It could be worse.”

15+ pics inside of Emma Watson premiering Harry Potter

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Photos: Tim Whitby/Dave Hogan/Getty Images
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  • Samantha

    she looks absolutly gorgeous, she’s the best dress ever, i think she has a great sense of fashion, better than miley and vanessa

  • lala

    She resembels Natalie Portman a lot !

  • Boona

    I have never seen Emma wear a dress that was this flattering. She looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • helen

    she looks sooo pretty! luv the dress!

  • Laura

    Wow. Absolutely beautiful she is.

  • me

    She looks absolutely STUNNING!! I love this dress and her hair is PERFECT!!

    I was watching the premiere live and they all looked awesome!! :D

    Bonnie Wright’s dress is HOT! And Dan and Rupert looked so Sexy in their suits!! :D

  • http://allimae43@yahoo.com Youmoma

    She is really gorgeus, but why is she…so skinny?

  • Ruby


    ok so everyone just missed what she said about Rupert!!!???
    WTF!!! she is such a B……I………T……C…….H.
    how dare she talk about a co star like that and still have that smile on when rupert is by her side!!!

  • LC

    soo gorgeous. but what else is new? she always looks great. chic and effortless . =]

  • Celia


    Rupert said the same thing about her. Lol. They’re like brother and sister.

    And you have to hear her say it. It was actually REALLY funny.

    Emma looks Gorgeous! OMG!

  • assyhole

    Drop dead gorgeous!

  • Jenny

    Beautiful and strunning but then again she always is but she has stepped it up

  • Kris

    I think she meant it was so horrible because
    they’ve grown up together for all these years now
    and so it was like kissing her brother or best friend
    and it was awkward.

    she’s stunning.
    beautiful and very smart and put together.

    she really is like a real like hermione haha.

  • janeybell

    Wow…could she get anymore Beautiful? I’m so jealous! She makes it look way too easy!

    Rupert looks so sexy when he’s wet. ;)

  • amy


    You know you’re being really idiotic right now right?

    She said it was horrible because it felt like incest. Incest means to have sexual relations with someone close enough to be family.

    Emma and Rupert are like brother and sister. She thought it was weird because it felt like kissing someone related to you.

    Why don’t you read it first before you start freaking out and acting like a complete maniac.


  • Alex

    DAMN she’s hot!! rupert is so lucky he gets to kiss her.

  • HarryPotter

    i cant wait to see harry Potter

    i have to wait until 17th.

    i hate my country.
    God, i wish i was in london.

  • :)

    she is so beautiful. love her :)

  • al.

    she’s my fashion icon (:
    she looks pretty

  • al.

    @Ruby: she said that because they are like brother and sister!!! please read first and if you dont undesteand a word google it …
    no ofence..

  • saudia

    aw poor things .. I’ve noticed that at each of the HP premieres it always rains!! Love her outfit .. Dan and Rupert look tired. I love them .. cannot wait to watch it next week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So freakin excited :) <3

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com jazzy

    OMG! I have never seen Emma look this pretty. She is so beautiful it should be illegal!

  • the fame

    beautiful dress! she looks great, but kissing rupert EW

  • jonasfan

    Shes sooo skinny but she is pretty

  • Amanda

    Absolutely flawless.

  • Kathi

    Love her dress … ;-)
    I have to wate until 16th =(

  • Kathi

    I mean wait :D not wate^^

  • vanessa

    my idol <3

  • http://twitter.com/em_gee Mercedes

    wow. she looks fabulous.

  • me


    I don’t think it gets released to the public until July 15th or July 17th in England. So you will only see it 2 days later.

    But I wish I could be watching it right now with all the celebrities. That would be sooo cool!!! So many people came they actually had to have TWO theaters. I’m so jealous! I would stand in the rain for 10 hours if I had to!

  • amara

    i actually rly luv her dress..i saw another pick of it i think it wus windy…the dress has a slit of sumthing..kinda felt bad her whole leg..lot wus shown but its a nice dress

  • Jackson

    She kind of looks like Natalie Portman in these pictures. She’s so beautiful.

    Only 7 days til HBP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • celia

    Way to tough it out for your fans guys!!!!! Now those are some dedicated actors! Not too many would stand in the middle of a hail storm and sign autographs. I love these guys!

  • mime

    They all look amazing! I love Emma! She can pull any outfit off & still look incredible! :-)

  • alex

    She looks just like Natalie Portman. I never noticed that before.

  • star

    How gorgeous is that dress! She looks absolutely beautiful.

  • Belinda

    she should be dating zac efron, that would be the most gorgeous couple <3

  • Amanda

    wow. she’s flawless. and i would never think to wear a dress like that but damn she pulls it off. she looks so TALL in that dress. i love her(:

  • Milkshakeee

    She is pretty!!!!and an amazing actress but I heard shes a diva and she didn’t want 2 b in HP anymore but I don’t believe it.she seems very sweet and down to earth.and HPis wwwwaaaaayyyyyy better than twilight movie.now that movies just horrible abs rob pattison is not hot.and btw I heard joe jonas has/had a celeb crush on her haha she IS beautiful:)

  • janeybell


    That stuff was a rumor. Emma’s a sweetheart and she definitely wants to be in the Harry Potter movies. If she didn’t want to be then she wouldn’t. You can tell by all the interviews that Emma, Dan, and Rupert do that they’re all extremely down to earth and very nice people. I love the trio!!! And yes one of the Jonas Bros do have a crush on her, but I’m guessing he’s not the only one. Like you said Emma is absolutely gorgeous! :D

  • therese

    She’s smart & beautiful.
    How Perfect (:

  • Lucy

    Stunning/Gorgeous/Fabulous etc. etc
    I love the dress!!Emma looks so pretty.

  • http://mexico milick


    EMMA luce hermosa con exe vestido
    ella es hermosa con y sin makillaje

    me enkanta si vestido… kiero uno como ese
    jeje =D

    IM FROM MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    salu2 a todos


  • me.

    awh. i know it won’t happen, but i’ve always wished there would be something going on between emma & rupert someday. *sigh*

    lol, but she looks stunning. but i love her at the OotP LA premiere more.

  • ruby is a dumb b.itc.h

    You’re kidding me right?
    Learn to interpret things clearly.

  • mia

    did this get a royal seating (a royal memeber was surpose to turn up) because that was the plan last year when the film was set for novemeber, but maybe they didnt get it because they rescedualed

  • Mech

    she’s so damn gorgeous! i love so much her clothes… but, yeaaah, right, “she hated it” i mean, WHAAAT? are you insane, emma? i understand that he’s like a brother to you but… it can’t be that worse! im pretty shore she enjoy it a looot, and she keep it as a secrect ;)
    but, the question is… why did they kiss!? in the book, Ron & Hermione don’t kiss… EVER!

  • Celia


    The kiss is for the Deathly Hallows movie. They’re filming it right now. Ron and Hermione have a very awesome, very steamy kiss in that book during the big battle at Hogwarts.

  • bruno

    she looks soo hot!

  • bruno

    yeah in a inteview she said that she will not be anymore if she kiss someone but she didnt!cause she loves HP!! she looks even hotter everyday!!