Ashley Tisdale To Guest On Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Ashley Tisdale To Guest On Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Ashley Tisdale tries to hide from paparazzi as she leaves the Byron & Tracey hair salon on Thursday (July 16) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 24-year-old “Hair” singer will soon be showing off her carpentry skills on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition! Ashley will lend a helping hand to host Ty Pennington and his team to build a new home for Chris and Niki Hampton, a Green County, Miss., couple who took in their four nieces and nephews in addition to their own two children. All eight of them live in a cramped one-bedroom, one-bath cottage.

While the family is on a Disney Cruise, Ashley, Ty and team will build them a brand-new home!

Be sure to catch Ash and her Aliens in the Attic co-star Robert Hoffman at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnes., on Thursday, July 23. She’ll also be performing songs from her new album Guilty Pleasure! For more information, visit

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  • http://justjaredjr simnel

    its good that these days celebrities give back to the community Goo ASH

    Vote for ashley at the TCA

  • kathleen marie

    dude 2nd!! AWESOME!

    But seriously go Ashley. i love this show, too!

  • kk

    omg so nice of her :] so want 2 see this

  • tisdalefan

    cute hair and outfit
    and go ash!

  • lucia

    she is so cute!!
    love her hair
    so pretty

  • jenny

    the same style as vanessa hudgens

  • sd

    i luv she beggining to bug me…idk why

  • LG

    She looks better with long hair.

  • annie

    @LG: Yeah I agree I can’t wait to see how she styles it.

  • jonasfreak

    @humble: @the fame: @jenny: The 3 of you are so immature and I pray every day that JJJ will bann you from comenting here… but for my luck, you, on your own, decided not to visit JJJ anymore! You made my day!

  • jonasfreak

    and btw Ashley looks super cute with short hair!!!!
    This girl can look good in everything <3 :D

  • alyson

    Does it bug anyone else that she has a completely different hair length every day??

    I find that extremely annoying.


    @humble: You’re acting like babies now… Just because JJJ is late on a couple of news on Vanessa you stop visiting here?? Last week JJJ missed some Ashley candids we weren’t making a huge deal out of it. So, grow up!


    @alyson: No, I think it’s refreshing… Plus, it’s not everyday… She changed it once to go to brunette and now to go short… but she’ll probably wear extentions or something.

  • bep

    this girl sure loves changing her hair style! lol
    she looks cute… But i prefer the long hair though

  • ZJ

    awww <3 she looks gorgeous!!!! I wonder why she cut it to short… maybe for a music video? or a new movie role? mmmm… idk lol

    anyways people should stop bringing Vanessa to Ashley’s post. You guys think that Ashley’s post are an alternative of Vanessa’s? lol
    I finally made peace with Vanessa… don’t make me change my mind again! It’s because of you I hate her anyway…

  • aw

    A hair salon, how predictable.

    @the fame: & @humble:

    Consistently acting like immature babies won’t help your cause. And stop bringing up V when she has nothing to do with the post.


    Wow you are nuisance in every single post on this site. wtf are you even saying half the time

  • seriously

    wut r u taalking about?
    she didnt cut it she has it in a braid

  • Daniel

    She didnt cut it short she has i dont kno how to say it in english O_O (im from venezuela) i kno english but i think its pigtail i dont kno (: she looks good as always :D ignore the haters (: they are wasting their time and stop bringing vanessa into this pls it will start another fight so dont bring her and still say to @jenny take english class becus you dont make sense at all ;)

  • Solange

    How lame can Vanessa’s fans be. They denied starting the fight first but look at it. They’re starting it. Extremly annoying. Just as their wannabe idol, singing about Sneaker doesn’t make u as popular as Ashley!

  • ZJ

    @seriously: HAHAHA yeahh!! u’re right! lol it looks cutted though! hahah rofl

  • Daniel

    @humble if you are a grown up then stop creating drama ok? You have the right to say ur opinion but do not say it on an ashley tisdale post becus it will start a fight becus of course her fans will defend her! So if u have nothing nice to say dont say anything.

  • jonasfreak

    @humble: I only said you were acting like a baby because just if JJJ missed ONE post about Vanessa you got upset… usually babies are the ones that get upset really fast about something useless… You can go to a fansite and check out news… JJJ isn’t the #1 celebrity news website, it’s just an entertaining website…

  • ZJ

    @Daniel: AGREED!!

  • you suck!

    And the fights are starting again….*Rolling eyes*

    Why in hell do you need bash Vanessa?!?!!?!!??!?!!?!?
    She did to you something?????? Do you know her?? Umm.. I DO NOT think so… so if you want be angry in somebody be on the fan(s) who bring her!!! instead of stop the fight you actually continue the fight , and make it worse! you and the others too!

    Anyway back to the TOPIC of this post, Ashley looks really good this is a new hair cut? wow she loves changing her hair.

  • what i really dont unerstand is why vanessa fans or haters in particular come to ashley ‘s post
    but anyways ashley looks adorable as usual !!

  • Dr. Smilez

    @the fame: fyi, you can see other posts of different celebs.

    Are you visiting the ashley post or the main posts???


  • candice

    She did not cut her hair, she has braids…don’t you guys see it?? :O ll…
    she has the same red wallet as vanessa had before.

  • humble

    @Daniel: What are you talking about, I just stated that JJJr. site posts all the Disney people and not her, I know there is alot of news on her. Man you Ashley fans totally misunderstood my comment, It was meant for the JJJr. staff and not to your idol, man who needs to grow up, read the comment carefully first before you bash.

  • ashley


  • charly

    ashley’ so sweet !! i loove her ! she’s so nice !

  • you suck!


    Good for you.

  • Sara

    Please stop criticize Ashley and Vanessa !!

    They are still BFF , Ashley said in her twitter that her and V are “still really close “

  • Solange

    @you suck:
    Because I was really pissed off that i can not even control my words anymore. I feel like Vanessa’s fans are so annoying these days. I don’t know why?

  • lili

    OMG…..y are ashley and vanessa fans at WAR!?!?!…its soooo childish!…grow up plz ppl!…

    i dont c y u are all at war when ashley and vanessa arent even at war!…GOSH…its pissing me off!

    I love Vanessa…..and i like ashley too….but seriously some of u fans are crazy….

    Vanessa fans who hate on ashley…make ashley fans bag out vanessa…
    dont u c a pattern here ppl….

    man i feel like im in primary skool again!…

    and JENNY…u seem to spread rumours about vanessa (and sometimes zac) on vanessa threads…and then u come on here claiming ur a V fan…..all i can say is u confuse the hell out of me!!!..(FULL STOP)

  • Kat

    Wooo love this show so awsome and now Ash will be in an epi! Perfect combo!!!! Has she filmed it? When it going to be aired? Who is now in the current team of EMHE??

    Cant wait to see it Ash will break her nails lmao! Love that girl!! xx

  • Katie G!

    she looks cutteee <3

  • taylor

    Hey I have a really great idea, let’s stop talking about Vanessa and attacking everybody who says stuff you guys don’t like. Then there will be a lot less fights and wouldn’t that be fun?

    Ashley looks great here and it’s really sweet of her and the rest of the people involved to help that family.

  • naomi

    That’s so sweet! i love that show, i cry everytime, at the beggining and when it ends!

  • sweetbutterflies

    Okay, I’m pissed. Really pissed. WHY, oh WHY, is it so hard for some of these people to not just try to comment in PEACE?

    I do agree on Vanessa news, though. There’s been a lot of news (let’s not forget JJJ INTERVIEWED her, hellooo?) and none of it got posted. But I guess this is not the thread to go whine about it.

    And to the people who go bash Vanessa just to defend Ashley, really, again, it’s NOT the way to make the fights stop. These haters will not leave when you say so, especially not when you go bashing someone who might be THEIR idol. It just makes things worse, people.

    Anyway. Ashley looks adorable! Thanks to the person who pointed out that she was wearing a braid. I didn’t see it and thought she had cut it, lol! I don’t really watch that TV show, I don’t even know which channel it’s on in my country, but I like the fact Ashley is going to help these people. I always love seeing celebrities helping people in need.

  • miss zanessa

    really nice of her for helping the less fortunate :)

  • gold baybay


    Ashley’s not popular. Her albums gonna flop. The way she’s acting now, she’s going to lose fans. The only reason people comment about her is because she always has a post and some of us get bored. Ashley’s a b*itch with a bad nose and a bad hair cut. Natural my a*ss.

    Hate me all you want, but if you like her, you’re seriously in need of help. I don’t even like Vanessa all that much, either, but she’s not fake.

  • Daniel

    @kat i think ty paige and other guy i dont remember in says more about that (: @humble ok im sorry i missunderstood lol :D

  • michelle

    I live in Green County MO and it has been all over the radio and TV. It’s a huge deal around here and The Hamptons seem like wonderful people. It is great that she is joining them, but she better hurry, they started last Tuesday. :)

  • LG

    Oh I never noticed the braid.
    @Solange: Man it annoys me when people say V’s singing about sneakers. I understand that you didn’t listen to it cause you most likely hate V, but Sneakernight is a song about DANCING not sneakers. The only part where she talks about sneakers is when she says ‘put your sneakers on’.

  • candice

    heheh…now some people are starting to notice the braids lol…….you guys need to be more observant next time, eh? =D

  • Jerry D

    BTW the location is in Missouri not Mississippi near Springfield,MO for those who don’t know where Green Co Mo is located.Ashley has a big heart and its nice to see her showing it by joining the cast of Extreme Makeover Home edition for this episode along with her Dad. Way to go Ashley Thanks for your hard work on the episode :-)

  • mara

    my name is mara and i live in belguim im youo biges fan i love you soo much i just wanna wish you a happy christmas and a happy new year for you and all your famelie and friends