Nick Jonas Gives Miley Cyrus A Ring!?

Nick Jonas Gives Miley Cyrus A Ring!?

Things may be more serious than they seem…Nick Jonas has reportedly given Miley Cyrus a commitment ring!

A close family friend tells In Touch Weekly, “It’s sweet and appropriate for her age. Of course, Miley thought it was perfect and beautiful. They are a very happy couple these days. They are too young to marry, certainly, but who knows what the future will bring?”

Nick‘s big bro Kevin just became engaged to longtime girlfriend Danielle Deleasa.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Nick giving Miley a commitment ring?

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  • liz

    Say What?!
    That’s crazy.
    I thought they were over.
    & Miley just twitted yesterday she missed Hollow wood because she misses ‘him’
    Well, Nick is on his way to Philadelphia right now. So I hope they are over!

  • zanessaforever

    im not a big fan of them, but that’s sweet. :)

  • i love vanessa

    Thats what Zanessa did ? :(

  • kim-kim

    aawww thats so cute. i hope its true. haha as much as people hate it…they obviously make eachother happy. so haters need to get over it

  • rachel

    yuk! horrible couple…..i hate nick for hurting her in the first place!



    I love Niley, BUT NOT A RING!

    I’m most afraid of Nick Jonas giving out an engagement ring, and commitement always came in second! I AT LEAST NEED TO MEET HIM FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Regina


    I mean Im not a hater they are both cool people (Mostly Nick)
    but come on I just dont think they should be together miley just seems too crazy and less classy for him … I dont know her obvi but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NILEY :)

  • lola

    @kim-kim: get over it??? ur one of the niley fans…and everyone knows niley fans worship niley…they’re just two people……

  • anna


  • Des

    haha. everyone’s freaking out. I think it’s cute.. ;)

  • ana

    I would neverr ever acceeptt thaattttt kindd of riinngg… I meann Im 16… and miley too… itsss freakkyy….

  • ana

    @i love vanessa:


  • tara

    ew. ew. ew ew. I think im going to barf. ew. ew ewww.
    Nick, ur being stupid here…..
    ew ew ew ewwwwww
    Nick, come on! Miley is evil., stupid, and UGLY!
    what do u see in that thing?! im not even going to call her a girl.
    Nick!!!!!!!!!!! :(
    i love u!!!!
    im sad now :(

  • sandy

    honestly i think its fake
    think about it….
    seriously…they have
    said many times that
    who’s that “close family
    friend” or that “relable
    and that is why they
    surround themselfs
    with good friends….
    its all some fake thing and
    i dont think Nick will give
    her that ring…
    She has posted some
    tweets saying that shes
    happy and single…
    being single is awesome….
    it probably some person trying
    to get media attention..
    Gosh they are two 16 year
    olds, let them be and
    leave them alone….

  • Rachel

    I love Niley and support them 100% but a commitment ring seems a little far…
    But I guess as long as they make eachother happy, thats all that matters.

  • katie

    i heard that they just broke up. now im confused. =S
    its cute but they like just started dating again. i doubt this is true. its only been like a month. nick seems like the type of guy who likes to wait and make sure the relationship is solid before he makes that type of promise. cuz i doubt he wants a “forever and always” type of moment. hes already seen joe mess with a promise like that. =P
    if its true, awwwwww! im happy for them! if not, oh well. these two are still cute, together or not. they make each other happy. and thats all that matters.

  • Who cares?

    How sickening…looks like he’s a FOOL for love. I’ll give it a year tops.

  • tori

    oh please. that’s the biggest lie. seriously? in touch?

  • yazmin

    no way!!!
    i think this is false!!!
    but if it is im happy for them!!!
    NILEY 4Ever!!!
    miley come to LATINAMERICA!!!!
    im totally agre with Rachel!!!

  • tong

    it never happen
    i can’t believe

  • Eden

    Who said its true anyway?
    And BTW – Nick romantic life are always mysterious.
    He doesnt tell anything.
    I dont believe they are back together again, but who am I to say?
    I just want Nick to be happy and let him make his own choices, And so do Miley:)
    I love Nick and Miley and they deserve to be Happy.

  • Andrea

    INTOUCH WEEKLY? seriously, JJJ, ITW is a load of crap

  • enaliz

    woah baby :)


    I seriously think I just threw up a little.

  • Théssila

    it’s awful!

  • ashley




  • Nicola

    I think its very cute! I´d like to have such a cute bf like nick! I mean I´d more like to see me on his side but you can´t change it! You know I´m from Germany I don´t have any chance so let´s be happy for them :)

  • Tasha

    I hope so cos that’s so sweet.
    But from her tweets I thought well things weren’t so great, but maybe it was all just a red herring.
    You know how these kids like to play us.
    But if it is true, I wish them all the best and I’m so glad.

  • wATs!!!

    WAT!! Nick y?? Is nick like losing his mind?!?! This is crazy!! I dont like miley!! :(

  • MadHatter

    WHOA …I hope this is true. Fingers and toes crossed. Niley is the cutest couple ever. Love them. Praying for them.

  • nickchick

    That’s crazy. I thought they were over. Where are you getting this information from?

  • kim-kim

    i swear…some Jb fans are so stupid haha. every girl that likes nick all of a sudden becomes ugly….miley is no where near ugly. JB fans insecurities come out in their comments.

    nick is happy…let him! not like its a engagement ring….thats kevin remember. gosh. nick tryin to be a nice person….a good person…and people bring it down. whether its true or not….who cares. its not ur life.

  • vicky

    Say What?!
    That’s crazy.
    I thought they were over.
    & Miley just twitted yesterday she missed Hollow wood because she misses ‘him’
    Well, Nick is on his way to Philadelphia right now. So I hope they are over! ²

  • Becca Jonas!

    Omg! :|:| NOOOOOOOOOOOO! :(

    Nick, no! Please! My dreams (seriously!) of marrying you are now dead. As much as I love Niley, DONT GET MARRIED!

    I want to meet Nick first before he gets married at least! :(

    euh. :(

    JOE! HERE I COME BABY! (if nick and milerz are like.. yano ;) )

  • gossipgirl

    what the heck…that is ridiculous. they are only 16….its stupid. he is an idiot for going back to her to be honest. they have been there and done that, why would they want to go through the heart ache all over again.
    they are stupid. i honestly feel like i have no time for either of them anymore, its a waste of breath.

  • aalexia

    up these things NEED A LIFE. hahaha LMFAO. OOOH NOOOO
    new gossip: NILEY MARRIED AT 17 ?!?!?!? WE ARE ALL DOOOOMED !! :D :D :D :D

  • carli and teresa

    ok we have a lottt of evidence that that isnt true. for one, miley is constantly tweeting about feeling sorry for herself, because she’s single. that could be a ploy, but usually when disney stars are going out with eachother, they don’t say if they’re single or taken, they just say they’re having a “good time.” and she said she was “missing him” cuz he was in hollywood. um nicks in philadelphia. i have a feeling that she dumped justin for nick and when things with nick didnt work out, shes trying to get justin back. and nick and miley havent seen each other in a really long time. oh yeah, and its IN TOUCH MAGAZINE which is fake 8 times out of 10.

  • tessa

    is he nuts?!

  • Maddy

    hi its a very cool site
    i love miley and i love nick
    this to people are my life
    cool site
    and greaze for you


  • kristin

    um okay? didn’t they breakup????

    but IF this is true well UGH! :/

    I lovee miley AND nick but just not together.

  • mary

    That`s so cute. They look pretty happy and I think they miss each other so it`s why they came back together.

  • martina

    yeaaaa go niley

  • Milkshakeee

    this probably isn’t true but I’m praying it Is:D

  • Sofia

    yes!!!! :D


    i don’t know why everyone is freaking out. it’s just a ring. even if he didn’t get her one – so what? they are still friends, that’s all that matters. anyway, justin has a new girlfriend.

  • i love vanessa

    Yeah, they still wear them now :D

  • sasha:)

    I think it’s so cute!!! I hope it’s true :)

  • crazy niley fan

    this better be true!!!! :D

  • emily

    oh god i hope its not trueeee!