Demi Lovato is GMA Gorgeous

Demi Lovato is GMA Gorgeous

Demi Lovato kicks her heel up, hamming it up for some paparazzi as she leaves Good Morning America in NYC on Thursday morning (July 23).

The 16-year-old musician performed her new single, “Here We Go Again,” on the show. After GMA, Demi headed over to The View to chat all about her new album — out in stores NOW!

Last week, Demi also rocked out the crowd at The Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Even her Sonny costars Doug Brochu, Sterling Knight, and Allisyn Arm were there. Sabrina Bryan, Roshon Fegan and even Debby Ryan joined the party!

25+ pics inside…

Demi Lovato – “Here We Go Again” – Good Morning America, 07/23

Demi Lovato – Good Morning America, 07/23

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Credit: CWNY/Fame Pictures/Kevin Winter/Getty, Jose Perez/Roger Wong; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • DemiFan

    Poor Demi! She sounds sick, yet she still sings her heart out

  • =)=)=)

    wow she loves being in the spotlight !

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    Demi is cute :)
    She’s a great performer!

  • AJ

    I love her hat it looks cute on her, though I could never pull that off. She has such pipes and she’s only 16!

  • =)=)=)

    vote 4 demi !!! and what hat ?

  • =)=)=)

    o0o and vote 4 miley 2 !!

  • http://facebookme.hahahah ilovedemi

    i just LOVE demi, she’s amazing, she is beautiful amazing voice awesome actress and she’s only sixteen!

  • =)=)=)

    and vote 4 selena 2! !

  • Britney

    Poor Demi, she needs to rest her voice. But I love her and she looks beautiful in the pictures.

  • Megan

    aww she really cant sing live, but demi is still awesome…not as AMAZING as miley, but demi is cool! she just cant sing live…<33

  • karen


  • cassy


  • katie

    of course she can sing live. it sounds like shes sick. look at any other live performance of hers and its incredible. she sounds better live than on her cds. i love both miley and demi but demis definitely a better performer.

  • Joy

    demi sleep, four hours last night maybe?
    had a concert last night,
    has been on tour
    of course her voice isn’t going to be that great! :)

  • jess

    She looks like she’s just been to the Royal Ascot :)

  • Megan

    @katie: no this is one of her better performances…she just cant hit the high notes live. the rest was fine….other performances shes worse….and she really does sound better on her cd…and fyi, shes not sick….so yea

  • steph


    Oh SHUT UP!! U sing live when your voice is stressed, i went to her show, she sounds BEYOND amazing live!Way better than studio, so stfu

  • =)=)=)

    i didnt write # 6 but yes do

  • Jessica

    poor Demi she sounded as bad as she looks.


    Demi is actually pretty amazing live. In all other videos – she sounds a little sick in this one – she sounds exactly the same as she does on her CDs. That’s one of the reasons that I was so impressed by her!

  • Jessica

    Ever since I watched Demi’s chat and she mistreated her tour manager who is a man that she calls grandma and said she throws food at him I lost all respect for her. You cannot convince me otherwise. She is a big fake, her phony practiced smile she does and her wave that accompanies it. Under that phony smile is a mean spirited girl who is very jealous and insecure. Deal with it.

  • christina

    @Megan: High notes ae her specialty actually. Miley sounds like a man. Lokk these up on youtube. “daughters demi lovato, and “Natural woman.” Then tell me she can’t sing live. Oh and then look up “national anthem demi lovato.” She toatally own any other disney star by tons.

  • christina

    @Jessica: Dude they joke with eachother, nothing wrong with that. At least she’s got talant.

  • Janet

    okay. Demi Lovato was amazing in this clip live. She hit all the notes perfectly. But I’m sorry, those background vocalists needs to get out. They totally ruined the song! The whole point of being the background vocalists is to NOT overpower the LEAD, aka DEMI.

    Demi honey, fire those background vocalists. You don’t need them.

  • Danielle

    Oh hey, @Megan, I understand you have an opinion and all but unless you can tell me you have seen her live yourself when she has had a good night’s rest and hasn’t been ridiculously busy promoting her new cd, then I would prefer it if you kept them to yourself. Thanks.

  • Melz

    lol you’re kidding right?
    her better?
    no, this is one of her worse porformances
    She sound better live than in the cd version
    If you dont know this
    obviously you’re not her fan
    so stop trolling

  • Melz

    that wasnt for you!

  • Melz


    lol you’re kidding right?
    her better?
    no, this is one of her worse porformances
    She sound better live than in the cd version
    If you dont know this
    obviously you’re not her fan
    so stop trolling

  • Katie

    @Megan You don’t even know what you’re talking about. Demi can hit the high notes in concert, I’ve seen her live and I’ve seen other videos of her performing this song live and she’s sung it exactly how it sounds on the album. This was really early in the morning, I read that she had been up since 3 AM and keep in mind she’s on tour and performing every single night- she’s just losing her voice a little.

  • jEN cullen

    Demi is amazing, at such a young age. I worked with Demi’s stylist for today’s GMA & View outfits.

    Here’s a list of accessories she is wearing: Steve Madden platform pumps, Phoebe feather headband and Michael M platinum and diamond jewelry.

  • DemiFan

    Gosh people what happened to having an opinion? Not all of us think she’s a perfect singer! Jeez! And for once, can we not bring MILEY in the topic? Good riddance!

    On the other hand
    I find it starnge that last time when she was on GMA, her voice did not sound well , and now her is the second time and she still didn’t sound well. I’ve watched videos of Demi Live in concert on YouTube from her tour. She actually CAN sing live. She’s just out of sync today. Maybe next time.

  • cam


    poor Demi she sounded as bad as she looks

    You are kidding right? Sounds bad & looks bad – wow you must sing like an angel & look like a goddess – NOT. jealous much?

  • Jessica

    In interviews, Lovato has hinted that music is her main love and that the other, presumably temporary, distractions of film and TV are just a means to an end. Perhaps Lovato will one day free herself from the puppet strings and make an interesting record; hopefully she doesn’t think Here We Go Again is a step in that direction.
    Dallas-born Demi Lovato was breathlessly touted as Disney’s next tween gold mine, after the overexposed Miley Cyrus finished with the spotlight, but Lovato hasn’t (yet) captured the public’s imagination or held much sway over its spending habits. It seems she does not have the it factor like her friend does, Selena is one Disney star who has it all.

  • Danielle

    Haha, to the cam person, you’re funny good job (;

  • carol

    @Megan, i think you’re totally wrong, Demi sings perfectly live, she’s such an amazing singer! And if you listen well her songs, they ONLY have high notes, so it means that she obviously CAN hit high notes! Miley has a stranger voice and sounds so bad live, she can’t be compared to Demi. Sorry, but DEMI ROCKS <3

  • Jessica

    Why are yall jealous of Selena? She has everything to admire…beauty, brains, talent and awesome personality. Please vote for her on TCA. a vote for Miley would be a waste, vote for anyone else just not Miley. Selena is rad.

  • Jessica



  • Jessica


    DO NOT VOTE FOR MILEY for TCA. So far we are doing a great job at getting ppl to vote for Selena. Demi fans, don’t do any voting for Miley. k? Thanks.

  • Andrea


  • Marie

    I wasn’t too crazy about the performance. It sounded like they lowered the key in the chorus because her voice isn’t fully well right now and for me that ruined the song. It sounded flat. I am fully aware that the girl is capable of singing live. It just makes me sad that if this is the first time people are seeing her perform live then it was probably less than desired.

  • DemiFan

    @Jessica: and yet you ask the question why WE hate Selena. Prime example sweetheart.

  • Jessica

    Well I see you are a DemiFan. No problem. YOu of all ppl should love Selena–bestie with Demi right. vote for Selena over Miley. Duh, no brainer. If you do that we can make Miley LOSE everything this year and they are less likely to nominate her next year…see stay with us. We are strong and powerful Selena fans, join us Demi fans. Unite against the ugly Cyrus. Even Nick Jonas hates Miley Cyrus. VOTE FOR SELENAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA – TCA WOOOOOOOOTWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT

  • Jon

    She is so ugly. Selena’s cuter. Miley’s sings better. Nice try Demi.

  • d

    @Jon: ROFL Miley’s voice dosen’t even compare to Demi’s. You have got to be kidding me. Plus Demi is way hotter than Selena. Selena’s just cute.

  • Ashley

    what’s wrong with her make up? she looks so old…

  • Nathalee

    oh ! she is so much prettier here than when she got her skin tanned.

  • Ashley

    and she looks like she’s going to a funeral…she need to change her stylist.

  • prize

    i wonder if she plays any instrument….?!

  • DemiFan

    @Jessica: Then why dose he hang out with her ginous. Somebody’s nervous that Selena won’t get all of her awards. Seh’ll probaly win Celb Dancer and Fashion Icon. I can sense it. That God she only has like four or five noms. Miley’s got 11 so in your FACE. HA HA!

  • Lucie

    At least she sings live unlike many so called “stars” who make it by lip synching their way through, shes usually amazing live, she sounds ill?