Ashley Tisdale's Hot Mess Moment

Ashley Tisdale's Hot Mess Moment

Denim darling Ashley Tisdale clutches onto her purse as she arrives at MTV studios to appear on It’s On With Alexa Chung on Tuesday morning (July 28) in NYC.

The 24-year-old actress/singer dished to host Alexa Chung on her most recent “Hot Mess” moment. She shared, “Right before I came on here. Everyone was trying to do my hair because I just came from The Today Show. Then I was eating pizza and drinking diet Coke. I think I got something on my shirt.”

Ashley also commented on Cobra Starship claiming she stole their titles. She said, “That’s so funny [on sharing titles]. I actually just heard about them, to be honest (laughs). I love their song ["Good Girls Go Bad"]. I think I should have Leighton Meester in a song of mine.”

Guilty Pleasure is out TODAY — go get it!

FYI: Ashley is wearing the Current/Elliott sleeveless snap jacket in silver stud wash.

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Credit: Jose Perez; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • kk


  • nathalia

    LOOOOOOOVE ashley

  • http://hhy peace95

    she looks really cute. congratulations for #1 on Itunes Ashley. you totally deserve it. GP is amazing!! ..:)

  • liz

    it’s actually number 2.

  • taylor

    It’s number 1 on pop itunes, and number 2 overall.

  • katie

    She’s right, Good Girls Go Bad is awesome. When did Cobra Starship release their album? Cos Ashley wrote those songs ages ago…

  • delsey

    whatever… love her…

  • bruno

    ashley looks soo hot!! comee onn everybdoy lets make guilty pleasure #1 on iTUNES! we can doo itt! =]

  • Marcelo

    Haha, I loved Ashley’s answer. Honestly, I think Ashley meant Cobra is making sucess only because of Leighton so she said she should record a song with her too haha

  • Luis Henrique


  • Marcelo

    I think she also meant: “Well, if I stole their titles, I think I should steal Leighton too haha” HAHAHAHAHAHA
    Loved Ashley’s answer!

  • mohamedashry

    YAY IT’S NO.1 ON POP CHARTS AND NO.2 OVERALL !!! let’s all support her and buy the album guys:D

  • hotstuff
  • Marcelo

    @Luis Henrique:

    You hate this album because it’s doing way better than Vanessa’s, obviously :)

  • pink sugar

    Did anyone tell Cobra Starship that they rip off Rihanna’s title?

  • Nick


  • hotstuff


    um why bring vanessa into this????she didnt say that so why bring her

  • Marcelo

    BTW, I don’t know if you guys know but today will be published Ashley Tisdale’s AOL Sessions :)

  • Marcelo


    The album is at number two, actually.

  • AA

    The album is great! Obviously he will make sucess! Ashley was amazing on Today show!

  • bep

    I love this album and it’s obviousely a huge success!
    Congratulations to Ashley, her hard work is really being rewarded!!
    I personally love this album and think it’s a mix of almost all genres, and that’s what makes it so unique: it have everything in it, so anyone can find a song that he/she can relate to!

  • ZJ207

    Ashley is so HOT indeed! haha
    I’m so glad “Guilty Pleasure” is doing great finally!! It has definitely done great all over the world and now it’s Ashley’s US moment!!
    The album is amazing and I recommend it for everyone!!!!! :D

    @katie: Cobra Starship hasn’t released their album yet!

    @Luis Henrique: why are u sorry? hahah isn’t #2 good enough???? rofl :D

  • lena

    IF LEIGHTON SING WITH TIZZ THAT WILL BE GREAT !! my two favourite stars ever together.. it’s like dream come true ! ;)

  • andre.

    gabe was sooooooooooooooooo ridiculous saying “who is this ashley tisdale girl?”. PLEASE, DOES HIS THINK HIS BAND HAS A NAME TO SAY THIS? huh? look, they got pretty much attention because of leighton meester, I my self just heard about the song bcuz of her. i really like GGGB, since this sond is my ringtone but come on, he is such a jerk for saying. go spent your time building a name before saying anything, they may even disappear after this song leave the charts. and for the record, although i don’t know how big is their popularity in US, they can be pretty sure almost anyone know them outside their country. they are just the band that recorded a song with the Gossip Girl character.

  • JanCaz

    Wow! Congratz, ash!
    Haha.. I liked her answer abt cobra starship..

  • aw

    Alexa Chung, ugh useless as is her dumbass show.

  • nina caplan


  • lucia

    she is so beautiful!!
    so excited for her album

  • the fame

    cobra iloveya! lol

  • me

    alright people seriously need to stop the cobra hate!! So what if the only reason they charted was because of leighton meester? who cares????? i personaly, as a cobra fan, are very proud of them. GGGB is only 1/2 as good as their other stuff. FANGS UP!

  • Cobragirl

    to Andre: Gabe was sort of joking when he stated what he did. But In reality..Cobra Starship has been around for several years and also before that Gabe was in another very successful band. Just because you don’t know who they are doesn’t mean they aren’t popular and GGGB is not what put them on the map. Gabe is one of the sweetest and most generous men I have ever had the chance to hang with.

    It’s just interesting that Ashley has a song called Hot Mess and that is what the CS album is called and they also have a song called that and also they had a song on another album called Guilty Pleasure, so you can see where Gabe was coming from.

  • shippon

    Wow! Congratz, ash !! she’s really pretty !

  • Bethany

    Cobra wrote Guilty Pleasure back in 2007 for Viva La Cobra and I’m pretty sure they started in on Hot Mess in early 2009 because by April they had a mixed version of Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We’re Famous on their myspace.

  • iceis

    at andre. GabrielSaporta@ashleytisdale “I actually just heard about them, to be honest. I love their song.” aww! ur so sweet! besties?1 minute ago from web
    that’s what he tweeted

  • Loochh

    still prefer cobra starship. but if she says she didn’t rip off the titles, i’m guessing she didn’t. but people going on saying gabe didn’t have the right to say who is this tisdale girl? uhh perhaps he genuinely didn’t know who the hell she was? has that ever crossed your mind?

    and i think you’ll find, Good Girls Go Bad is present tense, Good Girl Gone Bad is past tense. So it’s obviously not a rip off of Rhianna. duh =/

    and also cobra is more of a band than someone who recorded a song with a gossip girl character. this will be their third album, so how can they be relying in leighton?!

  • blueo


    lol. they actually have 2 other albums, maybe you should try to get your facts right?

  • Blakie

    hahaha. i watched that episode the other day. i love ashley. cobra starship needs to chill, i’m sure ashley was recording her hot mess song WAYYYYY before they were. and i’m with ashley, i didn’t know who cobra starship was until their song was out, plus i only heard because alexa chung was talking with leighton meester and told us she was in their song, that’s when i heard of them

  • anne

    I would just like to comment on “andre.”
    I don’t want to start something, because honestly it isn’t important, but I can’t stand to sit by while someone says some uneducated things about one of my favorite bands.
    First of all, if you’d read the rest of the article or even know about Gabe’s personality at all, you’d know that was a joke, and he wasn’t being mean.
    Second of all, they didn’t just get immediate attention because of Leighton Meester, they’ve been around for a few years, and Gabe was in a band Midtown since the 90s. They’ve HAD attention.
    Third, they can’t disappear after this song, because this song wasn’t the beginning for them.
    Fourth, they have built a name, and they do have a large, loyal following, not just in the US, but in other places of the world. In fact they just finished another non-US tour.
    And to me, they are not “just the band that recorded a song with the GG character.”

  • Kara

    It’s funny that half of you are taking Gabe so seriously. He has even said himself that he is rarely NOT sarcastic. Take a joke. Fangs up <3

  • mudimumu

    @andre GOBLOK LO JD ORG

  • Tay

    haha, are we all still taking about the whole issue over ashley having the same title’s as Cobra starship? Lmao. That video was posted weeks ago & people are still making a big deal about it? ha. that’s funny.

  • angelique, sweetums.

    @andre.: Are you serious? His band does have a name to say this, because they are popular here in the US. & since you don’t even live in America, maybe you shouldn’t talk BS about the artists our country produces. & Cobra Starship had two successful previous album before that Gossip Girl came on ONE of their songs. Gabe Saporta might genuinly not know who Ashley Tisdale is. He’s not a 13 year old female, and he has more important things to do that catch up on what that chick is doing. AND PLEASE, LEARN SOME ENGLISH BEFORE YOU COMMENT. Fangs up, sucker.

    & not @ andre, but Cobra didn’t bite off of Rihanna. “Good Girl Gone Bad” is much different from “Good Girls Go Bad”. And the song & album didn’t have anything in common. +, nobody cares about Rihanna anymore.

  • Kaya

    @pink sugar:
    Cobra Starship didn’t rip off Rihanna. It’s ‘Good Girls go bad’ and Rihanna isn’t the first with that title anyway. Stephanie mills had it in 1995! (google it~)

  • Kaya


    Actually they were big before the LM collabo and they are gonna be big after it because Cobra’s never die!

    Fangs Up!