Fashion Faceoff: Marchesa Mini Dress

Fashion Faceoff: Marchesa Mini Dress

Miley Cyrus glittered in this gold Marchesa mini dress at the 2008 American Music Awards in Los Angeles last year. The 16-year-old starlet completed her look with Giuseppe Zanotti pumps.

Hilary Duff stepped out in the same dress while on her way to the Gossip Girl film set in NYC on Wednesday afternoon (August 5). The 21-year-old actress paired her Marchesa with Christian Louboutin heels.

Who wore Marchesa best -- MILEY CYRUS or HILARY DUFF?
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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • sunni

    miley looks better and CUTE in it

  • sofia

    hilary of course, i guess its the mix of the blonde hair with the dress =)

  • rachel

    miley did….but i thought it looked too much for her age!

  • jena

    @rachel: agree…i cant stand that little wreck! hilary’s much better person…i’ve actually met both of them…..miley acted all diva-type….hilary was much sweeter!

  • jessica

    Miley is so adorable and always looks beautiful!

  • jessica

    @rachel: true!

  • lola

    @jena: 100% agree

  • jessica


    Hello Miley hater. Hate to break the news to you but over 70% of the voters chose Miley. I’ve met Miley too along with my parents and she was so nice to us and gives great hugs!

  • Helen walsh

    anyone wearing anything looks better than miley. i’m not being judgemental or biased on the fact that miley is despicable, it’s just the statement of a fact. but miley does look cute though – hilary just wears it better

  • erika

    They are both very beautiful girls, but Miley wore is better. The dress looks better on people with a thinner figure, and I dont really like Hilary’s hair in the picture either. idk, this is just my opinion.

  • Tina

    Hilary looks amazing! she wore it best!

  • Tree Tub

    @jena: yeah, i’ve met them both too, but hilary looked realllyyyy off, sorry hil.

    btw, hil is nicer.

  • erika

    @Helen walsh: Its not a statement of a fact, it is just your OPINION, opinions are not facts, i’m not hating or bashing you, I’m just saying you cant say its a fact, cuz its just your opinion.

  • jessica

    @Helen walsh:

    Why do 72% of JJJ fans disagree with you? Is that you Hillary?
    Get your facts right you poor delusional hater lol.

  • Samantha

    Hilary’s earings are too much. Miley looks great with a small charm necklace. Also the way her hair is.

  • the fame

    hilary :)

  • Alanah French

    think miley looks better 100% all the way.

  • liz

    hate to admit it. miley did better.
    love you though hil <3

  • teamhudgens

    I think Hilary (:

  • jacie


  • Victoria

    Omg anyone voting Miley must be completely blind, Hilary looks wayyyyyyyy better in that dress.

  • Susan2

    Well Miley of course! i think that Hilary looks ttinsy bit chubby in that dress..i donno doesn’t suit her so well. But i mean she’s not chubby at all! Absolutely not but the dress just isn’t her dress. And i think Miley looks stunning as always. But we all have different oppinions and i’m allowed to share mine too,so don’t start hating on me :D lol

  • jjjreader

    MILEY ROCKED IT!! luv ya girlyyy

  • lucas

    of course HILARY DUFF!

  • ctiffanybella

    okay. Miley looks better because shes posing. Hilary’s walking on a set. but once you see Hilary with the dress on the Episode, trust and believe she’ll look better.
    i dont hate miley, so all you mileylovers dont start capitalizing your letters at me.
    it’s just ive seen that dress before, and i think it’ll look better on Hilary.

  • lisa

    of course, people are going to choose miley because she’s better than hilary. they don’t care about the dress.

    hilary defiantly looks better in the dress. miley’s too skinny in the dress.

  • anna

    MILEY !

  • Tina

    are people blind? Hilary looks way better the only reason why miley is winning is because this is a kids site/tween Hilary is an adult now!

  • Edd

    HILARY <3

  • luis

    hilary wore it better! a more mature woman who looks absolutely stunning! good job to miley for trying but hilary takes it. the blonde hair does make a piece of criticism, lose the earrings hil and wear a necklace

  • Davi silva

    Hilary looks surely hotter,
    and above all,
    Hilary has a hotter body,
    and miley looks like a skin horse.
    definitely, HILARY!

  • christie

    The gold on the dress goes better with Hils hair

  • maddie

    who ever voted for hillary must be blind, no offense i love her, but serously miley woe it totally better

  • blackberry

    I think they both look great in the dress, but I’d have to say Miley wore it better. :)

  • canaalat

    i voted for miley cause she’s pretty with the dress and cause she’s my favourite but i gotta admit that hilary looks better, but miley looks awesome too, they are really pretty, hilary looks better cause that dress is more for older people, i’m not saying that hilary is old, but she’s older than miley, so she has a different body and miley looks like a little pretty girl I LOVE THEM =)

  • Caroline

    Hilary! I love her heels <3

    The dress is a bit mature for Miley, she still looks nice though.

  • MARY


  • listen to mayday parade

    Its not about the person its about the dress… i use to love hilary duff, but man what has she done in the last 2 years.. pretty much nothing.
    I think the more important question is: why would gossip girl put her in a dress thats out of date?! GG is suppose to rep new and stylish clothes.. although I do like the dress, I think GG should put Hil in something else… Also I think Miley wore it better. It just fits her tiny frame so well.

  • nicole

    @Helen walsh:

    opinions arent facts..

    miley pulled it off.

  • shyposter:)

    To compare these pictures isn’t really fair. Miley is posing for the cameras, looking her best, whereas Hilary is being papped, not necessairly caring how she looks at that moment. However everyone is allowed their opinion.

  • kamilah

    @jessica: i chose miley too but not because i like her. im not a fan of miley at all but i do think the dress looks better on her even though the dress is not age appropriate for her like someone already said. and im not a miley hater. i have my right not to be a fan of hers

  • emily

    wow I bet Every Body Voted 4 Miley Jus becuz They Like Her Better I voted 4 Hilary But They Both Look Pretty But Hilary Is sooo Much Prettier But I still Like Miley!!!!

  • chelsea

    @erika: i completely agree. how is that a fact?

  • chelsea

    miley definitely wore it better

  • chelsea

    of course miley wore it better. Anyone who votes’ Hilary must be blind (or biased)!

  • hamanozz


  • bruna


  • vanessa.

    now, i totally adore hilary duff. shes freaking amazing, and ive loved her since i watched casper the friendly ghost.

    but i have to admit, miley does look a lot better in the dress.

  • Hannah

    Seems a little unfair seeing as Miley was at an awards show and Hilary was just walking down the street.

    So things like “I don’t like how Hilary’s hair looks” Isn’t really a fair comparison.

    I personally think Hilary wore it better.

  • jessica

    Tho I grew up with Hil and love her…I can’t lie Miley has a model’s bod w/ long legs and Hil has short legs and is a lil thick. JB girls are jealous of Miley and must be under some belief that they will marry a Jonas. The jealous posts against beautiful Miley are entertaining and desperate. Girls if u r confident with yourself you wouldn’t hate on Miley. God bless