Vanessa Hudgens: I Have Way Too Much Stuff!

Vanessa Hudgens: I Have Way Too Much Stuff!

Vanessa Hudgens waves to paparazzi as she arrives to tape her segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday afternoon (August 5) in Hollywood.

The 20-year-old chatted to host Jimmy about her new house and what prompted the move. She shared, “I came home one day and I realized that I just had too much stuff. So I got my own place and it’s awesome. It’s true. There was stuff everywhere. There were mounds — I could not see the carpet.”

Vanessa and costars Alyson Michalka and Gaelan Connell will premiere their flick, Bandslam, TONIGHT at Mann’s Village Theatre in Westwood, Calif.

Vanessa Hudgens – Jimmy Kimmel Live – 08/04

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Credit: Anthony, JAWS; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, FlynetOnline
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  • sara12

    love you vanessa

  • yets

    We Love you Vanessa
    Just be strong girl
    God bless!!!!

  • Mm.

    She looks so gorgeous:)

  • sillylily

    i think she is beautiful
    and i don’t care about the nude photo thing
    they are old pics

  • vanessa jenkis

    Awww she luked stunning with the braid!
    shez got pride and dignity which most people dont have=)

  • Bradley Bobst

    Vanessa looks beautiful. can’t wait to see Bandslam.

  • Vannessa

    Soooo PRETTY xx

  • lai

    were all in this together V
    we love you !!!

  • Vannessa

    @yets: Why does she have to be strong ???

  • mhay

    hope that zac will be in the premier.
    Go go V.
    head up high, were proud to be your supporters.

  • ZV lover

    U rock nessa!! We’re right behind u, girl.
    Love you!!!

  • Alyssa Marie


  • yets

    # 7 because we all need to be strong
    to face whatever problem in the future .

  • satoo

    I am afraid she is losing to ashely in best actress in music in TCA2009 !!!!!!! like what happend in MTV movie 2009 :(

  • http://YAHOO.COM Vanessa fan

    Is Vanessa going to the premeire tonight?
    Or is it just her co-stars?
    Anyways she looked amazing on the show and i’m glad she still went!
    It’s funny when they were talking about the hsm3 dolls..!

  • http://YAHOO.COM Vanessa fan

    Is Vanessa going to the premeire tonight?
    Or is it just her co-stars?
    Anyways she looked amazing on the show and i’m glad she still went!
    It’s funny when they were talking about the hsm3 dolls..!

  • Jen

    I love u baby v no matter what and u still r undeniably the most beautiful girl to come thru Disney.

  • Susan2

    She is so beautiful! I can’t believe how someone can be so beautiful and yet very sweet =)

  • nuria.

    I loveee u hudgens! She’s perfectt!

  • Rosa

    I think she looks beautiful
    i will support her no matter what happen

  • fe

    so gorgeous :D


  • Azzo

    @satoo: hey you have to stay positive…………………She is ganna win

  • jamie

    i was really surprised
    she was all happy
    and smiling
    zaccharrry will die if he isn’t
    jk ;)
    but i will be pissed.

  • jazmin

    Gorgeous as always. Love the dress.

    Thanks for posting JJJr.

    Check out this article.. regarding V granting a wish throuhg Make a wish foundation… so sweet of V.

  • eLLa

    THEYRE OLD! Stop bringing it up.
    V’s laugh during the doll part was adorable! I can’t wait to see her stellar dress at the premier tonight

  • Just Interested

    she’s so adorable :D
    & jimmy’s funny when he said they could put the troy & gabriella dolls on their wedding cake xD LOL

    love her so much!
    i hope she wins in TCA

  • masbonita

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Good luck at the premiere . I wish I was there to support you !!!

  • Just Interested

    why are you guys freaking out over the pictures they’re OLD!!

    & you shouldn’t bring it up all over again yall gotta stick with her if you’re fans be positive
    she got throught it the first time i know vanessa’s strong & she’ll be okay

  • dani macêdo



  • susan 1

    she looks beautiful I like the dress’ the hair and the smile.Make
    me love her even more.

  • kate

    Vanessa hasn’t done anything wrong these are old pics so lets not dwell on this and move forward like vanessa is doing. and to answer the above question from vanessafan she will be attending her premier and also the TCA’s.

    also Satoo how do you know that she is losing to ashley i think you forget the TCA’s love vanessa. and the votes were already finished before this scandal appeared.

    So please everyone keep on supporting vanessa and look forward to the bandslam Premier and the TCA’s and all her other projects

  • Karen

    You’ve been reported to Just Jill for that link.

    She did not do it AGAIN. The same pervert who did this before has done it again. He/She had more photos from the first time and withheld them until now. SO there is nothing new, just a jerk trying to ruin Vanessa from the same pictures. And once again sick people want to brand and penalize Vanessa when everyone should be trashing the person who stole the pictures in the first place and slipped them to the internet.

  • areuforreal

    @lilli: Well thats way too big for you i think…. Make up your mind because out there theres more fans of Vanessa who understand her better than you. Your just another fans who doesnt get her facts straight. Either your a fan or not, just get the hell out if you cant make up your mind and at the same time insult her. The pics is old and she shouldnt apologize twice, it wasnt her fault some stupid backstabbing friends of hers are malicious and jealous. Idiot.

  • istar

    LOL at the dolls! haha!!
    i can’t wait for the premiere!

  • latifah

    she has two new pictures on the web, but guys i’m still her number 1 fan, and i hope she will be strong probobly Zac will support her ☺

    God Bless Baby V.

  • reenuh

    there’s definitely someone out there trying his HARDEST to ruin vanessa. whoever that person is, all i can is goodluck coz i’m standing by V no matter what. and i’m sure most TRUE Nessa fans support her more now. those pix are personal, there’s nothing wrong with showing ones vixen-side behind closed doors. the pictures were obviously stolen and leaked. whoever did it should be the one hated, not Nessa.

  • jamie


    uhh your wasting electricity for commenting on a post of someone YOU hate…get lost. and stop being so immature

    if you wanna say something like that i suggest on getting a psycho therapist.

  • xoxzanessaluvxox

    @stella: Actually as everyone has said these pictures are old…therefore she hasn’t done anything wrong. God I am already so sick of speaking about this and it only happened yesterday. Also, Bandslam has actually got some very good reviews and alot of people have been surprised by how good the movie actually is.
    Finally, to those people out there who are cardboard Vanessa fans, who only want to know her when she is doing well, then drop her at the first sign of trouble, why do you even bother? Your either with her or your not. Don’t be like…oh I’m so ashamed to be a Vanessa fan, but I still like her. How is that even possible.
    I am exceptionally proud to be a Vanessa supporter…and I will continue to be, come what may.

  • Karen


    Apparently it is you that never learns. Countless times yesterday it was reported that these pictures and NOTHING new. They are from the old set of pictures. The pervert only released one back in 2007 and held these others when he/she wanted something to use against her once again. This person who is doing this to her is the one who deserves to be trashed paraded through the streets and ridiculed. I hope the person is revealed for the slime he is and all of you choke on your callous words.

  • noelle

    wow that was boring

  • tabia

    i think the guy that she is suing is the one that leaked the pics both times

  • zvlover

    she lookes really really gorgeous as always!!! she´s showing all the idiots out there that she´s strong =) on and jared kudos to show us her respect for not make the bull*sh*it like anothers blogs did it. love her so muchh!!!

  • Mm.

    zvlover: very well said.

  • amy

    If you guys really want this whole mess up about Vanessa go away, then don’t bring it up!

    Some people in this post didn’t even know about it until now.
    Just don’t spread it and post about it anywhere else.

    I know, and hopefully most people out there, know that these “new” photos were taken around the same time the old photos were taken. That’s why they had to be taken down at Perez Hilton because she was UNDERAGE. Meaning she was under 18. So she was at least 16/17.

    But just don’t spread them anymore.

  • luca

    Vanessa is not like gabriella, people need know that. This pix are OLD before the first scandal. Is her body and she can do everything that she want. Love her

  • fe

    “Vanessa…i will stand with you all the way, watching, and supporting, and loving you always, and unconditionally. Your fan”

  • ais

    two tums up…
    can’t stand anymore!…
    u can’t even think about anything else but VANESSA and only VANESSA HUDGENS… (^_^)

  • fe
  • dots

    She looks gorgeous!
    The interview was so funny, and she was so giggly.
    Fingers crossed for her and Shadow,
    can’t wait for the premiere tonight!

  • thais

    she mentioned BRAZIL!! she always mentiones when people ask her about the tour..
    she is so sweet!