Tiffany Giardina: Sweet For Selena Gomez

Tiffany Giardina: Sweet For Selena Gomez

Singer Tiffany Giardina caught up with WZAP Radio’s Zach Sang yesterday night (August 11) to chat about guy — and girl crushes.

The 16-year-old “No Average Angel” songstress shared, “I really love Selena [Gomez]. She’s the sweetest girl ever. Like, every time I see her, she runs over and gives me a big hug. I really love her. She’s really down to earth.

Tiffany also dished that she’s more Team Riley (Xavier Samuel) then Team Edward (Robert Pattinson). Tiff said, “I really like Xavier Samuel.”

When asked why she’s not gaga over Robert, she said, “Because I do my research.”

Click inside to hear Tiff‘s full interview…

Tiffany Giardina – WZAP Radio, 08/11
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  • nikki

    OOOHHH rob just got burnedd!! well he isnt good looking either, but xavier samual is not good looking either! :(

  • cassie

    selena ftw ~!!

  • shannz

    yet another person confirming the obvious that selena is a total sweet heart i mean whats not 2 love which is y i wonder y she isn’t more famous i wish the business was less about drama and scandals and more about talent and ppl how stay grounded and appreciate what they have been given by the fans

  • the fame

    she is wize( about the rob thing)

  • jena

    aww….so sweet! i love selena and tiffany did state the obvious!

    I like Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson but i’m not Gaga over them!

    And I don’t like the people telling everyone likes Robert only cause he’s Edward Cullen….I liked Robert ever since Harry potter…but not so much anymore since he’s famous…haha

  • tamara

    hahaaaaa love wat she said
    i think i might like this girl

  • char

    wat is tiffany even famous for? she seriously cant sing that well.
    i guess being friends with JB will help you get a record deal.

  • Taylor


  • melissa

    Aw, I see pics of them everywhere. Theyre like the cutest girls on the scene!

  • Kaceyy

    Love tiffany & her music, I love how she picked someone (xavior) who nobody knows yet.

  • jessica

    Ok, Tiff is best friends with Jonas family. So she dissed Miley choosing Sel and dissed Rob cuz his bff is Camilla. Geesh. One day the Jonai will be revealed in how much hate they spread around. Good to know tho that Selena and Nick are back together…they deserve each other, same type of ppl. Please stay with Sel and never stray again. Kim K is too old for your a55 ya poiverrrrrrrrrrt.

  • Kaceyy

    @jessica: HAHAHA whoever came up with that is sick, like seriously! The ways fans think these days…. tiff love u

  • Leslie

    i doubt she was dissing miley just because she likes selena better. ive seen a million pictures of her and selena together and ive never seen one of her and miley. they are probably really good friends that support eachother.

  • stefff

    aw yayy (:
    i listened to thatt…i love tiffany, shes a sweetheart herself!!

  • chelsea

    haa that interview is so funny! if i had to choose id probably choose selena too!!

    go tiff love you!! post more about her

  • anna

    who is she?

  • Toni

    I do my research too. when I hear about a new celeb or singer, I like to research about them before deciding if I like them or not.

    Sure, I like Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. They are good looking and they seem down to earth, but I’m not gaga over them.

    I love Tiffany and Selena! Both beautiful, smart, sweet, and talented girls.

    And why are you people bringing up Miley? every time someone says something about Selena, you don’t need to talk about Miley too.

    I also love Miley just as much as Tiffany and Selena. Just thought I’d mention…

  • Jen

    tiffany is an amazing singer/person!
    she is soo talented and soo sweet[just like selena]

  • Victoria

    tiffany giardina is so well spoken and cute!!! so excited for the new music to come out!! <3

  • Katherine

    So Tiffany Giardina is a bisexual? Seems like it.


    selena gomez rocks youre so lucky………………

  • jane

    Tiffany is absolutely amazing! Zach and Tiff are awesome together! Love both of them!!<3

  • pp

    HAHA Robert just got burned!!!
    he sucks anyways!

  • jena

    @Leslie: yeah, tiff and selena knew each other for a long time now

  • jenn

    tiffany is an incredible girl. she’s a great singer, she’s very down to earth, and she’s smart. she has met miley before, she didnt get a record deal cause of jb, and she’s good friends with selena. and SHE’S TEAM JACOB. that’s probably why she desnt like rob much i bet. plus, rob isnt the hottest thing in the world. obviously.

  • kc

    Awwww she’s so lucky she got to hug Selena Gomez!

  • jessica

    Will gomez or tiff whats her name be around in 3 years? No. Exactly.

  • shannz

    theres a poll on ocean up and basically everybody iss saying they date selena lol their saying she the 1 2 make ur wife the comments r hilarious

  • Jordyn

    sheesh, pretty harsh.

  • leah

    Selena is sweet:)

  • tan

    ya selena is a sweet heart but shes not the only 1 u know there r ALOT of people that r sweet AND down 2 earth !! people make it sound like shes the only one in the world thats sweet and down 2 earth and thats what bugs me the most !! but i still love selena !

  • tan

    and 4got 2 say who is she ???

  • cassy

    how come she said, “cause i do my research?” CAN SOMEONE TELL ME~

  • lynda

    Tiffany WHO? God, who is she to diss Robert? She isn’t exactly a hotshot.

  • tan

    shes ugly and nobody knows her i bet that she said that so people would know her!

  • nat

    rileys a vampiree not a warewolf so shes wrong there. who is she anyway iv never heard of her? neither has many other people. well atleast rob pattinson is known for being a good actor than being a total bitch research what research rumours and internet??? wouldnt be suprised…

  • http://google elizabeth

    i love salena gomez personaly my brother adam wants to merry her lol can you believe that? I HATE it so i decided to write this and cheack me out on twitter>com so we can chat or on myspace!


    elizabeth is outy