Gaelan Connell: Nobody Knows I'm Cool Yet

Gaelan Connell: Nobody Knows I'm Cool Yet

Bandslam star Gaelan Connell gets silly with‘s famous coasters recently in New York City.

JJJ had the chance to chat with the self-proclaimed dork and leading man of Bandslam. Check out what the 20-year-old actor had to say:

JJJ: Have you been recognized on the streets yet?
Gaelan Connell: I have not. One of the coolest things that happened was we left this screening in New York – I went to see [costar] Ryan Donahue – and this girl came up to the two of us afterward and was, like, “Nobody knows it yet, but you guys are so cool!” And I was, like, aww! That’s awesome. “But nobody knows it yet!”

JJJ: Did you play Rock Band and Guitar Hero before you got Bandslam?
GC: Yes, but this definitely helped because they had all these free things – merchandiiiise! Lisa [Kudrow] and I actually played a lot ’cause there’s a scene in the movie where we’re supposed to play but you totally put a picture of us playing it on your blog! Hopefully it’ll be in the deleted scenes.

I think it was because we were too good at it. Lisa and I practiced and we got to Expert. And she’s really competitive – she’d block the screen with the guitar and stuff – like, Mom! And then when we had to shoot it, the TV was off and all the crew guys were getting pissed, like, “Get it right!” and we were, like, “No, we’ve done it!” and nobody believes us. I’m adamant – Lisa and I were really good at it.

Stay tuned for more of our exclusive interview with Gaelan and go see Bandslam — out in theaters TODAY!

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  • sunni

    i saw the movie
    omg wasited money
    but vanessa and aly was really aweosme in it
    love the music
    but not so gud
    my opinion

  • Honest

    @sunni: It wasn’t total wasted money if you like the music and vanessa and aly.

  • marie

    gaelan is the bomb!! he is so cool!

  • kgg

    Awwww, Gaelen is sooo adorkable….gotta love him. Can’t wait to see this movie this weekend. It’s getting great reviews from critics and viewers.

  • sunni


    yeaa like some scenes was alittle i didnt like
    but like all vanbess and aly scene was gud
    just othe rpeople

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Aha, Gaelan’s already cool in my book. He’s an actor, he got to work with Vanessa AND Aly, and he’s also cuute. :D

  • joana

    the reviews are psitive! well most of them
    rotten tomatoes rated the movie 76% fresh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • troy

    I followed Jared’s orders and went and saw “Bandslam” and boy am I glad that I did. It was a welcolme relief from the senses punishing drivel that is “G.I. Joe” *which I walked out of before it was over and I have NEVER done that before* and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” *I WISH I walked out early*.

    This is a very enjoyable little movie with a big heart. Gaelan deseves the comparisons he’s getting to a young John Cusak and Vanessa and Aly were both terrirfic. “Bandslam” is not going to change the face of cinema as we know it but it has potential to be be a sleeper and I hope that it does.

  • i love vanessa

    He so cute! :D
    You gotta love him!
    And he did a AMAZING job in Bandslam.

  • bee

    He is so adorkable.

    He did amazing in Bandslam, go see it!

  • vancrazed

    I watched this. The critics reviews were amazing, especially complimentary to Vanessa’s performance and Gaelan’s as well. I am so happy for her. You have to enjoy a raw indie feel for a film to love it, but i do and i feel that is what hollywood has lost.
    I could care less what kind of movie it is a certified critic’s choice and that is enough for me. What a sweet, great story with a little education and lighthearted comedy.
    Totally a feel good.

  • humble

    Gaelan as well as the entire casting crew were awesome, the movie had me laughing, crying and applauding throughout the entire movie. Gaelan was great, he did extremely well in this movie, they were all surreal, I loved the movie and will go to see it again. Aly and Vanessa did justice to the movie and did it very well.
    I recommend that everyone go to see the movie it’s refreshing and catchy.

  • sara

    Gaelan is really kind of cute, in an awkward way. He was even in a red cross BABYSITTING video!