Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Canoodling Couple

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Canoodling Couple

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart exchange some cute smiles and laughter as they get close at the Kings of Leon concert on Saturday night (August 15) in Vancouver, Canada.

The whole Eclipse cast including Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, and Jackson Rathbone joined the canoodling duo. Also spotted at the concert but not pictured were HSM sweethearts Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

Earlier in the day, the Eclipse cast also attended a first showing of the second film: The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

10+ pics inside of Kings of Leon couple Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

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  • yourmomsuckaa

    Are Robert & Kirsten dating or something ?

  • HsmZanessaFansite

    awe…why no Zanessa pics?
    anyway, its good to know they are there together..

  • fruitie

    First :-)

    They’re kinda cute!

  • saudia

    makes me wonder if it is true.. because I haven’t heard about Kristen’s boyfriend in a LONGG time! Love them together though :)

  • SARAH22

    gosh, i love Rob/Kristen! In their own little world:)

  • xxamelia luv twilight caST XX

    O.M.G always new they shud be 2gether they look like such a happy couple

  • georgia

    @HsmZanessaFansite: dont bring zanessa into a robsten post, please.
    that’s the most irritating thing ever.

    robsten ftw :)

  • Kim

    awww <333333
    i really wish they were together, they seem good for each other!

  • xxamelia luv twilight caST XX

    O.M.G New they wud be 2gether they luk like such a happy couple
    (If they are one, that is !) CNT WAIT TILL NEW MOON CUMS OUT GONNA BE GR8 xx

  • Isabela

    I really love they! And i’m so happy
    i love robsten

  • i love vanessa

    No Zanessa pics !
    Could you get any Zanessa pics?

  • taylor

    isn’t that Kristen on the bottom right hand corner?

  • krol


  • amy

    nozanessa pics :’(

  • jasmine

    Yay! Team Robsten! There are a couple other pics floating around where you can basically see them kissing

  • Carlie

    love robsten so much way to excited glad they are happy

  • nat

    No offence Saudia but where have you been,Kristen is no longer with her ex-bf MA in fact last week Rob and Kris were papped all over LA last week and her Ex was also out with another girl at a club and there is a pic of those two together so both of them have moved on!!

  • Juliana

    I really love they! And i’m so happy
    i love robsten [2]

  • istar

    no zac and vanessa pics :( that sucks..
    on a bright side, rob and kristen look happy together :D

  • tess

    Wooow!!!!!!!!! Go ROBSTEN!!!!!!!!!!

  • nicci

    where are zanessa pic?. i am so happy to heard zanessa are together.

  • jenna

    i hate the twilight people
    how boring…

  • chloexxgirlthing

    THEY KISSED!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    i seen the picture on another website THEY DID KISS!
    and it is Kristen and Robert!!! :D
    GO ROBSTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]=]=]=]=]=]

  • seriously

    Robsten is engaged or married. They have been in love forever – and it’s beautiful to see. Rob is gobsmacked – he can’t breathe without his Kris. They are soulmates. Zanessa who? Brangelina who, for that matter? LOL

  • Abby

    i want zac efron and vanessa hudgens’s photo more them’s

  • Dianne

    if they’re dating or not..i dont care…
    as long as their happy i am so happy for them…

    im a fan and no matter what they do i will still support them coz i love them both…
    and they are so look good together…

    let them be..their also human who deserve to be normal and to be happy :)

  • lizzie

    there are zanessa pics, i saw some on bebo, but there r only like 2-3, buth they look really cute

  • Zac and vanessa fan.

    ahhhh zac and vanessa have good taste in music…kings of leon are awesome! its a shame that there are no pictures of them but its good to know that they have been spotted out together. Love zanessa, dont really care about robsten haha!

  • lizzie

    @i love vanessa:
    heres a link to a couple of pics of zanessa there, but there aren’t many, actually i think there is only one, but this site is also really good for zanessa updates XD
    here’s the link:

  • Ich

    @lizzie: can you post the link ?

  • ebrar ve yusuf

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  • ebrar ve yusuf

    we are from TÜRKİYE . beatiful film good bye

  • Ich

    that picture kinda looks like teen choice awards.

  • Naomi

    those pics are from the teen choice awards 2009 not the kings of leon concert

    where are the Zan pics??
    no offense to twilight, but i am much more interested in seeing Zan pictures than them.

  • jade

    WOOT theyre actually together

  • kgg

    I agree, Naomi. They’re just shoving Kristen and Rob together for the publicity for the movies. I see no chemistry there, sorry. Give me Zac and Vanessa anyday.

  • Ich

    i asked just jared about zanessapics. they said there weren´t any available. :((

  • Ericka

    They make a really cute couple.

  • mel

    if you don’t like it don’t comment ! EASY AS THAT!!!

    Woohoo GO ROBSTEN!!!

  • jkm

    it Sucks offcially hate robsten I want zanessa pics and also Dylan ws at the concert with them too. =)

  • boredom

    I agree. Read my previous comment the reason there are no ZV pics are because they were there seperatly with there respective casts!

  • kk


    where have you been?! In a cave? :LOL

  • miila

    i don`t want twilight pictures ..
    i want zanessa picctures :/

  • cara

    Ashley looks so sad.

  • kath

    Okay it looks like they are together so can we move on now and see some decent actors for a change.

  • a

    LOL… this is mean… but
    hahaha Bryce looks alone && distant in all these picss haha

    i love rachelle!

  • katie

    @georgia: Zanessa is also mentioned in the post so there’s nothing wrong with commenting about it.

  • you suck!

    About ZANESSA

    I posted this over at TH as ZF went down..sorry if it’s long. lol

    So this is my first post, and I just had to share with you what I just saw. I was at the KoL gig tonight, and Zac and V were right opposite me. I tried to observe them as much as possible, which was hard sometimes due to the lighting effects, and I was trying to watch KoL lol, but here is what I saw….Sorry for the ramble.

    Me and my sister were right to the side of the stage, and there was two roped off sections, one right opposite and one below us. When they Kings came on stage, the section right opposite suddenly had people in it. It took me a few minutes to notice, and I spotted that tall guy who is often with Zac in recent Pic-tures first, then I saw Zac. He was wearing a red tee with writing on it, and jeans, and there was Van, right next to him. Van was wearing a black sleeveless cami with jeans and her hair was down with her bangs. Even from a distance she looked stunning. They both did.

    As soon as she took her seat (though they never sat) V was dancing around, arms in the air, crazy girl. She never stopped dancing in her spot the whole time. She was in such a giddy and crazy mood, I think I had a smile on my face the whole time just watching her. Not that Zac wasn’t dancing himself. He was dancing around and playing what can only be described as air guitar and drums. Waving his hands in the air and completely lost in the moment.

    Dylan was with them as well, he was wearing a blue/green plaid shirt and a beanie hat, he was towards the end of the row and Zac often went and stood with him, putting his arm round him and bouncing around. So funny. They were with another guy and girl, though I couldn’t make out who they were. About ¾ of the way through, two other guys joined them and Zac and V gave them massive hugs and greetings. Now I can’t be 100% sure, but I swear one of them was Stirling Knight, and if it wasn’t then it was his double.

    I thought the cutest moment however, was when during one of the songs, near the middle, V looked at Zac and must have asked to squeeze by, she sort of ran a little to Dylan and hugged him and he hugged her back and she was getting him to dance and wave his arms, it was the cutest thing ever, and I honestly wish I could have filmed it for you guys. It was amazing to see them interact like that.

    And that probably makes no sense…lol. It was just so surreal, it’s kinda hard to remember it all.

    And as for the good bits. Aside from the Van/Dylan moment. Well…I can’t say that Zac was attached to V the whole time, because he went to stand with Dylan some of the time. However, when they were stood with one another, and Van wasn’t too busy dancing and Zac wasn’t playing air guitar, they were so not shy about pda. During one of the songs, I think it was Use Somebody, he kissed her for so long, and also during one of the songs, which has the line ‘I don’t care what nobody says shes gonna be my lover’, they were full on making out for a while. They disappeared near the end, before the encore, and when they came back they were holding hands. He quite often hugged her and she him from behind. At the very beginning he was stood behind her with his hands wrapped round her waist. They did kiss quite a few times, and were just whispering and holding onto one another. If Zac wasn’t near her, V was just dancing and going crazy, with the others and often in her own little world. Just before the encore (you know the bit where they pretend to go off…) V blew a kiss towards the boys. So cute.

    I must also say that Zac liked to use his shirt as a towel, and he is so defined. Yikes.

    All in all, the Kings were amazing, so so amazing. And Van and Zac…words can not explain how weird but totally awesome it was to see them, like that, together, with their friends and family. I totally give them props as well for being in the crowd, and actually being there, and not in some box like the Twilight cast. (Although as a side note, I have seen Jackson in Starbucks, and Kellen and Ashley in an elevator, as they are staying in my hotel. But nothing compares to seeing ZV. Just amazing!!!!).

    continuation on the NEXT comment

  • you suck!

    I have to say that Zac split his time with V and Dylan..and the others. I thought it was awesome of him though. Van was in her own little world, she honestly never stopped dancing around. Crazy stuff, but the girl can move and she was totally just enjoying herself. So I would say that she isn’t letting the b/o results get to her, at least not tonight. The cutest bit, and I can’t say it enough, was V and Dylan. Even my sister, who is not the biggest ZV fan, grabbed my arm and was saying how adorable it was. It just showed how awesome their relationship must be, and how close they are. So so cute. Even Zac and Dylan, it was so amazing too see how he went to Dylan to make sure he was included as he was at the end of the row. They were all just in such high spirits, just part of the crowd, defintley looked like they belonged there.

    I should also mention that Caleb (the lead singer), said numerous times during the gig that he was hung over from last night. ZV had knowing smiles lol. So awesome that they actually hang out with them, and that they were VIP at the gig, and not just them, but a whole bunch of their friends (they all had passes round their necks). KoL <3.

    As for Pic-tures, I can’t say I saw anyone take any of them, although they were taking Pic-tures of eachother at one point, but I doubt we will get to see them. ZV left before the end of the 2nd to last song, someone may have taken one then? We will have to see I guess.

    awwwwwwwww ♥

    unfortunately I’m NOT this girl :(

  • peggy