Trace Cyrus Kisses Demi Lovato Look-A-Like

Trace Cyrus Kisses Demi Lovato Look-A-Like

Metro Station front man Trace Cyrus locks lips with a Demi Lovato look-a-like outside Katsuya restaurant in West Hollywood on Monday night (August 17).

Trace, 20, recently parted ways with the real Demi. He told People, “I definitely became very, very close with her in the past few months, and it’s something I really wanted to make work…We gave it a shot and that’s all you can do.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Trace and his Demi Look-A-Like?

10+ pics inside of Trace Cyrus kissing Demi 2.0…

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trace cyrus kisses demi lovato look alike 01
trace cyrus kisses demi lovato look alike 02
trace cyrus kisses demi lovato look alike 03
trace cyrus kisses demi lovato look alike 04
trace cyrus kisses demi lovato look alike 05
trace cyrus kisses demi lovato look alike 06
trace cyrus kisses demi lovato look alike 07
trace cyrus kisses demi lovato look alike 08
trace cyrus kisses demi lovato look alike 09
trace cyrus kisses demi lovato look alike 10

Credit: Hellmuth Dominguez; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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    wow she duz look like demi lol

  • Eunice

    omg they look so alike.

  • dave

    when i first saw it, i thought the main picture was demi and the pic in the circle was the look-a-like. haha
    but wow she does look like demi!

    and that trace dude is kinda weird… he that obsessed w/ demi that he had to go out and get a girl that looks almost exactly like her?

  • b_j_d

    She does look like Demi….what the hey, if Trace is happy then let him be happy.

  • b

    he´s a jackass!! this kind of tell me why they ended their relationship, he wanted to go to fast with Demi.

  • mk

    Yes she is a little bit alike demi but.. hmm..
    her face is pretty familiar.. and not because of demi.
    i think i’ve seen her somewhere…

  • b_j_d

    she does look like Demi. Who cares if Trace is happy let him be!

  • ashleigh

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting….

  • harmonygrace

    WEEIIRRDDD………I wonder what Demi thinks of this.

  • phoebeee

    she does look like her, demi’s prettier though.

  • holly

    looks like someone isn’t over their ex…

  • Zia

    Come on! Don’t know the girl (isn’t it his ex?) but she looks like attention-seeker all the way! Kissing with at least 3 cameras on your face!? And than probably complaining about being harassed by the paps…
    Don’t wanna be negative but she looks like “yes, i’m with him! bow for me” Good riddance for Demi!

  • liz

    he’s so disgusting.
    demi is so much better without him.

  • Leila

    Serouisly? How shallow can you be? At first glance, without looking at the article title, i legit thought that was Demi. I bet the main reason he is out with that girl is to probably make Demi jealous.

  • Amy

    It’s pretty obvious they’re doing this for the publicity. Whether he just wants papparazzi to stir up some news about him, or whether he wants Demi to see he’s “Moved on” after she posted that on her twitter/he sang “Oh Demi”.

    Anyone else wouldn’t be stupid enough to kiss like that when photographers were already taking pictures of them. He wanted the pictures online, either way.

  • jessica

    Wow this girl is much better than Demi. She does not have a big chin like Demi. Love this girls hair, looks like his first gf not D. They look happy!!

  • sammjosephinee

    what she does look like demi.
    kinda creepy.
    maybe mr.trace is in denial and missing demi.
    that could be a replacement. who knows.
    only they do. xD

  • Katharina

    paha, that’s so pathetic. :D
    he probably even wanted to get the paparazzi take a picture of them kissing. so immature!
    i hope demi’s mature enough to not get mad or sad b/c of this.

  • ISA

    Is he doing that on purposed??????????
    your so ugly trace!!!!!!

  • Fizzy

    Ewww, i hate him.
    If you read the whole ‘People’ article he said someting like “We were looking for different thing in a realtionship, maybe when were older and were looking for the same things n a’ll work out”
    He said something along those lines.
    It’s kinda obvious what he wanted and Demi didn’t give him.

    he needs to get over her.


  • charr.

    oh woa, at first i thought it was her o_O

  • mariana

    i thought it was demi
    i guess someone is not over his ex girlfriend…

  • aliceee

    haha oh god. this will stir up quite some controversy :)

  • shan

    kinda pathetic?
    i mean, maybe he isn’t over her?
    so the best wayt to pretend he’s still with her, is to find a-look-alike and date them.
    real smooth trace.

  • jena

    what do people see in Trace…he’s freakish-looking person!!!

  • justina

    ugh trace is so ugly demi’s well shot of him.

  • rebecca

    i think she looks like vanessa

  • jbmdtlove

    She looks like a mix of Demi Lovato & Vanessa Hudgens!
    LMAO didnt he say that he had a crush on Vanessa Hudgens?

  • Kevin

    God only knows what the ladies see in Trace Cyrus. He’s one ugly guy and his music is rather rubbish too. Maybe he will just disappear off the face of the earth one day. One can only hope.

  • .

    oh shit. demi and this chick could be related(lookwise).

  • susan

    YIKES thats not creepy and or freakishly wierd at all now … it? What do girls see in that guy?!

  • jayneene

    She does look like Demi but maybe he like dark haired girls, I mean I wouldn’t date a blonde guy if there is a really strong bond but other that that brunette guys are my pick. The girl in the pic is very beautiful like Demi but I think Demi has more points in the look department :) p.s that comment isn’t hating on anyone, my personal view :)

  • assyhole

    holy shat, they look really alike. trace has gone downhill.. i bet he still misses demi

  • jayneene

    I take back what I said, She isn’t as half as beautiful as Demi.

  • Jess

    this guy is crazy :S

  • katrina

    ew.. omg. I don’t know what Demi saw in him?
    He looks so creepy. :/
    I think she’s better off without him anyway
    but that girl really looks like her. Crazy o.O

  • Lalalala

    Any normal celebrity wouldn’t just sit against a window and make out with a Demi look-alike, right next to a million paparrazi. To me it looks like he’s trying to make Demi jealous.

  • Remy


    glad i’m not the only one who thinks so

  • Cheryl

    does anybody else think that that girl looks like a mix of Demi Lovato AND Victoria Justice?

  • aw


  • mel

    trace is so effin ugly… looks like a darn horse…

  • Jackie

    they do look alike, but of course demi is way pretttier.
    omg i think trace would notice how much they look alike
    what a bastard
    demi couldve done so much better
    like idk…JOE JONAS. but tht cud ruin their friendship and i dont
    want tht to happen, too bad they see each other as brother and sister.
    trace & demi= ewww
    joe & demi= awww!!<3

  • Alessandro

    She isn’t Demi!

  • Faith

    I’m SOOOO glad Demi and Trace broke up. Demi can do WAYYYYYY better then him….She deserves better then him.

  • anGelA

    He looks like demi and a little bit of vanessa

  • Faith

    Besides…….I think he wanted to do more then just kiss Demi…..

  • Faith

    Besides…….I think he wanted to do more then just kiss Demi…..

  • rock_chic_chick

    he is frickin ugly. he really needs to eat something for god sake.

  • bulivia

    Trace is one of the ugliest guys I’ve ever seen. And this chick may resemble Demi but obviously she is nothing like her. Look how they’re like posing for the cameras, Demi has way more class and wouldn’t be making out with some dude on the street for publicity. Demi is way better off without this freaky high school drop out loser.

  • Francy

    That Guy IS UGLYYYYYY!!!!