Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Coffee Bean Couple

Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Coffee Bean Couple

Music vid director Scott Speer leads girlfriend Ashley Tisdale back to their car as they pick up some cool drinks from their local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Sunday afternoon (August 23) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

Ashley, 24, wearing her stylish True Religion baseball cap, will be announcing her official second single very, very soon. What would you like her second single to be?

The Tiz was most recently seen on America’s Got Talent this past week. Check it out below!

10+ pics inside…

Ashley Tisdale – “America’s Got Talent” – 08/19

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Credit: BDG; Photos: BroadImage, RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • NouFa

    first ??
    ashley looks so cute ^_^

  • kara

    her second single will be crank it up but it’s not hitting radio airwaves for a while but masquerade will also be put out

  • zashnessa

    luv her
    she did great at amercia got talent
    love her shoes
    soo cute <33

  • hot mess

    Actually it’s masquarade

  • Mz.Identified

    Ashley is just a wannabe!!!

  • lucia

    she is sooo good!!
    love her

  • Kaiya

    i saw her at the americana too she was great. i have about 10 minutes of video from that show

  • justme

    he’s so tall!

  • Keyona


  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    They are TOO cute !! Scott’s so tall and Ashley’s short. :D I love those kind of couples. Oh, I love Ash’s hat too.

  • Jordan

    Ashley is looking so cute. I think she looks way better with dark hair

  • Renata

    She’s just SOO cute and SOO beautiful.
    I think people should think twice before sayng bad things about her.

  • Daniel

    scott is the luckiest guy in the world T_T i wish i could be ashley’s boyfriend lol but that’s just a dream :X becus im fourteen and i dont thinkashley dates minors lol xD

  • Solange

    Great to see her hanging out with her boyfriend again. Not with a nudie girl!

  • Tcjz

    Hahaha he’s sotall! She’s so pretty :)

  • yay!!!!

    She looks so cute!! and they look so cute together!! I actually this BF!!!
    I love ashley!!

  • paris h

    Solange : shut upbitch she’s way better then this plastic beauty

    yeh and you always said that vanessa’s fans are tha bad, blah

  • Solange

    @paris h: i’m sorry but did i mention Vanessa’s name on my post??? Honey, do u need to check ur eyes and ur brain???

  • crissy

    omg she actually sings great live :D mega propz

  • nina caplan

    wooooooooow, that performance was incredible, she looks really good =)

  • ZJ

    I love her sooo much <3
    and btw the 2nd single was chosen but not announced yet. It’s “Crank It Up”. and Masquerade is going to be used for promotion…
    She looks so cute there with Scott.

    And that performance is a killer! <3 i love the entrance! hhaha

  • http://hhy peace95

    i loved the performance and i would like her next video to be hot mess. i love the song and she looks awesome in the pics!:)

  • Jlene

    @Solange: You know it’s getting so tiring of people bashing V for nothing and this isn’t even her post. If you are a mature person which I honestly think you are, why not drop the subject, it’s people like you (ill minded) that can’t let go, it’s silly. Although you didn’t say her name we all know who you are referring too so yeah that was really uncalled for. You know I honestly feel that it’s the Ashley fans that are truly mean or at least start the arguements.

  • Brittany

    I just looooove her voice <3

  • totallytizzy


    okay first of all she just said nudie girl okay soo if u guys want us to forget about it then why do u guys always have to defend her and just bring it up again???
    and second of all she already said she didnt mean vanessa so if u guys “assume” its about vanessa then ur looking for a fight ;)
    and u could u stop saying that ash fans r rude!! sheesh if anything u guys r rude u always have to bash ash just make urselves feel better and the funny thing is that u always think vanessa is the best and zanessa blah blah… but its like ur threatned by ash and soo insecure of something that u make fun of her
    how about u vanessa fans stop coming to an ashley post and talk about vanessa and just mind ur own business
    but if u want to say good things about ash then go ahead

    anyways ash looks beautiful!!!
    and her clothes r sooo cute :)
    scottely is such a cute couple their r soo adorable <3
    and ashleys performance was soooo gooodddd :D
    btw her second single is crank it up ;)


  • ZJ

    @Daniel: i agree! lol i’d love to go out with her instead of scott hhaha.. even for a day! :P lolll

  • bep

    You gotta love this girl! haha
    The performance is great and I hope the 2nd single would become a HIT!


    omg!! she looks so hot!!!!
    and the 2nd single is CRANK IT UP!!!!!!! wooooo hahaha


    omg! looks at these pics from Disney Land!! Ashley looks sooooooo cuteee!! omg she’s the best everrr haha
    and scott looks so funny with that pirate wig there :P lol

  • lilian

    she looks really pretty!

  • jane

    gotta love this girl!!! love her cap here!! :) :)

  • lol


    nicely said
    awesum performance she keeps gettin better n better each tym

  • heather.

    wow, ashley did amazing!! srsly. she sucked when she first performed like for her album, but obviously we can all see that she’s improved ALOT. she looks amazing too. <3333.

    love you ashley!!!!!

  • Jlene

    @totallytizzy: You’ve just confirmed my comment!!!! I like both of the girls they’re talented and why the need to defend them unless you are an obsessed fan! Both girls have great qualities that they bring to the entertainment world which is great, but whether you state a name or not the issue is known, you don’t need to be a genius to know that, it’s like a popular kid starting a mean gossip because the attention is drawn from it and justifying nothing so— STOP with the subject(s) and move on, no need to mention the subject and the threads will be much more quieter and respectable.

  • Cindy

    I think her next single should be HAIR or HOT MESS or WHAT IF or ME WITHOUT YOU or SWITCH…….LOL


    wow! check out Aliens in the Attic’s Box Office Peaks to Date (internationally)
    USA #5
    Canada #5
    UK #2
    Russia #5
    Canada #5
    Malaysia #3
    Italy #3
    Spain #4

    thse are really good!!!! xD i’m really happy for Ashley!!

  • bep

    @ASHLOVER: :D Good for Ashley! It’s good that it’s making great everywhere!

  • Lol

    Ashley looks co cute <3


    I love her!

  • mohamedashry

    she looks GORGEOUS!!!!! and that was one of her best performances everr :D:D

  • luz

    @Jlene: SO TRUE.

  • ash rockz

    She looks sooo cute.
    I love her!
    Scott and her are really cute.

    Always Vanessa. I DON’T want to read ANYTHING about her on an ASHLEY Thread.
    Stop talking bad things about Ashley!
    Vanessa should NOT mentioned here!
    Ashley Fans are bad? Please, start THINKING before you write that trash. I always see just Vanessa Fans who are writing bad things about Ash.

  • ashpha

    ya so tiry to read about those posts… both AShley & Vanessa fans should stop mentioning names and start competing & word war on each thread..

  • ZJ207

    Just to make things clear: Only Vanessa fans that also like Ashley, or don’t feel like bashing Ashley, have the right to come here. Vanessa fans that hate Ashley or any hater is NOT welcome here.

    P.S: Stating your opinion and bashing are two DIFFERENT things. You can give your opinion in a very polite way that doesn’t cause any problems. So no need to bash.

  • Divine Goddess

    People chill. Vanessa is best friends with Ashley. Respect both of them okay? It’s a very simple concept.

    Anyway, LOVE Ash’s dress, she looked great. Her voice has deff improved since 2006.