Catherine Hardwicke on Kristen Stewart: Deep Depths

Catherine Hardwicke on Kristen Stewart: Deep Depths

Kristen Stewart chats is up with a crew member on the set of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in Vancouver on Monday afternoon (August 31).

In this scene, the 19-year-old actress is transported back to Florida with her on-screen mom, Sarah Clarke (in pics, she’s hidden by a big green leaf).

During the Twilight convention this past weekend in New Jersey, Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke complimented Kristen‘s acting ability. She shared, “She has depth deeper than any actress I’ve ever known.”

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Credit: Dzilla; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • JH

    That wig looks terrible. Being an actress means you comit yourself completely. I cant believe she refused a dye job and extensions. Laame.

  • dz

    1 st cant wait until new moon…..wheres edward

  • liz

    i remember reading this part (:

  • liz

    @dz: edward can’t go out in the sun, remember it makes him all sparkly. he’s in florida with bella, but just not outdoors in the sun (:

  • loucil

    Kristen looks so cute cheerful! That’s nice she talks to crew members, not a diva clearly

  • Loucil

    Kristen looks so cute cheerful! That’s nice she talks to crew members, so not a diva

  • jane

    love love her!! :) cant wait to see new moon!!!

  • gah

    yay! its good to see her!
    cant wait for new moon…and eclipse!

  • tania vadillo

    her hair is soooooo falsee….
    are they blind????

  • bellamor

    That’s David Slade, the director, she’s talking to, isn’t it? I mean…totally. That’s him. And hopefully, she’s telling him her wig looks SO HORRIBLE.

  • Kristen

    yeah that’s David Slade.
    Kristens hair looks awful. I don’t think it matters though. not so good wig, not so good actress.

    But I can’t wait for New Moon and Eclipse!!

  • Chanel

    For some reason the wig makes me thing of Jacob in the first movie.

  • Pam

    So Rob was contractually bound not to cut his hair during the filming of the Twilight Saga, yet she goes and gets the worst mullet cut for her Joan Jett film??? I don’t get it…why couldn’t she get the stupid wig for the mullet???

  • b

    @Chanel: YAAAA!!! It totally does. It is the hairline-wigs never succeed at producing a realistic hairline.

  • athena

    How does that director sees the depth of Kristens’ acting? She’s a lousy actress that never changes her expressions or actions…she’s done the same lackless face and acting since I’ve seen her in Panic Room….

  • Kristen

    @athena: I agree! she has no variations in her attitude with any character she plays. it’s like shes playing herself in every single movie she does. haha.
    btw, i think panic room was her best movie too :P

  • amelia

    for the people who said her wig looks like jacobs, i AGREE! why cant they fix her wig so it doesn’t look fake?
    haha i mean yes it’s fake but that’s it’s not supposed to be in the movie.
    gahh this is weird lol

  • Chanel

    @athena: That’s because the Director is crap and can’t direct.

  • Chanel

    @amelia: It’s good to see that I’m not the only one who feels that way.

  • janet

    Horrible wig on a horrible actress

  • rozza

    hey look she borrowed taylors wig LOL haha!

  • gabby

    really, kristen stewart deep? she has one emotion

  • claire

    haha the wig reminded me of jacobs too!!!!! haha yeah it looks bad….it doesnt connect to her scalp right or something! she definitely shouldve died it and added extensions

  • Leigha


  • ll

    people shouldn’t be so harsh on her acting. of course there’s still a lot for her to learn, just like any other 19-year-olds. hopefully, after twilight success, she will get more opportunities in this business and it’s good for her acting. wish her all the best!

  • Emmeline

    That wig is HIDEOUS! They should have used hair-extensions! OMG, this s*cks!

  • mai

    what happened to her hair

  • Ami


    I had the same impression.. Jacob in the first movie.. and it really looks fake :((

  • badhabit

    she’s deep? Really? weird, i see the same emotion that’s on her face everytime i saw a movie she was in. @athena:totally on you with that, she was good in panic room but that was when i first saw her.

  • Mandy

    Wow you guys are insanely prejudiced! Kristen may have been in a fair amount of movies so far, but it doesn’t mean you’ve actually seen the peak of her acting ability. Some people conceal it because they are afraid they will get shot down by people like you lot. You’ve judged her as a stone actress based on good effort acting. Do you think it’s easy pleasing everyone in an audience? Those of you who’ve been in plays will know that it isn’t easy and that intimidation can ruin the effort of acting. Just because YOU’VE judged Kristen as a poor actress, certainly doesn’t mean she is one.

    Oh, and just to add, a dodgy wig doesn’t affect someone’s acting. So stop with the crude comments about her and wait until she breaks out of the shell she’s still hiding in and reaches the best of her ability. And if you’re impatient, watch New Moon.

    Honestly! Everyone’s a critic nowadays! D:

  • kk

    i think we have to hear fr kristen that she refused the whole salon thing before making judgement …. honestly the hair ppl should do a better job, the hairline sucks …
    kristen is great … but the dead hair must go .. god twitter David Slade, force him to get her better hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://de laura

    That is not a wig that are her right hairs with extensions and coloured.!!!!!!!!

  • sallyjo


    IMO, if an actor/actress is still in a “shell” that is preventing them from doing the best acting possible, they shouldn’t get a big part. Big parts should be for good actors.

  • ll

    i really don’t understand why some people are always picking on kristen. if you don’t like her, just stop reading her news, why bother to comment?

  • Kara


    You don’t know that she did refuse! I heard they couldn’t put them in her hair, too short and her hair already damaged enough. Extensions can ruin your hair if not done right. Going bald would be worse. I agree this is pretty bad but let’s not lay this one on Kris unless you heard it directly. And at the end of the day Summit could have blocked her from cutting her hair for Runaways, and didn’t. So let’s lay blame where it belongs, k?

  • hj

    how do you know she refused a dye job and extensions???? MAN she cut her hair to do joan jett!!!! i dont think she refused anything.. i think that is the best production was able to do with the joan jett hair…

  • kr

    I think she’s a great actress. She performed amazingly in all her films and always received great comments by her directors, including Sean Penn and Mary Stuart Masterson. I feel sorry for those who say bad things about her just because of a wig. Come on. Grow up.

  • tcscents

    Ok, so here are my questions. Did she really refuse to get the extensions? Or is that just rumor. I cannot believe that someone who would chop off their hair into an outdated style for a movie roll would be happy with the result of this wig for this movie roll. I mean come on! If Britney could put extensions onto her head after her “haircut” then surely the hair and makeup gurus can work magic on the mullet.

  • alalalalalalalal!!

    I like her so much, and i agree with someone everyone are critics today…
    For me she is the best young actress, love her

  • dani

    The wig in unfortunate, but it from a logistical point of view putting a shorter “mullet” wig over all of her brown hair would have been more difficult than adding length back for New Moon. You can’t be mad at Kristen for this, I mean come on how much money did Twilight make and how much money is New Moon gonna make you would think that they could at least get a decent solution for her hair. I would bet that the reason they are going with a wig is the color. Lifting black die off hair can be a disaster…you never really know what you are going to get (red/orange/blonde) not to mention the damage that can be done to the hair. Hopefully they will find a better solution and hear everyones qualms.

  • bellamor

    I believe she did indeed refuse extensions, but only because they’re a lot of work and time, and she didn’t want to deal with that, and the wig allows her to just rip it off at the end of the day and be done with it. Also, her hair was much too short and layered at the top for any decent extensions, so the wig was the best choice. However, that’s the worst wig I’ve ever seen. I don’t see why they couldn’t pay for a good one. The hairline in the front is much lower than Kristen’s in real life, or in Twilight and New Moon, so it makes her face look all squished, and plus, the height at the crown is so distracting–the hair just LOOKS fake, and that’s a bad thing when you’re going for realistic.

  • tralala

    her wig is awful. she looks exactly like jacob in the first movie. imagine they just gave her jake’s wig since jake no longer needs it LOL

  • Kristin

    kristen is the most talented actress ever !!!! and the wig looks great .. I love her so much … she is so so pretty , no she is gorgeous amazing!!!!!!!!! her style is unic sweet cute and perfect eclipse is gonna be a great movie for sure!

  • Mandy

    @sallyjo: Well she could be a good actress, you never know, That’s what I was pointing out. But unlike you critics, the directors probably saw great potential in her and hired her. Or her audition itself was good enough to convince them. You never know. You’re not one of the directors. If you actually saw it on set, you would see her acting level much differently. What I was saying was don’t judge at a simple teaser.

    And FYI when an actor/actress auditions for a part, it’s because their agents have informed them about it and it’s because they either like the storyline, want to give the concept a chance, or both. It’s not as if they chose her for the part, she just had the confidence and hope to try for it and because of the acting ability she HAS, she got the part of Bella Swan. Now please, will you give this girl a chance already?! She already has it bad enough as it is with the insane lack of privacy in her life now.

  • lovesgosling182

    Oh yeah since she shows soo much emotion( sarcastic)!!!!! A card board box can act better then her.

  • josie

    Have nothing to say but screw those F*cking haters. She worth way more then all of ya

  • celestina


  • Anna

    I agree with you ;) .

  • angelica

    her wig looks so fake

  • Vang

    more RobSten plssss!!