Jackson Rathbone: No Karate In Eclipse

Jackson Rathbone: No Karate In Eclipse

Jackson Rathbone recently caught up with MTV to chat up his fighting scenes in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the third film in the wildly popular series.

The 24-year-old actor revealed, “I’m really excited to start filming Eclipse. I got a chance to read the script, and we get to go back into Jasper’s backstory. I get to shoot some Civil War stuff, and I’m also going to shoot a lot of fighting scenes, which is great, because I just came off [M. Night Shyamalan's] The Last Airbender, and I’ve been doing fighting for the last six months. So I’m ready to keep it on.”

Jackson continued, “It won’t be karate, it won’t be kung fu, like the stuff we’re doing in Airbender. But even in Airbender, the fighting styles I was doing were a little bit more loose, like street fighting.”

Eclipse is currently filming in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Jackson Rathbone: No Karate in “Eclipse”
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  • Heather

    There’s something about Jackson that’s just..
    lol. I <3 him :)

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    jjjr can u please put more about miley cyrus ! where is she ? please put more miley !!!!!!!!!!! and hm

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    i just love Jackson Rathbone
    he seems like a really sweet person :)
    and i find him very attractive for some reason haha
    can’t wait for New Moon and Eclipse <3

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    JJ, you should post about Jackson on your regular site as well. We never get any Jackson over there! He’s fantastic and doesn’t just belong on your teenage site. Thanks!

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    he is awesome…love him!! <333

  • Katie G!

    anyone else love him in Beauitful people?! that used to be one of my fav shows and im really upset that it got cancelled

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    I wish I could watch this video but it wont play in Canada. I just love him. He’s so rad!

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    ooooh honey. ! you are so cute, is ok if you dont want

  • http://twitter.com/lizzziee liz

    haha. i remember the civil war part in the book!
    it’s gonna be fun to watch the flash backs!!

  • Karina

    aww I love him. He seems like such a sweet guy. So excited to see more of him in New Moon and in Eclipse.

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    Jackson Rathbone is just HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cheyenne

    I really hope him and Ashley Greene get together. They are so cute. I love them both to death:) Alice + Jasper= 4eva

  • sweetness

    what’s so fascinating about fight scenes …I’m much more curious about actors when they do poignant scenes and love scenes.

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    God dammit, he’s so hot.
    I love his style, everything about it.

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    Very very sexy!! I love him he’s just gorgeous

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    OMG Jackson you are delicious and I love you.

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    BTW Jared you need to post it on your regular site too :D

  • SJS

    I don’t care about Twilight stuff, but i’m dying to know how “The Last Airbender” is coming along. They’ve been working on that for quite a while now. I hope they do the story justice.

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    omg im really starting to like him, considering hes in the last airbender and thats my fave show of all time! :D

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