Kristen Stewart: Blue Hoodie Beauty

Kristen Stewart: Blue Hoodie Beauty

BFFs Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed keep close together as they stroll downtown Vancouver on Sunday afternoon (September 6).

The duo were joined by Eclipse “mother” Elizabeth Reaser and Nikki’s boyfriend, Paris Latsis.

In case you missed it, check out the new The Twilight Saga: New Moon stills that were released!

The second movie in the series will premiere on Friday, November 20th in the U.S.A.

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Credit: DZILLA/JK/KR; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Dianaaa

    I love KStew. She’s beautiful, there’s no way to deny it. But I so dislike her Eclipse wig, BAAAH! Don’ like it that much.

  • listen to mayday parade

    Cover of OK Magazine: Rob & Kristen ENGAGED!

    Lets get real here – the story is false, but I still find myself looking at these pics to see if I can see KStews left hand, ring finger…

  • listen to mayday parade

    @listen to mayday parade: and there is a ring on it…. but prob just a coincidence?

  • nathalia

    kristen is beautiful but I so dislike her Eclipse wig.

  • jasmine

    EEEEEEEE!! Kristen Sighting! She looks adorable!

  • Kate

    She is so pretty

  • c


  • Ellen

    Kristen’s beauty is so unique and exquisite ! With any hairstyle, any clothes she looks gorgeous. She is like fresh air in HW.

  • MaiChi

    I don’t understand.
    I don’t care if Kristen’s famous, she’s ugly and has the worse sense of what she calls ‘fashion’, seriously people, plus, Twilight isn’t that even good of a book.

  • listen to mayday parade

    @MaiChi: books good – movie sucked! but I agree, KStew CAN be pretty, but only when someone else dresses her and does her hair and makeup, and she cant act. No one in Twilight really can.

  • CS !

    i swear, everytime i see her I get the biggest smile on my face :)

  • mrs

    I love Kristen

  • Freddy 70

    Kristen makes me smile too !!!!

  • Freddy 70

    Kristen is a very talented actress and she is so beautiful, but Kristen, my princess,.. could you please show your natural brown and large hair? I know is just hair, a very very little small part of you, but you are more beautiful au natural. But listen, bold, mullet, doesn´t matter really, you are GREAT!!!

  • carmen

    Kristen looks beautiful. Her hair looks like it is slowly growing the Mullet. It’s still layered but it’s fuller and longer. I am glad to see her out and about with the other cast members.

  • carmen

    Kristen is a very talented actress. I really don’t think that when she’s out and about with friends, that she’s trying to impress anyone. If you look at the others they aren’t any more dressed up.

    I’ve read all four of the books in the saga. While they are not great literature they are very entertaining. I loved them. They get better as you get further into the saga.

  • niposa

    i love kristen so much.

  • me

    I swear to god, if I ever get near Kristen, I’d start running for my life. She has this mean look all the time…like she hates the world.

  • Vang

    thanks for Kristen news!

  • Charlie JohnSon

    Nikki Reed just give it up, no one likes you. Kristen why arent u hanging out with Ashley Greene?

  • Charlie JohnSon

    Nikki Reed just give it up, no one likes you. And Kristen why dont u hang out with someone more popular, like Ashley Greene

  • wow

    kristen is a great girl, i love her personality as a actress, she does not hope for fame! what all u haters problem!

  • man

    whoever is doing the make up…and the wig should know that her hair needs to be relaxed and dyed as bella’s brown hair so the hairline will look natural. Summit better not ruin eclipse because of her wig.

    I like her but the hairline looks like taylor lautner’s in twilight.

    Summit do something!!!!!

  • janet

    What’s wrong with Nikki Reed? She’s way more talented then stone-faced Kristen Stewart

  • jenny

    kristen is the best! good to see her going out.
    i don’t like nikki, but since kristen still hangs out with her, they’re probably still friends.

  • maria

    A beauty??? OMG. Please. She is average looking, at best. Acting wise?? Even worse. All the kiddies think she’s great, just cause she was in their stupid Twilight movie they’re obsessed with. That does NOT make her a fabulous actress. Lucky maybe, for being cast.

  • lucy

    I agree with @Maria + her hair makeup looks hideous Twilight is so lame I will NEVER watch or read ANY of that sappy teen CRAP!!!!!!!!

  • Sweetmalakrock♥

    i love kristen !! she is an amazing actress !!

  • http://x twilighter xxx

    Love kristen, and nikki….cant wait for eclipse!

    72 days until new moon!


  • Jess

    so cute nice yeah!!!!!

  • hi!

    why the heck are paps stalking people no one cares about. heck, they’ll make more more money taking one pic of zanessa together than they will taking multiple pics of stars we dont care about.

  • loveghost

    Yeah, Kristen is always pretty, never ugly. By the way I saw the ring on her left hand. That ring look like vampire’s style.. I beleive she wear that for Eclipse so she wont lose that ring in case soo. Also I notice Kristen and Robert hang out alot and they also stay together in hotel too. Really I puzzle about this .. HUmmm . I cant say its true or false. I rather wait til twilight is finished. Hey people, I can see her stomach is gain a bit ( preg?? or ate junk food?? ) humm.. Breaking Dawn that kristen will going to have a baby that what my friend told me about it and my friend also read books too.. Thats explain.. Soo Just wait and see what happened after Breaking Dawn twilight is finish then…:-S I didnt mean to brought that up but just notice .. Have you all notice Kristen’s left hand that have ring and her stomach has gain?? please let me know what you see .. Thanks..