Miley Cyrus is a D23 Darling

Miley Cyrus is a D23 Darling

Miley Cyrus is all smiles as she snaps a pic with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and actor Nicolas Cage during Day Two (Friday, September 11) at D23 Expo in Anaheim, Calif.

The 16-year-old starlet performed her hit song “The Climb,” from Hannah Montana The Movie.

Miley recently finished filming The Last Song in Tybee Island, Georgia and now’s your chance to read the book! You can order “The Last Song” by Nicholas Sparks @ and

Nicholas even gave his thanks to Miley in the acknowledgments: “A special thanks goes to Miley, who chose Ronnie! As soon as I heard it, i knew it was perfect.”

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Photos: Eric Charbonneau/Le Studio/Wireimage
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  • liz

    not really my favorite song.
    can’t wait for the tour though!

  • Erika

    omg she looks beautiful in the music video. and the song is amazing! simply gorgeous. and I wanna go to the D23 expo but i live in IL. I heard that the REAL Hannah Montana wig is there. I wanna see it so bad. anyways love Miley <3

  • anonymous

    i love the song
    i cant wait for the tour!

  • Nicole

    when i look at you is an amazing heart warming ballad…how could you NOT love it. it moves me and definitely reaches out to a more mature audience so she can cross over to main stream and out of disney.

  • j

    Love u MileZ. Love this smile.
    U look soooo stunning in that music video!!!!!

  • jimmy

    Only 2 pictures? Where’s Johnny Depp? Should put video of the climb performance

  • 007

    omg nicholas

  • meee.

    she looks gorgeous on both the vid & the pictures (:

  • Vic2763

    Luv the song and video. Is Miley doing something with Jerry and Nick Cage?

  • DrZen

    Shes soooo hot!!!!
    and Nicolas Cage and Jerry Bruckheimer are awesome!!!!

  • victoria

    love her, i so wish i couldve been there :/
    she looks so pretty in the pictures too :)
    cant wait until sept. 20th!!!!!!!

  • anon

    somehow i got the book at the bookstore b4 it was suppose to be released and it was awesome!

    hope miley doesnt ruin the movie for me!

  • Jasmine

    i really want to go to her concert ah!

  • neelmani

    i love this song…its amazing
    its up there with the climb as my favorite and i have been listening to it everyday. she does look AMAZING

  • =)=)=)

    omg !!! i love that girl !!! I LOVE MILEY CYRUS AND IM PROUD !! she looks stunning beautiful just beautiful !! cant wait 4 the tour i ! luv u miley keep up the good work your the best !

  • =)=)=)

    VOTE 4 MILEY !!! on live with relly !! vote 4 miley people shes the best !

  • sol

    wow!!! i love her new music video!! love her songs!! Amazing miles!!!!!

  • =)=)=)

    o im sorry i wrote alot of comments im sorry its the last one ok !

    ” when i look at you ” is AMAZING!! it just touched my heart in a way no1 can !!!
    ” obsessed ” IN LOVE WITH IT !! its mileys fav !!!!

    ” the climb ” GIVE HER THE PRIZE NOW !!

    all the songs miley sings r just amazing there the best songs ever !! and she is an amazing singer the best in disney love u miley your the best !!! hope u win at the mtv vma !! win everything u deserve it girl !

  • mileycyrus#1fav4ever

    miley is the best !!! love u miley u rock my world !

  • mileyfan

    stunning miley<33

  • cry no more

    wow she is a realy lucky girl standing with them !! love u miley u look gr8 ! cant wait 4 the tour ! and her songs r the best if u ask me shes the best singer right now from disney !

  • lauren

    So beautiful and i’m agree with @Nicole , i’m 19 (in october i will turn to 20) and i love miley cyrus, her music and her acting, i just can’t wait for her tour & the last song movie (L)

  • mileyfan

    dude my mom is 38 and she likes her !

  • mc=dabest

    miley rocks !!!!

  • sophie cyrus

    We Love & Support Miley and her Daddy Billy Ray and also support Miley’s Family. This Family gives all they got to their Fans and The Whole Family have many God Given Musical Talent. No one is perfect and for being in the public eye as much as they are they do a VERY GOOD Job at being good people!
    God Bless the Cyrus Family!
    Much Love,
    Miley’s dog Sophie Ray Cyrus NAVY 21 YEARS FAMILY XO MANESAH & CAYLIN

  • nathalia

    looooove the song and the video! miley’s amazing!
    she should come to Brazil (:

  • Reagan has more pics from this!

  • Reagan

    i totally agree wtih sophie cyrus b/c i love miley!!!!!!! she’s freakin’ amazing, but then sometimes she shows too much and she gets caught up in all this boy drama…..and her mom to let her out until 2:30 at night! crazy….. but if she didnt have any scandals, didnt date justin or liam…just nick, didnt do her squat at the tca’s, and covered herself up more i think she’d be EVEN BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she’d have tons more fans…. but its her choice to seek after god more than nick, justin, and liam. they’re all cute but nick doesn’t like her b/c she’s different now. she should just stay with liam

  • DemiFan

    this is even better than “The Climb”

  • DemiFan

    @Reagan: yeah, Nick doesn’t like her and yet he still hangs out with her. They don’t hang out cause they have moved on from each other and theses little Niley kids outta do the same.

  • Steph

    great song. Follow me on twitter!

  • Ema


    100% Agree. She gets caught in the fame sometimes and she makes mistakes and yeah, she should cover herself up. But I love her and she really talented. When she wants she can be an amazing role-model but sometimes… she could be better! But still she rocks!

  • dm

    amazing music vid mileyyyy
    u look gorgeous as usuallll lolz
    this music vid is the best music vid she has done
    and i luv itt
    i also luv the song

  • me

    i’m pretty sure in this moment miley is forcing jerry to make a movie for her….lol

  • emma

    me oh just shut up loser !
    miley is amazing !!! the video is beautiful and she even looks stunning and beautiful !!! miley rocks in everything she does im sooooooooooooooooo SAD hm didnt win the emmy but hopefuly it will win next year but i want 2 say something 2 the hm cast it doesnt take a stupid emmy 2 prove 2 u that your a good show make it a gr8 one 2 anyway i hopee u win 4 the video of 7things and hopefuly 4 this one someday !!! miley your amazing in every thing u do and I LOVE U !!!!

  • emma


  • its me

    just saw the video and let me tell u the best music video i have ever seen in my life !!!! and miley was stunning i love her right now soooooooooo much and hope she wins at the mtv awards when is it like 2day ??? anyways hope she wins cuz realy that girl deserve it real realy deserve it miley rocks !!

  • 3b6

    OMG miley that was amazing i love u !! im crying right now i love u !

  • 3b6

    and haters u can go jump off a bridge !!!

  • omg!!!!

    OMG!!!!!! miley is stunning !! very nice video the best !!! vote 4 miley on live with relly so she can win !!! and i love the actors shes standing with im so jealouse right now how can u not be !!! its miley cyrus and cant wait 4 the tour i know its gonna be awesome !! u go girl !

  • omg!!!!

    OMG!!!!!! miley is stunning !! very nice video the best !!! vote 4 miley on live with relly so she can win !!! and i love the actors shes standing with im so jealouse right now how can u not be !!! its miley cyrus and cant wait 4 the tour i know its gonna be awesome !! u go girl !

  • so what !

    awesome video miley and you look beautiful !! sorry hm didnt win but hay its gonna win someday and hope u win everything cuz u realy deserve it you work realy hard 4 your fans and your singing comes fron your heart way deep love u !

  • omg!!!!

    sorry guys 2 the double comments !

    ps: 4got 2 say follow miley on twitter !

  • Candies

    Omg beautifu :-***********************************************

  • alyssa

    i looovee her song!!!!
    totally amazing!

  • bebe z

    woa. that was AWESOME! nice job miley ^^

  • jimmy

    When I look at you, Miley..
    That’s when the storm fade away..
    When I look at you, Miley..
    The stars glimmer in my heart..

  • l_ireystwigh


  • Jane

    she looks ugly.But song is fine.

  • tgmc

    OMG she looks gorgeous in the music video! ITS AMAZING I LVOEEE IT!