Radio Disney's Next Big Thing!

Radio Disney's Next Big Thing!

Check out Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing finalists — Gabi Wilson, Josh Golden, The Kropp Circle, Jasmine Sagginario and Cymphonique!

Over the course of 10 weeks beginning on Wednesday, September 23, Radio Disney listeners will be introduced to five unsigned N.B.T. artists and invited to look, listen and vote for their favorite at or by texting “NBT” to DISNEY (347639).

The highest ranked N.B.T. artist will have the opportunity to have their single featured on the upcoming Walt Disney Records’ Radio Disney Jams 12. Disney Channel has also recruited Tiffany Thornton to host short clips of each artist and a sampling of their musical talent.

The final voting for Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing will start on Wednesday, December 2 and the winner will be announced the next week, Friday, December 11.

Click inside to learn about each of the finalists….

Gabi Wilson (Sept 23-Oct 6)

At just twelve years old, Gabi Wilson has already been deemed a child prodigy. The Vallejo, CA native plays four instruments and has been writing and practicing music practically since birth. In June, for her twelfth birthday, Wilson received the best birthday present she could have imagined: the opportunity to perform two songs by her idol Alicia Keys at the ASCAP awards at the Beverly Hilton. Since hearing Gabi’s incredible vocals, Keys has taken the young singer under her wing, making her somewhat of a protégé. In addition to her ASCAP performance this year, Gabi also filmed a movie with Nick Cannon and was featured on the Today show, where she also wowed audiences. In her free time Gabi enjoys writing poetry, she has a published a book of poetry called “Anything on Earth Poems,” that she began writing at just seven years old. On Radio Disney’s N.B.T, Gabi will feature her single, “My Music.” Her song “Keep On” will also be streamed on

Josh Golden (Oct 7-Oct 20)

Josh Golden is fifteen years old from St. Louis, Missouri. His music style ranges across Pop, Rock, and Acoustic genres, a mix of Boys Like Girls meets John Mayer. Josh has been playing guitar since he was ten years old and has said, “Everywhere I go, my guitar goes.” In addition to guitar, Josh plays piano and is in the process of learning drums. He writes all his own music, often inspired by girls that he has had crushes on. Josh comes from a large family, all musicians like him. He has two sisters and one brother. When he’s not writing music, Josh enjoys sports, especially soccer and snowboarding. Josh got his start online about a year ago and since has released a self titled album and a music video for “I Fall Down.” For Radio Disney’s N.B.T Josh’s “Small Town, Big City” will be featured on Radio Disney while the single “I Fall Down” will also be streamed on

Jasmine Sagginario (Oct 21-Nov 3)

Jasmine Sagginario (just Jasmine!) is an independent minded fifteen year old from Nashville Tennessee. Jasmine has dreamed of being a performer her entire life. She first got on stage when she was only four years old and has been performing ever since. Recently, Jasmine was thrilled to perform on the iShine tour. Additionally, Jasmine and her father, who has his own production company, put together her first album entitled, The Next Me. On her website Jasmine emphasizes that her CD is about being a leader not a follower. Of both Hispanic and Italian descent, Jasmine is very proud of her international heritage. Though very busy working on her music, Jasmine is also a dedicated student excelling in areas such as Math and Spanish. In her free time, Jasmine enjoys jumping on her trampoline, or just watching the Disney channel in her pajamas. Jasmine’s music style is pop/R&B similar to Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. For Radio Disney’s N.B.T, Jasmine’s single “Make A Movie” will be featured on Radio Disney will her single “Nothing Left to Say” will be streamed on

Kropp Circle (Nov 4-Nov 17)

Brothers Emerson (12), Remington (15), and Sebastian (17) Kropp make up the band Kropp Circle. From Las Vegas, the boys have grown up singing together around the piano. All three are highly gifted musicians who started writing and playing their own music when Remington was just four years old. Remington is the lead singer and plays piano and bass. Emerson plays piano, drums, and assists with back- up vocals. While the oldest, Sebastian also sings back up and plays guitar and piano. The brothers believe strongly in the ability of music to make good in the world. They hope to help others learn from their own experiences through music. As music enthusiasts, they feel their music is influenced by a wide range of artists including, the Eagles, The Doobey Brothers and Jason Mraz. The three brothers are also avid athletes, competing in both hockey and skateboarding. For Radio Disney’s N.B.T, Kropp Circle’s “Fade Away,” will be featured on Radio Disney while their single “Feel,” will also be streamed on

Cymphonique (Nov 18-Dec 1)

At just thirteen years old, Los Angeles native Cymphonique already has quite an impressive resume. Cymphonique is daughter to artist and producer Percy Miller better known as “Master P.” Cymphonique’s music style and fashion sense are undeniably hip hop. She is a talented singer, actress, and dancer, exercising these skills through musical theatre performances with the Children’s Theatre Experience. Cymphonique practices ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop, and is also a competitive kick box champion and martial arts specialist. Currently Cymphonique is thrilled to be providing the voice for “Gretchen” on Disney Channel’s animated series Phineas and Ferb. Additionally, Cymphonique is hard at work on her next album titled, “Fabulous Girl.” In the past, Cymphonique has performed as part of a girl band, opened for Disney star, Raven Symone, and acted in various other TV projects. On Radio Disney’s N.B.T, Cymphonique’s single “Butterflies” will be featured on Radio Disney while another song, “Little Miss Swagger,” will be streamed on

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Photos: Adam Rose/Radio Disney
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  • Jo

    i remember that Gabi Wilson. she was on the Today show

  • gold baybay

    I love Gabi Wilson! She’s so talented. I don’t know what this is, but if it’s a competition, I hope Gabi wins. Well, I better listen to the others first I suppose.

  • Joy

    josh golden<3

  • Melissa

    I know Josh Golden and he’s the most stuck up kid ever. It’s disgusting.

  • Joy

    @Melissa: how so?

  • Melissa

    @Joy: He thinks he’s Gods gift to humanity!

  • hulu

    the guy looks like perez hilton

  • Joy

    @Melissa: how do you know him? like is he your friend or something? he seems pretty chill, but i’d understand if he was stuck up.

  • kristelle

    Josh Golden!!!

  • indie leigh

    I know him. He’s the most amazing person ever. He’s my friend.
    I know his siblings. John, Liz and Ana.
    You’ll see John playing guitar (?) for Mitchel Musso. :)
    Liz is a singer too. She signed a contract (?) on Colbie Caillats manager/company. :)
    Ana also, knows how to sing. She’s GOOD. :]
    He’s so kind. He had an amazing voice. You’ll love his music/songs so much.
    HE’S THE BEST N.B.T FINALIST! I assure you that. :)
    He’s just awesome. :]

  • Jane


  • megan Cheek

    JOSH GOLDEN ALL THE WAY!!! I know that he will win! I love him!! <33333 I don’t believe that he is stuck up he seems like such a sweet guy I would meet him for anything!

  • Liza

    Gabi Wilson totally ROCKS!!
    She should be like JUDGING the competition not in it.
    go to Youtube to see some of her videos.

    Go!! Gabi!!

  • Lauren

    Kropp Circle is the greatest band. They know how to write a beautiful song. They have true talent. They might not write stupid teen pop music that in 5 years won’t be doing anything. They write music like bands like Coldplay that in 20 years there song will still be a hit. Plus, they are amazingly gorgeous. They have the full package they are so amazing. That girl Gabi can sing too! Go KROPP CIRCLE! GO KROPP CIRCLE! GO KROPP CIRCLE! You would be stupid to vote for anyone else. The kropp brothers have been through so much in there life already. I would know because I have been a fan ever since they started music. They deserve this more than anything!

  • sara

    Kropp Circle is so hottttttt! They are a great band!

  • jazmyne

    hi am 13 yrs. old and i would love to compete i the nbt!!! i know how to sing and dance REALLY GOOD!! and i woulod plz like a respond at my email address thank you

  • Tegan

    omg omg omg kropp circle i love them and there amazing music <3

  • shannon

    Kropp Circle is amazing! They have true talent as you can tell by listening to there music!!!! <333

  • Kamryn

    Kropp Circle is great… they seem to be the most popular and that is for a reason… they deserve to be signed to a big record label

  • Zamantha MuldeR

    Hi I’m twelve years old and I would love to be on next big thing. I play the piano, saxophone, and more. I have written 12 songs that have not been published. I have been singing since I was born. I was in the choir and my mom was the choir director. It was at my church and I sang many solos. I’m talented, is what many people have told me. It has been my dream since I was born. I was made to sing. So please email me if I have a chance. I’m also a straight A student, and I’m also very short and giving. Thank you!

  • tristen

    HI i am tristen and i would love to be the next big thing i play drums piano flute and a little bit of trumpet and i am ten years old and people say i am very talented so please email me if you get a chance so i can be next big thing

  • http://google kaylee

    hi my names Kaylee and i am 9 years old and to me music is life and its
    my life the music speaks to me and i would love to be the next big thing
    i have 2 songs that have not been pubished and that i would like to share with the whole world i am a AB student in 4th grade im learning how to play the piano and i sing every where ever i am and i got into
    chores at my school and it would mean every thing to me if i would be radio disneys next big thing thank you!

  • Jennifer

    @Zamantha MuldeR: you have to have a youtube account with videos of you playing instruments, and singing. then if my dad likes it, he might try to get you with a good record deal.

  • butterful

    gabi should win she awesome

  • trinity

    ilove GABI wilson she has a great voice and i know she will be the next big thing !!!!!!!!!!

  • evanah wood

    hello my big dream is to be an actor and singer. I have brown eyes im black and 10 years old. I take dancing class and tryed out a talent show. My friends think im a really good singer. I have made a couple of songs because I really like singing I have made a song called HIP HOP OR COUNTRY and LET YOUR FAMILY HANDS SING and more. My cusine is a famus rapper.And I sing all the time for no reason i like singing when Im alone and nobodys around.When I sing I’ts like so beutifull and I just can’t stop singing my email is somtimes when IM just lating in my bed I think what it would be like being on tv and singing and having my own show well I live in houston texas you can just call 2818070431 on HIP HOPOR COUNTRY I made a beat with my hands making songs to me just tackes acople of days. I know karate and jazz dancing and not always is obout singing and acting its obout school too. My favorite subjects are reading an sience and PLEASE HELP MY DREAM COME TRUE

  • http://yahoo sabrina jewel kutasi

    gabi gabi so gonna win

  • IloveKC

    Kropp Circle is so awesome and beautiful. True talent.

  • mae

    i love gabi she is the only person that really wants to win.i hope she wins really i do vote for gabi she is the next big thing

  • :)

    Josh Golden .
    Gabi….. can play instruments but not a big fan of her voice..
    i saw her live…. but she pushes her voice too much=/

  • http://att peri

    i just love gabi wilsons voice and i know shes going to win.Go gabi!

  • chelsa

    Uhm no he is not stuck up, he’s like the farthest thing rom it if he just acts that way probably the one time you met him he was probably in a hurry,
    i have met josh five times now and he is as sweet as can be thank you VERY much

  • chelsa

    @indie leigh: i gree 100%

  • Ashley Jones

    Hi! I’m 12yrs old and I would like to enter the NBT!!! awards, I can sing, and i;m learning how to play the guitar and the piano!!! I would really appreciate it if i was in the NBT! I’m in the chior at my church and people say I van really sing!!! So please e-mail me back thanks!!!!!

  • kara

    idk who to choose i need your guys opinions i think Josh Golden is pretty good, but then againg gabi Wilson is good too I’m stuck between 2 people help!

  • http://idk ashley boo

    i really really hope gabbie wilson wins she is so pretty n can sing really good 4 her age well ily u gabbie

  • Isabelle

    Jasmine u are the best! I listen to Josh,Kropp Circle,Gabi, and Cymphoniqiu music . I liked their music , but i think you are the best to me. I hope u win because u are a good singer. please vote for Jasmine. u can listen to her music on youtube

  • Isabelle

    i want to be a actress and a singer, but i don’t know how. At home i sing songs when nobody is near. i’m only 8 yrs old. i know how to play piano,but i want to learn how to play a guitar. I wrote a couples songs ,but i didn’t like . Also i don’t think i can sing in front of people because i get stage fright.

  • http://jklz; kifah

    hey wats up rock on that is my email email me

  • cyphonique renae

    hey im cymphonique renae im 10 and singing and dancin is my life i love cymphonique my moms do to and thats why she named me cymphonique well im workin on a song so lata…LOL SMILEY FACE

  • http://Yahoo Alexia

    I could be the next big thing gabi u rock

  • http://Yahoo Alexia

    Gabi you rock your very talented

  • Julia

    Josh Golden is awesome. He’s the only one in this competition who can actually sings, and he’s GOOD at it. His song is amazing, well-written and catchy, unlike Gabi’s and Jasmine’s, which are all fluff and meaningless. Don’t vote for the girls; they won’t get anywhere. And don’t vote for Kropp Circle. Yeah, they’re cute, but they have no voice. VOTE FIVE STARS for JOSH GOLDEN.

  • safari I LOVE,MITCHEL MUSSO!!!

    how do you get into this contest anyway????? i would love to enter and my friends and family are so encoraging i just need to know how can someone plz help me?

  • Hannah

    hi im hannah im 10 almost 11 and id love to be in the nbt everyone says i can sing and i got a solo in a school musical before if anyone knows how to help me join PLEASE contact me

  • safari I LOVE,MITCHEL MUSSO!!!

    my email is like i said i would love to enter this contest if you can tell me how e-mail me plz

  • safari I LOVE,MITCHEL MUSSO!!!

    hi my e-mail is yahoo susannahdancer if you know how to enter this contest e-mail me plz

  • amanda

    Gabi i awsome she should win she is the bomb also jasmin is kind of good but gabi is way better than her

  • http://n.b.t deborah roy

    hey! my name is de’borah roy and i would just like to talk about how i would love to be on the show n.b.t (next big thing) i can really sing . i also have good grades and are in lots of activities like in the music group and in math club. please give me a reponds or call to 836-9814 or 202-3532

  • Trisha Nichols

    Hey how do i enter in the contest???