Courteney Cox Cougars Over Zac Efron

Courteney Cox Cougars Over Zac Efron

Courteney Cox know who the perfect prey for her new series, Cougar Town would be — Zac Efron!

The former Friends star dished to ET, saying, “Zac Efron would be perfect, but Zac probably has too much confidence to be real prey for a cougar. You know you’re a cougar when you’re attracted to your son’s friends. You know you’re a cougar when you’re attracted to your daughter’s — who’s five — idols, which is where I come in.”

Zac has already worked with Courteney‘s former costar and on-screen husband, Matthew Perry, in 17 Again.

Cougar Town premieres TONIGHT, September 23 @ 9:30PM ET/PT on ABC.

Courteney Cox Dishes on “Cougar Town”
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Posted to: Zac Efron

    ohhhhh I Love Zac soooo much …!!!
    i cant wait to see his new movie CSC …!!!
    hottest men alive ….!!! <3

  • nikki

    HAHAHA! thats funny! :) who wouldnt cougar over ZAC EFRON! hhahaha
    I LOOOOOOVE ZAC EFRON ssoo MUCH! he is the eprfect person in the world!! I LVOE HIM!

  • zanessa4life

    @nikki: Yeah right who wouldn’t?
    He is so hot!!!!
    Still cant believe it!

    Go Zanessa!

  • nikki

    OMMGG i just realized my dad is working on that shooww!!! hes like the security for culver city!!!! its a movie job and hes the scurity there!!

  • peggy

    Is there anyone in show business not using Zac’s name for press.

  • http://gOOGLE barbara

    I agreed with you peggy. If you go to Zanessa Sweetheart blog you will find alot of twitters of Vanessa and Zac out and about and a new picture , taken by a fan and they look happy!

  • brad

    @barbara: ohh i saw those pics LOL zacs HAWT!
    thats cause EVERYONE knows zac efrons name and everyone thinks hes hot, thats why hahaahah! ZAC IS DREAMY!

  • noha

    barbara this picture is old

  • heather

    hehe, my mom cougars over Zac Efron!! LOL


    but i NEED new pics!!!!!!!!!!

  • gold baybay


    Not EVERYONE loves Zac. In fact, I know a whole lot of people who have moved on from Zac to Taylor Lautner, me being one of them.

  • Abby

    LMFAO at a whole lot of older woman liking Zac lol. I don’t know if I’d say their using his name for press but I think it’s more along the lines of he’s a very like-able guy. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a story of someone meeting him and not liking him. I think that is a big part of why so many people talk about him. Plus the fact that he’s like sex on legs but we won’t go there lmfao.

  • yourfriends


    i don’t think this counts..otherwise there should be a rule or law where you can’t say other celeb’s name in the interview….this one just happens to be Zac’s name whose mentioned….
    Courteney Cox is way more famous than Zac Efron anyway… so it’s pretty much lucky for both sides if you want to talk about publicity…

  • Trina


    Wow!!! No kidding. Everyone must know his name gets lots of hits. Zac Efron, the new marketing machine. :)

    Drop his name and whatever you’re promoting will get lots of attention.

  • Trina

    @gold baybay:

    Zac’s real fans will be fans for life. You must be one who goes for whoever is flavor of the month.

  • MaiChi

    That’d be pretty cool.

  • nikki

    @gold baybay: eewww taylor is uglyy!!! he looks like a monkeyy!!!! EEWW!! and more people like rob!
    i think rob and zac are super cool, ZAC is wayy more cooler though!! taylor nonono he is not in their!
    if they had
    rob,jonas brothers, and zac efron in the same movie like all them the stars then that movie would be the BIGGEST movie in the world!
    NOONE cares for taylor! ahah all my friends out in cali dont like him, they think he is HIDEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brad

    @gold baybay: I NEVER SAID LOVES moron! and whoever like taylor is just plain out WEIRD! he’s uglier than miley cyrus, AND HES GAY! have you heard him talk! SCREAMING gayy!!!!!!!!

    @nikki: IM WITH YOU NIKKI@Trina:
    YOU TOO!!<333

  • nikki

    @Trina: LOL i know what you mean! US fans will be fans for life!!! im a fan for LIFEE!! and plus taylor isnt eve the plavor of the month it is ROB P not gay taylor hahahaha!
    I LOVE ZAC EFRON! thats why he gets WWAAYYY more hits on this internet site than taylor and rob hahahahaa

  • Chau

    Zac looks too girly for my tastes. I need a manly man!

  • abby

    @nikki: I agree. I will be a fan for life. I’ll be like 30 and hear something about Zac and it will remind me of when I was younger, Kinda what most woman do now with the NKOTB. I’ll always be a fan of Zac.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    @gold baybay: Goodness, Taylor Lautner,, some girls like him for his body and some girls like him…maybe because of his baby face ? But yeah, ew. No. Zachary will be forever my lover, favorite, and #1 guy. :D Zachary has charisma.

  • mykamicks

    Wow this thread makes some hits. Again, because Zac’s name were being mentioned by the other star. If I am a celebrity aging 40 or 50′s ‘ill pick & choose also Zac. I could not think any other male young star as ever as hot, gorgeous & talented today.

  • gaby

    i love how some how all the Friends stars are being related to zac.
    Zac worked with matthew perry in 17 again.
    Zac’s girlfriend (vanessa..OF COURSE) worked with lisa kudrow in bandslam
    Courtney Cox is attracted to him.
    According to TMZ, David has been trying to pull of the “Zac Efron hair doo” lol
    all we need is Matt and Jennifer and he’s got the crew. lol

  • yets

    yes to Zac !!!!
    but i really is zanessa.

  • Angela

    Lol. Who can blame her? If I were over 30 or whatever age, I’d go cougar over him too. :)

  • Angela

    Taylor Lautner sucks. End of story.

  • hi!

    @gold baybay:

    Well, let’s just say those who are loyal fans will always stick by his side.

  • rampy

    seriously, where the heck are the friggin paps?? we havent gotten new candids in maybe 2 weeks!! what the heck? yes, i know zac prolly wants his privacy, and im happy that he’s finally getting it, but he NEEDS to show his face once or twice. go do your jobs paps, as much as i hate to say it.

  • Kezza

    how did taylor get in this thread

  • NiNi

    who wouldnt be over him???
    c´mon hes definitly what i call a man :]

  • nikki

    @zanessa/scashley/ashnessa: i knowww!! ZAC EFRON will always be my BABY FOR LIFE!!!

  • Alexya
  • heyoo!

    man where has zac been these day. I know he is in vancouver. theres like no papas there. I missed him. HES HAWT!

  • brad

    @Angela: yah he does suck!!!
    @Kezza: eewww i dont know but im not tlaking about him!!! groossss!!!!!

    ZACC EFRON<3333

  • bleene


    Yeah I love how the F.r.i.e.n.d.s stars seem to be connected somehow or the other to zac efron!!

  • tena

    I think all the tweens like rob and zac is geting more notice by older people but zac still has his loyal fans and he is a great actor that got prase for his acting and to be honest i think zac will last longer in the movie bizz in my opion but i like both rob and zac and you really can’t compair the two because they are two differnt people :)