Jesse McCartney: Body Language Is Explosive Live

Jesse McCartney: Body Language Is Explosive Live

Jesse McCartney premiered his “Body Language” music video earlier last month and recently sat down with PopEater to chat all about it.

The 22-year-old musician dished on working with T-Pain, Alicia Keys and how he keeps himself grounded. Check it:

On shooting the behind-the-scenes video: “It’s kind of just off the cuff. It was one of those things that just accidentally happened. [T-Pain and I] were in Miami and we worked on the song together. We brought … a hand-held, behind-the-scenes type video camera … to just come in a shoot us working together in the studio, just really kind of cas[usal]. And it became this really fun intimate video that shows what it’s like behind the scenes. And you know, we cut a lot of stuff, a lot of footage that I had taken myself on the road last year, touring, performing that song live in front of the fans. The song live is just explosive and it makes a really entertaining video. And we just sort of put that all together and it’s just a montage of a lot of fun bits.”

On who he’d like to collaborate with next: “It’s really hard to say, I’ve really always wanted to, especially in the last year or so, I’ve always wanted to do something with John Legend or Alicia Keys, something a little more R&B, a little bit more soulful and that’s like a goal of mine. So maybe who knows, maybe next album.”

On being thankful for the team behind him: “I just have a really great support system and an amazing team behind me. I’m sort of the face of this operation and there’s … dozens of people working behind me to make it all run and work successfully so I owe a lot of it to them.”

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  • Kimberly

    Body Language is Epic.

  • Kait.

    This song is absolutely amazing. I put it on blast in my car and just drive to town with it. Ugh, so good.

    His record label sucks though. “I took myself on the road last year.” OF COURSE YOU DID. You’re record label wouldn’t do it so you had to do it yourself. Seriously, I feel bad for him and all the other underrated talent out there.

  • Christine

    I agree with Kimberly :)

  • christine


    yeah, he’s underrated & deserves a better record label

  • Maddi

    Research the song music to her ears lil eddie.. the lyrics is exactly the same and you can hear the begginig of the song played at the begining of body language – did lil eddie write this song for jesse?

  • Austin

    Underrated? Jesse has had lots of chances, he faded because of himself, not his label.



    Jesse didn’t fade because of himself, it’s cause of Hollywood Records (his label), they do a crappy job at promoting him.


    @Austin: Oh yeah, he didn’t fade, he was away recording his new album.
    It was definitely worth the wait!

  • MARI

    I lov J-Mac! & Body Language is the best song! <333

  • Kendra

    body language is awesome

  • Just Interested

    i agree with BODYLANGUAGE hollywood records only care about their cash cows JB demi lovato & miley cyrus!

    jesse deserves better he needs to get out of hollywood records & finds a new label

  • rashanda brown

    body language is awesome