Joe & Kevin Jonas: Double Date with Demi & Danielle

Joe & Kevin Jonas: Double Date with Demi & Danielle

Brothers Kevin and Joe Jonas take their best girls Demi Lovato and Danielle Deleasa out on the town for a bite to eat at Yamato Steakhouse in Toronto on Monday night (October 5).

Earlier in the day, BFFs Joe and Demi were spotted at a Michael Buble concert before meeting up with betrothed Kevin and Danielle. After their meal, the quartet were happy to pose with fans for a few pics.

Looks like Kevin and Danielle aren’t sweating about the rumors spreading across the internet about a pre-nuptial agreement. How sweet is Kevin giving Danielle a kiss? Awww!

10+ pics inside of Demi, Joe, Kevin and Danielle dining together…

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Credit: O\\\\\\\'Neill/White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • shamilah

    & JOE looks soooo HOT as always!!

  • Kayla

    And where was Nick?
    Oh yeah. Dining with Courtney.

  • listen to mayday parade

    @Kayla: whos courtney? lol

    demi needs to find herself a man.

  • Heather

    woooow joe is sooo hot and him and demi are so cute together!!!! i luv them xxxxx


    luv joe cant wait till Camp Rock 2 !! xxxxxx and Demi Rocks 2!!!!

  • Kelsey

    Jemi Powaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • http://deleted Jolie_No1

    Awwwwww how sweet is that?Niley (Nick+Niley)should’ve joined them too!!That would be amazingggggggg!

  • listen to mayday parade

    and joe is looking fit as usual

  • Susan


  • Susan

    nick ¬¬ where is ?

  • Grace DIMOND

    Aww, so cute :)

  • Alysha

    JEMI <3
    haha freaking out!

  • nessuk!

    this is awesome. but with miley n nick i would be much better! Love jb’s

  • sam

    Nick and courtney dating :(
    Love Nick with Miley

  • Shelly

    Kevin and Danielle should have had the bigger picture. They are the ones getting married They both look gorgeous

  • caroldonato

    aaw, jemi forever!

  • Jill

    so…are deni and joe dating then…..if it was a double date….

  • Kayla

    COURTNEY is a, hold onto your socks, 21 yr old dancer who is also in CR2. They have been photographed together several times and a slew of people on another site have claimed they are in fact together.
    The other interesting things: she was ENGAGED only a month ago. She was bombarded on her twitter about this and has remained quiet. Which I think speaks for itself. Had it not been true, I can see NO reason why she wouldn’t have denied it, especially considering she is “supposedly engaged still.”

  • Cassie

    kevin and danielle are the cutest couple!!

  • listen to mayday parade

    @Kayla: whoa whoa whoa! didnt nick JUST turn 21… ha ha thats illegal… good thing she claims no sex before marriage cause o=if they did it, shed go to jail.

  • Ghisell

    aw!Kevin and Danielle are so cute and jemi couple too :) but where is Nick?? :(

  • listen to mayday parade

    @listen to mayday parade: and by turn 21 i meant 17 lol wow

    lets try my comment again:

    whoa whoa whoa! didnt nick JUST turn 17… ha ha thats illegal… good thing she claims no sex before marriage cause o=if they did it, shed go to jail.

  • listen to mayday parade

    @Jill: double dates can be with friends too.. a double date is just two guys and two girls.

  • me

    Demi needs a boyfriend!!!!!!!!
    Now all those that dream about Jemi will say it was a date.
    But Demi said:
    JEMI IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kayla

    ha ha!
    I am surprised yall haven’t heard about this!
    Yes she is 21, and yes, I don’t care if she is the nicest person on the face of the earth, IMO it is wrong.

    And illegal. Yes indeed.

  • nwl

    that is so weird i was just hoping that there is some new news about them i flipped when i saw that picture =]
    thank you and as always the brothers looks super hot i don’t care about the girls =]

  • Lucy

    Jared seriously? Kevin and Danielle should have got the bigger picture, like someone else said, they’re the ones getting married, and Joe and Demi seemed bored LOL

  • daniela

    @listen to mayday parade: why do you said that about demi?

  • ZJanie

    So happy to see Kev and Dani together. Does anyone know when the wedding date is? Joe does look very bored and so does Demi as they are both on their phones/BB’s and not interested in each other thats very obvious. Thats another 17/20 yr old pair like Nick and Corntny 17/21 but Joe seems past teenagers. CR2 is done in a week and everyone splits up and goes home.

  • Ange

    Fans to say that Nick and courtney kisses in his hotel

    She have 21!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shelly


    That was me Lucy. I cant understand why Jared underplayed Kevin and Danielle in this post when THEY are getting married. Joe and Demi will NEVER happen

  • nat

    She 21 Kisses with Nick 17!!

  • shinedown

    erm 17 and 21 isn’t illegal :L not in england anyway the age for consent is 17 so if a 17 consents its not illegal :S

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Kevin and Danielle are gonna last forever… they are really in love with each other… Its really beautiful to be in love with your girl, it feels like if you were flying everytime she is near… well…. Greets from Guatemala!!

  • http://Ashts111 Kinga

    Jemi < 33

  • Chris

    Nick probably didn’t go because he didn’t want dumb people to keep up the he’s with courtney line. They’ve only been seen together in a group setting. Never alone. The whole cast went and saw Fame, including those two. They went and ran for breast cancer. She ran too. They went and saw a concert with Brenda and Joe. So of course Demi and Joe will be getting married any time since they were seen eating and watching a concert together. It is possible to be friends with someone of the opposite sex. And that website claiming they are together is known for being nothing more than gossip.

  • Courtney

    Joe and Kevin are amazing!
    Danielle and Demi are pretty!

  • pippa

    wooohoooo jemi!!!! yessss


    Stop hating on her, she´s AWESOME

  • Cassie

    they all looks so good….love to see kevin and joe hanging out, but where is nick?

  • MK

    demi looks bored senseless in half of the pictures ha ha but shes still awesome and danielle and kevin are soo sweet

  • lololol

    how cute…demi and joe texting, not even looking at each other. sounds like a perfect date to me

  • nuria.

    awww! SOOO CUTEEEE <3

  • dcstarinthemaking

    joe jonas and demi lovato are dating?

  • listen to mayday parade

    @shinedown: legal age is 18 in canada and the usa!!!

  • jonascyrus

    i loooove Joe he’s incredibly HOT!! just with a goofy shirt and pants he still manages to blow me away <3 CAN’T WAIT FOR CR2 it’s officially gonna be the best movie ever .. BTW rumor has it that Courtney is engaged

  • London Lemming

    What is it with people on here? Are Joe and Demi NOT ALLOWED to go out as FRIENDS….Stop making gossip!

  • Samantha


    Finally someone says it!!

    and Danielle doesn’t look too happy getting a kiss from kevin…

  • efdsdfsdfsdfsdf


  • bella

    I love demi and joe
    I love jemi
    cool very good

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