Selena Gomez & Miranda Cosgrove: Los Premios Ladies

Selena Gomez & Miranda Cosgrove: Los Premios Ladies

Selena Gomez gives gal pal Miranda Cosgrove a warm hug backstage at the Los Premios MTV 2009 Latin America Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, Calif., on Thursday evening (October 15).

The darling duo caught up with each other before presenting at the awards. Selena wore a nude strapless cocktail dress with a sheer nude crinoline floor-length overlay from Paule Ka‘s Spring Summer 2009 collection with Melinda Maria jewels.

Selena presented with Latin group Reik (Jesus Alberto Navarro Rosas, Julio Ramirez Eguia and Gilberto Marin Espinoza) and also introduced the robot with Teefey. Miranda also caught up with Latin singer PeeWee.

10+ pics inside of Miranda and Selena at the Los Premios MTV 2009…

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Christopher Polk/WireImage
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  • ROxx25

    I love Selena and her style but
    this dress is really ugly!!!

  • Lipi Katiha

    I ♥ Miranda Cosgrove And Selena Gomez!
    I ♥ their singing!
    They Rock!

  • aa

    I love selena’s style but what in the name of fashion is she wearing! Didnt like the dress at all!

  • leah

    OMG Selena looks gorgeous! I want her dress. I seriously can’t wait for her clothing line.

  • Anna

    Selena dress is ugly !

  • David


  • cfvgbhjnkm


  • Renata

    ouch, selena’s dress is awful, i didn’t really like the oufit.

  • yenny

    she looked beautifull i loved the dress
    and stop jealous ppl

  • Smacky35

    @cfvgbhjnkm: Um well she is latin it’s a scientific fact you know how people get different nationalities from their parents. She looks absolutely amazing as usual she can pull of any look!

  • Smacky35

    @cfvgbhjnkm: Also you don’t get the last name “Gomez” Without having some latino blood in you.

  • diane n.

    i love selena’s dress, though i would’ve loved it more without the sheer covering her legs. regardless she looked beautiful.
    and miranda looked pretty too! (:

  • angel


    She IS Latina.

    She looks really pretty. I love her dress, though it’s not something I could pull off.

  • cfvgbhjnkm

    ajjaajja ok but yeah she shouldnt be so proud cause she talks and talks of how shes so proud to be ”latin” and she CANT even speak spanish.. yeah. nice representing .. im LATIN im prom PANAMA in latin america and if you ask someone who selena gomez is .. NO ONE KNOWS yeah.
    honoring right?.. not.

  • Fernanda

    LOOOOVE Selena ♥

  • mel

    @cfvgbhjnkm: she actually can speak spanish

  • cfvgbhjnkm

    sure? fluently? then why she dont? i mean i dont hate her its just i think to represent a culture you NEED to know how to comunicate with the people that is in that culture know what i mean?

  • Jess!

    Selena is gorgeous!

  • http://justjaredjr zanessalover

    is miranda using hair extensions?! you can tell because her hair color is different from the bottom… she looks pretty.
    and selena is too. but i agree with “cfvgbhjnkm” she needs to know how to REALLY comunicate with people from that culture.




    that dress is blehh. defiantly her worse. and that ugly sheer thingy. YET she some how still looks pretty.

  • cfvgbhjnkm


    THANK YOU SO MUCH! i mean it IS true.. its nothing against her but i mean common..


    & Selena IS MIXED WITH LATINa! now hmmm why is miranda there???

  • elle

    selena’s dress is cute
    and REIKKKK!!!! omfg i freakin love REIK!!!!

  • Gabriela

    Selena Looked pretty!! :) and is Jesus Alberto Navarro Rosas ;) they’re really amazing!! I LOVE REIK!! VIVA REIK!! :D


    WELL that 1 funny interviewer lady was talking to selena in spanish and she understood and answered back in spanish. which i was surprised because every1 is saying she cant speak spanish.

    neither can vanessa Hudgens….

  • cfvgbhjnkm

    yeah but it was ”como estas?” that means are you? even my cat can understand that hahaha just saying

  • Anonymous

    selena wasnt rasied by her dad who is latino she was rasied by her mom who is Italian. that could be why she dont speak it fluently and some of my friends are full latino and they dont know how to speak spanish fluently.

  • sellythebest

    goshhh sel looks stunning, she always looks so gorgoues, her style is unique…. she has so much glam…. im jelous, but i love her so much!!!

  • cfvgbhjnkm


    well thats a shame that they dont know

  • paola

    Jared, it’s Jesus Alberto Navarro.
    Just wanted to point that out… ;) Reik looked hot, huh?

  • cfvgbhjnkm


    what a shame

  • cc27

    the dress looks ugly in pictures, but when u watch her on tv or somewhere where she is moving, it looks sper gorgeous
    lovee selena <3

  • Alex

    Miranda is so gorgeous and she is always best dressed

  • Jason

    Aw, the queen of Disney with the queen of Nickelodeon.

  • Lucy

    I’m from Mexico, and I love Selena, and I really don’t give a care if she speaks spanish or not.

    in other note, OMG I love Reik too, so Selena and Reik together made my night!!! :)

  • Lu

    She got to present with Reik?? That’s awesome. Although, I’ll bet she doesn’t even know who they are.

  • Sam

    Both look pretty, but with that smirk at the camera, it’s like Miranda’s taping a “kick me” sign to Selena’s back :D

  • Tooty

    Miranda looks stunning, as usual. Selena, well, not so much…

  • sweetnessa

    i love her dress, selena is so cute

  • tralala

    @Jason: isnt victoria queen of nick.they even dedicated a whole night to her

  • redspider

    Selena is definitely prettier.

  • Vhudsupporter

    selena looks stuning!!!

  • Blake messier

    i think the dress would’ve been better without the sheer thing.

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    @Jason: miley queen of disney victoria queen of nick no?!

  • sophie

    I love them!!!!

  • lulu

    i usually like what selena wears but that dress is awful!!!

  • Andrea

    @Jason: Ha yoand wish Miley is the queen of disney and Victoria the queen of nick, who do you think got disney popular MILEY with Hannah Montana and ugh that dress looks like my dog trow up on it :] and she she’s latin but doesn’t speck spanish what a shame and she got to reprent Reik ugh probably she doesn’t know who they are and I’m latin and I speek spanish!!!

  • sellythebest

    miley wanna be??? yeah maybe selena want to be just a pathetic bitch, extremly ugly, very fat , look like a travesti, with man voice and just a whore fame…. yeah rigth!!! sel is like a million time better than slutty vyrus….

  • sellythebest

    sel desfinitely is the best!!!! shes has glam and class, thow things that slutty vyrus never can have….

  • sarah

    Miranda always looks great!