Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner: Dating, Sources Say

Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner: Dating, Sources Say

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are dating, according to People.

Lautner, 17, is listed as 19-year-old Swift‘s current “boyfriend.”

The couple was seen together at a Los Angeles hockey game this weekend and have been linked since they filmed a kissing scene for the upcoming film Valentine’s Day this past July.

Last month, Swift told JustJaredJr.com that kissing Lautner was “life-changing”.

When asked to describe Lautner, Swift said, “I don’t know, he’s an amazing guy and we’re really close … and ah … yep.”

Reps for both Taylors would not return comment.

UPDATE: People.com is no longer listing Lautner as Swift‘s boyfriend.

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  • Christine


    I don’t like them together.

  • Reed

    They are so CUTE! two favorite people:)

  • Chloe


    haha like we really need a conformation

  • http://www.mileybr.com Marina

    Taylor had Selena and now he has Taylor..
    ok, now i got what Selena and Taylor [SWIFT] talk about!
    justi kidding.
    i love both of them and i would LOVE see them like a couple :)

  • mareen

    Taylor² is just too cute <3

  • holly

    that would be so cute if they were a couple!!
    p.s. 1st comment!!

  • jo!

    NO!! NO!!!NO!!

  • katie

    that link doesn’t say anything about them dating. It says they’re rumoured to be a couple… Nothing new there.

  • katie

    Ohh, you mean the other link haha… yeah, I wouldn’t trust that. Though they would be a cute couple :)

  • Kathi

    they been saying that in the news in germany for like a week now, i kinda cant imagine them being together.
    shes more grown up already i think. hes.. a teen?

  • http://twitter.com/Endrys Endrys

    _OoO thats cute..they make a great couple!..I wish they were boyfriends

  • http://www.misstinkerbell.webs.com Elainna

    They make an odd couple. But i love them both individually……i wanna see pics of both Taylors and Selena out and about!!!

  • no duh mary

    Two of my favorite people (:

    I’d love them together. Nice match.

  • Deen

    i like them together, they make a cute couple. i wish taylor (lautner) treats her well!

  • jessica

    when it says “sources” or an “insider” i never really believe it…

  • Lane

    OMG PLEASE!!! This is a MATCH MADE IN PR HEAVEN!!! Her CD just dropped, his movie is coming out in a month, the movie Both of the were in is coming out in a few months AND they are both likable people!! Am I the ONLY one seeing through this?!?!?

  • Mileyselena_

    so cute like a couple!! i really love them. taylor squared <3

  • no duh mary

    And, she said she’s on team Jacob.

    Though I don’t like Twilight at alll, that’s pretty dang adorable.

  • nathalia

    when it says “sources” or an “insider” i never really believe it… but idk, they are cute

  • http://www.twitter.com winnie

    wow i’m just so excited about them.go tay tay


    @Deen: i think the same, but it will be a little weird for selena, since she and taylor are bffs

  • nikki

    WHO CARES!!!!! taylor is ugly and the girl taylor is pretty cool. IDC!

  • lavender55

    I seriously do not like them as a couple!! UGH!! I just don’t like the fact that Taylor is dating someone who is shorter and younger than she is.
    I know that people date at all different ages but I would love for Swift to grow up a little. Oh how I dread turning on the radio to hear her songs about him.

  • Lauren

    i dont think they’re actually dating it may be just another story that the media is creating – just like rob and kristen i still dont believe that they’re together…but even if they’re im happy for them because there kinda cute together….

  • fame

    It is shame that Taylor S and taylor L show public together the night just before her fearless album release. So setting up. Hope they lean to enjoy their teen’s life without so hard to pursuit attention and fame.!!

  • rosarrio

    Well, she is beautiful he is so handsome, they are young, and big deal if she is two years older. It’s not like she is his mother’s age. They are cute.

  • Gossip girl

    NOOOOOO!!!!! so nawt a good match! She’s almost 20! He’s only 17. She sould be dating Joe Jonas and he should be dating moi! ;^) so I give this new “couple” a 1/20. Sawry T.Swift he will be mine!!!!

    Just saying what ppl are thinking!
    Xo Xo
    Gossip Girl

  • Petra

    Such a cute couple. It’s Brangelina but to young people.

  • Gossip girl

    @Lauren: True that! Lol!

    Xo Xo
    Gossip Girl

  • Sarah.nl

    Taylor Lautner seems like a great guy and he’s very handsome, so good for Taylor Swift ! Although, I like Lautner and Selena more. Cause Selena looked SO happy on the pictures of the two of them together.

  • Genesis

    I like selena and Taylor better, I love Taylor Swift but I don’t really like her with Taylor Lautner he is better off with Selena who know what happen to them when they left Vancouver.

  • sunshine

    well, I think too much attention and too much obvious showing is not going look good, Taylor S is passed teen, taylor L is still a teen.
    Taylor L and Selena look much better and happier, you can tell from both Selena and taylor L’s face.

  • andrea

    I really don’t think this is true. First of all he is two years younger than her. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that but it would just be werid… Second Taylor woulnd’t date a friend’s (Selena Gomez) ex-boyfriend that is aginst the girl code lol. I do love both of them I think they are both super talented but I just can’t see them as a couple it is just too werid and crazy lol.

  • lulu

    wait a min!! wasnt taylor l goin out with selena, and taylor s is ike he best m8?? thats a bit weird… and must be awkward! selena looked really happy with taylor l… yeh, i prefer selena and taylor l, not the 2 taylors!! xx

  • http://www.twitter.com/naomikathryn Naomi

    I love them both, but not together. Plus, they just don’t look right together. And how awkward is it to date someone with the same name as you AND is younger than you? I could never date a guy younger than myself. On top of all that, I don’t think either Taylor would do that considering he was rumored to date Selena. I think the sources are bs.

  • cheryl

    Taylor L is still minor ( under 18 years), Taylor S is 2 years older than Taylor L. It is not even legal for adult to “date minor:. Age is no big deal– however, only apply to adults ( at least after 19 or 20), I mean between age of 24-40 years.

  • http://www.twitter.com/lifeisagamee istar

    LMAO, if they are dating their couple name could be ‘TAYLOR’ or ‘SWIFNER’

  • Emily

    Awwww, really? I honestly hope they are. They’re the sweetest couple.
    I think it’s adorable. I am team…. TAYLOOOORS. I guess, if that’s what it’s called, haha.

    So cute. And anyone being negative, you’re completely jealous. They’re both the sweetest most successful young talented teenagers ever. And you secretly wish you could be dating, one of them. Boy or girl. Don’t be haaating.

  • Owen

    Has any one seen shark boy & lava girl.
    He’s way better than loser Joe.
    We just need Miley to hook up with boyish Bieber and we’re all good.

  • kay

    I know its ‘People’ but I honestly don’t believe. Anytime I see pics of them together they dont look ‘into’ each other or flirty or anything. The pics of Taylor L. and Selena, now they actually looking ‘into’ each other (even though I don’t think were going out either). Maybe they are just hanging out and stuff. Nothing crazy.

  • christine

    OK, first of all, let me say that they make an adorable couple…..BUT I’m still a Talena fan…

    Even if Taylor Lautner and Selena weren’t dating, I don’t think Taylor Swift would date Taylor Lautner..I mean she doesn’t seem like the person to do that….girl code anyone?

  • carley

    even if it’s not true, i still think they would make a cute couple.
    how often do you hear of young teenagers outside of disney dating nowadays? neverrrrrr

  • ashytizzyfan

    I honestly think if selena and lautner were dating at some point that Taylor (Swift) would never date an ex because she seems like a great friend.

  • CS

    ughhh, i don’t know who i dislike more

  • kim

    this is just for money.. no way that they can date i dont think taylor swift would do that to sel

  • http://Yahoo TAYLORlautnerlover


  • http://Yahoo TAYLORlautnerlover

    they will never be cute together ok maybe BUT I LOVE TAYLOR

  • CS

    ok so she is selena’s “BFF” and she dates her ex? WOOW, WHAT A FRIEND

  • Minot

    Great couple ever!!
    Swift is gorgeous and Lautner is hotttt…!!
    @istar: I love SWIFNER..
    (it has better pronounciation than taylena,isnt it?) ;)

  • m

    I believe it.
    Don’t like them together as a couple, they just don’t match.