Selena Gomez & The Scene: Second Single News!

Selena Gomez & The Scene: Second Single News!

Selena Gomez and her band The Scene have been teasing about their second single via Twitter for a while and Sel just confirmed on her live chat this afternoon!

It’s “Naturally”!!! JJJ loves this song, it’s one of our absolute favorites!

Their first single off of their debut album, Kiss & Tell, “Falling Down” peaked at #82 on the Billboard Hot 100 and at #83 on the Canadian Hot 100.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the second single?

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  • Ali(:

    I love, love, love Naturally <33333

  • http://google Paige

    Selena you are the best i gettin your album friday

  • Lipi Katiha

    I totally Love Naturally!
    it’s my favorite Selena song!

  • Jessica

    Love the song.. Love Selena…love the band!!! :)
    sel rocks!!! :)

  • fml

    NOOOO! I LOVE that song, it was my FAVORITE on the album but then I heard Stop and Erase, Crush and More then I like those more than Naturally.

    I couldn’t decide which was my favorite since they are all good songs! :)

    Now, I like naturally as my favorite again :D

  • http://- Mellz

    YAY !!!!!!!!!!
    Naturaly….gosh hard to choose…^^
    her album ROCKS !!!

  • me.

    Naturally is… ok, i guess. not the worst, but deff not the best either.
    i prefer Crush or Stop and Erase, actually.

  • Selaly

    She said that on the live chat today!.
    Well, I love her entire album! Naturally is gonna rock!.
    Falling Down been on Radio Station here in Australia like 10 times everyday!.
    I am very happy for Selena!. She deserves everything!.

  • andrea


  • tess

    yeaah!!! naturally is so good!!!!!!!!!!!

  • masoud

    selena you are best

  • love-zanessa-selena

    Really love this song.. Love Selena.. Love the band ;)
    I cant choose one song from the album :D
    I like: Falling Down, Won’t Apologize, Promise You, Crush, The Way I Loved You, More, As A Blonde, Stop And Erase, I Don’t Miss You At All and Naturally ;p loool

  • Ashleigh

    nooo.. i don’t like that song…i wish she did “The Way I Loved You” or “More”..oh well :(

  • Melody

    I will get yr debut album if singapore do released
    Hopefully Singapore will released

  • ashleyandmileylover

    noooooo!!! I don’t like that song!! “As a blonde”, “more” and some others are much better!!!!!

  • Annie

    i think that it will suck.. like “falling down” did..
    sorry fans but i just think that she’s not real… nobody at seventeen years old can be that inocent. at least miley shows who she really is.. she messes up but at least she has the corage to take responsabilities.. for me she’s a real role model.. besides selena’s voice SUCKS! you have to admit it!

  • pauli

    @ Annie hahahaha i just can laugh in you face pathetic and desilusional teenie!!! selena fake? oh really and for what, for no be a witch like miley? for being a young lady whit glam and class? youre so pathetic and your so sick if you really think that the fat vyrus are a real role model? yeah right…. and if you wanna talk about their voices, miley just sound like travesti ewww her voice is so masculine, hahahahahahahahahahaha shes absolutely SUCKS!!!!

  • pauli

    oh and i love naturally is so catchy, definitely naturally gonna rock!!!

  • cam


    I still can’t understand the reason that the Miley fans insist on making these negative comments & comparisons. Why can’t more than one person be an artist/singer? There are thousands of singers & types of music – people need to chill. This Miley/Selena war is stupid. They may or may not be friends – but I don’t think they are at war with each other either. Both of these girls are doing their own thing & making money. Time for everyone else to get off the “war wagon” & let these girls be and achieve what they desire to.

  • Louberry

    I think the best songs from this CD are Kiss & Tell and As a Blonde… I don’t like Naturally at all. I tried but I can’t like it!
    Anyways… good luck for her and the band :)

  • mariah

    i LOVE that song “Kiss & Tell” is an AMAZING album!

  • Annie

    ok, pauli just grow up.. i’m not even going to waste my time talking to a kid like you that consider miley a “witch”?! yes and selena is a fairy and we are all princesses! *** god, you’re ridiculous..

    and cam, i just don’t understand why do all actresses think that they can sing. miley gain some experience from hannah montana because it’s a show where she necessarily has to sing. i just don’t get it why selena did. i recognize she’s a really good actress but she’s not a singer. and singing just for money is an ofense to those who take music seriously.

  • justhere

    OMJC, this is actually one of my FAVOURITES. tho, i hope for one of her singles they have a music video for I Won’t Apoligize.

  • caroldonato


  • Deen


    they have the money, they have people dying to represent them and they have fans who support everything they do. That is.
    and i like miley and sel both. But for some reason i dont like mileys voice, but please dont get me wrong, i like her and actually i have a playlist of her. I prefer Selenas voice… i mean, we all have different tastes and selena is a role model because she is always trying new things and supporting unicef, so i think that we have to admitt that she IS a role model…

  • selenafan26

    @Annie: just shut up. This thread is all about Selena Gomez and her new single. Come on, grow up!!!

    I love Naturally. Its a great song.
    Selena rocks!!!

  • Sam

    it sux worse than her first single….good luck with that singing career, selena

  • Misa

    @mariah: Dude, i didnt even know this 17 year old even had an album. wow. #82 SOO BIG.

  • Annie


    you’re the one that need to grow up and realize that she’s a terrible singer, ok? :)

  • Annie

    I Love naturally and I love SELENA SO MUCH!

  • amy

    Awesome love Naturally Selena rocks!!!! =)

  • shmesmx3

    okay. selena is amazing, and she can sing pretty well. not incredibly. she doesn’t have a voice that when you hear it, you go “woahh!” like demi and miley…anyways..i agree that the whole miley and selena feud is stupid. let them live their lives

  • Kaitlyn

    Yay!! Naturally is one of my favorite songs :)

  • brionna bby


  • selenafan26

    @Annie: Wow, You’r still here, hanging around Selena news thread? You must be obsessed with Sel. Real fan huh? LOL

  • RanRan

    love love love this song!!!

  • Heather

    Yay :) It’s definately one of my faves from the album :D

  • clinton

    Selena is GORGEOUS!!! She has the sweet look in her face, and she is smart and talented. You just can’t get enough of her…SELENA GOMEZ RULES!!!

  • mohammad

    i love the song naturally but all of the songs on kiss and tell i love them
    even the songs that are not on the album
    like cruello de vil
    my favourite song of her is kiss and tell, more, naturally, i dont miss you at all
    i really like selena gomez
    if anybody sees her can you ask her
    if she is ever doing a concert in
    calgary,alberta, canada thanks


    To be honest, not the best single choice. Is it catchy? Definitely! Is it one of the best on the album? No, it isn’t.

  • gcandy

    i loveeeeee ittt

  • Amanda

    It’s the best Selena’s song!
    I love Naturally *-*


    I love naturally”"”"”"LOVE IT “BUT I THINK Stop And Erase”"”"”"”"its a goog choice 2″”"”"” selena rocks I LOVE IT

  • selenarulezz

    selena gomez you rock and i love you for that, you never give up you care for your fans and i just wanted to say that you are my number one fan

  • aa

    Naturally is one of the best songs I have heard since….FOREVER. That song is amazing, and Selena does have an amazing voice. And I wish people would stop it with the compare and contrast thing with other Disney singers. This article isn’t called “Miley VS. Selena” for petes sake.

  • http://nine ashley

    selena is the best singer. Better than miley.

  • athirah Khayrin