Zac Efron & Brittany Snow are Nylon Nostalgic

Zac Efron & Brittany Snow are Nylon Nostalgic

BFFs and former costars Zac Efron and Brittany Snow catch up during the NYLON Guys November Issue Launch Event held at XIV in West Hollywood on Wednesday night (November 4).

The duo were joined by fellow friends Ashley Tisdale (not pictured) and Britt’s boyfriend Ryan Rottman.

Zac was seen grabbing dinner with Ryan earlier this week. He just returned from filming The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud in Vancouver, where he was for the past several months.

10+ pics inside of pals Zac, Brittany and Ryan

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Photos: Amy Graves/WireImage
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  • sfddgdhdfhyrthgr

    wow zac has been out a lot seen he came back. he looks really hot

  • staceey

    First? Hm, zac’s sexy.
    I love my poohbear.

  • irene

    awww he looks so hoot <3

  • Karen

    And the pics keep coming. By the time the first of December comes Zac is going to be blind from flashbulbs going off in his eyes. He yet to start his promotion of MAOW! LOL He seems to be the man of the hour.

  • .

    aww I love Zac & Brittany

  • selly

    I want Zanessa picssssssss!

  • bibi

    You go Zac! He looks great! I love his friendship with Brittany who looks good too by the way, lol!

  • hellomyfriend00

    I miss zanessa.. =[

  • vanessa

    sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy he is the awsome

  • marie

    nylon party!! zac looks great!

  • be4 the sit

    yeaaah seeing zac alot these days make me really really miss bbyV

  • tena

    He looks so handsome i think it is great we get new picures of zac and i bet thier will be even more near the time his other movies come out, i think he seems to be handlie it really well :)

  • pink sugar

    Wow, after a long drought, we finally got pictures of him hanging out with his friends. He looks hot as always

  • gaby

    i love that weve been able to see so much of him lately. but i wish he had some privacy.

  • ashytizzyfan

    he looks hot, nothing new.
    Brittany is gorgeous :]

    I’m glad we have seen a lot of Zachary lately

  • merlina

    zac has a big head for the rest of his small frame/body…but he reminds me of Albert einstein who had a big head too…is that a jewish thing, they say smart people have large heads…

  • kami

    zac ryan and brittany. how cute. i’m sure ryan is one of zac’s best friends too.

  • katie

    Mmmm, that is a nice fitting jumper…

  • istar

    whoa… more zac! not that im complaining though :)

  • kami

    love zac’s look here even his hair. but his hair looks super hot when he does nothing to it except maybe run his fingers through it.

  • teamhudgens

    he’s awesome
    i want see him with vanessa, too..

  • kami
  • athenais

    Zac is perfect and the pic with Zac , Ryan & Brittany is cute.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks amazing in those pictures. He looks so handsome.

  • k!

    he’s perfect! and her! she is pretty too. i met her once and she is soo nice! i hope i get to meet zac someday too <3

  • athena

    Zac looks great. I’m sure he wishes he was with Vanessa…but, oh well, when you’re dating someone in the industry, those are the breaks. He looks great…I still have to get my copy of Nylon Guys…I hope it won’t be to late.

  • London Lemming

    Some people on here and im not mentioning names are utter hypocrites. You are the very people that moan when there is no news of Zac and then you moan when there is news and pics. Geez there is no pleasing some people.

    Its nice to see Zac hanging out with friends even if it is a work related event. He has been busy lately and is likely to be even busier in the upcoming month with promotion from MAOW and things. Its nice thats he’s reconnecting with friends.

  • kgg

    @kami: Thanks Kami for that pic. I love the way he’s smiling as he’s texting….guess we can imagine with whom he’s communicating. Best and only smile that I’ve seen in all the pics from this event.


    looking fine Mr. Efron.,.. ;)
    Brittany and Ryan make a cute couplein my opnion! :)
    I wish Vanessa were there though…. It would be like a little double date! :)
    ZAc looks absolutly sexyyyyy wih his hair gelled like that…
    (Sigh) so, so hott…

  • hunny

    Could they look any more bored? At least they look pretty.

  • Elly

    How Does Vanessa keep her hands off of him? I swear. If I were dating him. I wouldnt be able to not rip his clothes off everytime I saw him LMFAO. god hes so sexy.

  • Lauren

    in the main photo ryan and zac look like they could be related – i know there not, but they could pass for brothers or cousins

    they all look cute….zac definately looks better with shorter hair he looks more mature and older

  • http://gOOGLE barbara

    I read on the sweetheart blog that ashley and her boyfriend were together. There is a picture of Zac and Britany and Ryan,Zac was receiveing a tex on his phone and he was smiling, He looked happy.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    He’s just wearing a simple sweater and yet he can make it look so DAMN hawt !!! He makes me melt. He’s yummy. :D Brittany looks fabulous too !! Love the outfit. Pro.

  • catherine

    what happened to all the zefron fans out there? he used to get 100+ comments per post, now he doesnt even get over 50!

  • mhay

    Zac is so HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • me.

    he’s smirking while texting. WONDER WHO COULD THAT BE? -wink- lmao

  • zac

    he doesn’t smile when he poses for photos nowadays. i miss the bubbly cute boy.

  • kgg

    @catherine: Well, Zac is not going to get as many comments when he’s papped 3 or 4 times a day. Geez, there’s only so much you can say when it’s just ordinary pics of him going about his business. This is overkill in the worst way. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see Zac, just not as often and not doing mundane things. The paps have gone overboard with pics of Zac every few hours. Bet they are staked out by his house and follow him wherever he goes….not cool. That is also why he is not smiling in most of the pics since he got back.

  • Elena Clayton

    That outfit is really really sexy.
    God he looks great!!

  • nikki

    zac efron is perfect!<3

  • ≠ Ǥα̲bгι̽єſſα Mσ͡nłεz

    I love the Zac!! <3

  • Brittany

    the only one who looks like he wants to be in this pic is Ryan Rottman. this isn’t really a paparazzi picture it’s a press pic for the party….at least pretend you wanna be there lol. I love them anyway, and Ryan is hot! love all 3 of them.