Zac Efron is a Dolce & Gabbana Guy

Zac Efron is a Dolce & Gabbana Guy

Decked out in denim, Zac Efron gives a gal pal a hug before leaving a fitting room in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (November 8).

The 22-year-old actor tried on some Dolce & Gabbana outfits for an upcoming event.

Over the weekend, Zac took part in Rob Dyrdek‘s Fantasy Factory on MTV.

Drama Beats tweeted about Zac‘s appearance, saying, “Zac and @steelobrim are in a dead serious rap battle this is really getting good. It’s like 8 Mile but the pretty version.”

Check out the vid below!

Zac Efron fooling around on Fantasy Factory
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zac efron dolce gabbana 01
zac efron dolce gabbana 02
zac efron dolce gabbana 03
zac efron dolce gabbana 04

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  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    ..I can’t see the video very well, but I’m pretty sure that was Zachary doing a flip with a bike. Dear god, I hope he didn’t get hurt landing in that box of foam !! Lol. Zachary would be SO much fun to hang out with. He’s so chill and he can do anything. Mmm, his outfit is pretty interesting today, I love it. And the shoes, lol, the shoes are dope !! :D

  • Lic_Merry


    Z A C♥ is beautifuL!!! kisses fRom MÈXICO!!!

    FollowMe @Lic_MerRy

  • zanessafan4life

    ooooo!! lol nessa ur mans huggin a gal!!! that aint you…lol..jk he looks hot

  • daniel


  • duuumm

    4th! wow, that’s the closest i’ve got to first. he looks great in these pics, cept i dont really like his jacket. looks like something a cowboy would wear.

    ahhhh, and now, here we go go go go againnnnn with the rumors.

  • duuumm

    oh and i forgot. so is he going to make an appearance on Fantasy Factory or something?

  • pup

    Hmm….She looks like Taylor from “the rachel zoe project”.

  • justme


  • Abby

    Haha that video is funny. Zac sweetheart denim on denim isn’t in anymore. But your still damn cute and I still love ya.

  • maichi


  • peggy

    Oh for heavene sake. In some other pix on LJ you can see her go back into the fitting place-she’s probably a stylist of some sort.

    Here goes the dumb ass rumors and by the way she appears not to to into the hug, actually he doesn’t either

  • jess efron

    aw Zac is so awesome

  • Soni Hannigan

    I will be really happy to see some Zac and Vanessa pictures when she gets done in December filming. They are the best.

  • anony

    is zac riding the bike in the video coz it is very dark……..but i can hear him scream!?

  • mykamicks

    I miss Zac. He is always a gentleman. Glad he is back in town… I am so excited with his new flick!

  • peggy

    @Soni Hannigan:

    She’ll be home Thanksgiving week as well.

  • muse

    Im wising to see som Zanessa soon, but its cool to see guys and girls just being friends. Its not a myth. Cheers to them.

  • yets

    I LOVE HIM!!!

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    zac Peresse good
    when thanksgiving

  • bhelle

    grrrr….who’s she?????? (?_?) .. and was that him???lmao!! i just hope he didnt get hurt .. hahaha!!

    ” hope to see more zanessa pix!! i miss them!!! ”

    @peggy: really???? well.. hope to see tem together.. :)

  • luv nessa hate zac

    why he hug this girl like i dont know like wt

    its better for nessa to break up with him i know that am gonna be soo sad but look at zac he look like a play boy and nessa doesnt desrve a boy like that i really hate zac now

  • Tree

    Is that his stylist Jenny Ricker?

  • amy

    He’s gorgeous <3

  • London Lemming

    People it is his stylist. He was having his final fitting done for MAOW promotion.Stop making a big deal out of nothing!

  • VHud_rocks!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..can’t stop laughing..the way he shouts is hilarious..
    SO HOT!
    Can’t wait to see Zanessa pictures soon!

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks good in those pictures.

  • elliee

    awhhhh :) Zaccy looks goood :)
    lovin’ all these candids :)
    misssed him for a few months!
    just waiting for Baby V to come back :)

  • svenja**

    Lokking damn good (:

  • gaby

    i miss zanessa :(
    zac looks hot as always though :)

  • pink sugar

    It’s Zac’s stylist..

  • hihi

    I don’t know why people always talk about Zanessa. IMO I think Vanessa should go out with some body else that would actually treat her like she’s worth something.

  • pink sugar

    I would love to hear Zac freestyling.

  • pink sugar


    From what I have read over the last 2yrs, Vanessa has someone who treats her very special so don’t worry about her. She’ doing fine without your consent.

  • http://none jasmine

    she looks pretty even though its only her back O_O

    please i know zacs scream from miles away ;D anyways he looks great!

  • tena

    Aww he looks amazi g and i bet he dose Miss V and giving friends a hug is not a big deal :)

  • Alysha

    Ugh he’s so gorgeous! But lol at his shoes

  • bibi

    @hihi: Where have you been for the past 3-4 years? You always give your “opinion” when it comes to people’s choice in their relashionships? Don’t you have one of your own to worry about?

    Anyway, Zac is looking great and I really can’t wait to go see his movie!
    Aw the beanie again, lol!

  • den

    Does anyone know when that episode of Fantasy Factory will air? I checked my listings and I don’t see it-just a lot of reruns….
    …What a dashing young man Zac is-heehee!

  • istar

    guys, get over it. nothing is happening. there are no rumours that need to be made.
    anyways, check out denim Zachary! lol. i would love to hear him rapping!!! :D
    can’t wait for MAOW + CSC. :)

  • veronica

    I hate her..! LOVE YOU VANESSA..!

  • London Lemming

    Some of you on here are immature and need to grow up and live in the real world. Just because he is hugging someone else does not mean anything.
    She is his stylist who just like him has a job to do. It was a simple gesture, get your own lives and stop making judgements on the daily comings and goings of somebody who you do not know. Id go as far to make the assumption that SOME of the people who have commented on here, would be the first to complain if you were Zac or any other celebrity.
    Do you not understand how wrong it is to pry into someones life the way some fans do? Demanding pictures and critisising every little thing the person does. Its a gross invasion of privacy and frankly is no-ones business but theres.
    As a fan the only thing you should have the right to know is about what projects that celeb is working on next. All you should be bothered about is if their next movie/TV show or CD is any good, because THAT is what matters. If it was to do poorly and they didnt get another movie or TV show or album,the large majority of you on here would drop them and move on to another celebrity.
    Some of you on here seem to be under the (de)lusion that because your a fan that its your god given right to comment and analyse every aspect of Zacs life. What Zac does on a day to day basis,who he hangs out with is none of your business.
    The sooner some of you on here realise the distinction between what a fan and obsession is the sooner the ones that do post relevant comments will be happier!

  • Diamond

    Wow…..Zac……just another story that dosent make since!

  • Cynthiia

    Hahaha zac is crazy! and i love him (ll)

  • aj

    that looks like chelsea staub hes hugging

  • sheila

    his shoes are great. they are called “toms”. with every pair that you buy, the company donates a pair of shoes to a child in need.

  • kate

    @London Lemming:

    well said i totally agree with you

  • SUSAN1

    zac is getready for the promotion of his movie i can;t wait to go and see him on 18th of November here in London and i hope and praying the weather is good.
    i miss both of them.

  • kami

    he waited till this late to do fittings for his promotion? that boy must really put things off till the last minute. and he musta spent at least half the day doing that cause he has about 6 premiers and events to attend and he doesn’t wear the same outfit twice. he should be leaving sometime today for georgetown.

  • kami

    @London Lemming:

    i agree. zac hugs lot of girls and guys. it’s a nice gesture. but i think that bothers the young fans cause they don’t think he should even smile at anyone but vanessa. not even the grocery clerk, his manger, pr person, neighbor, garbage collector, waitress or parents.

  • marie

    yay! maow promotion!!!!