Zac Efron Screens Me & Orson Welles

Zac Efron Screens Me & Orson Welles

Zac Efron (in Burberry) smirks as he passes by an Alvin the Chipmunk statue as he leaves the AMC Loews Georgetown in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday evening (November 10).

The 22-year-old actor, along with costar Claire Danes (not pictured), also made a visit to the White House to meet with a group of staffers, including actor-turned-White-House-staffer Kalpen Modi. The duo discussed how to promote the teaching of art programs in schools.

Zac and Claire were also spotted on the grabbing a bite to eat at the St. Gregory Hotel’s M Street Bar and Grill.

Me & Orson Welles hits theaters in a limited release on Friday, November 25.

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Credit: Brandon Todd; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • ryanefron

    that man’s got some taste. I LOVE HIM

  • Katty

    I don’t think he even really tries to make his hair like that. I think he just runs his fingers through it so much, it stays. It looks great all the same.
    I hope my movie theatre gets the movie! I so want to see it!

  • kay

    love u zac ur so talented :D

  • athena

    Wow, would have love to see more of your face Zac….I wonder if that CBS segment will show nationwide? I wonder if it has been shown on the news already or when will they air it?

  • mrsefron.

    Ahhh I took a pic with those chipmunks!!!!!:) in Jersey tho.


  • pix

    I like the suit!

  • kami


    the cbs interview with bob schieffer will air this coming friday ( the 13th) at 12:30pm. i’m guesssing that’s ny time.

  • mykamicks

    He looks so debonair with that outfit. Love him as usuals. Goodluck ZAC!

  • duuumm

    wow, i love the combination of his suit and hair. they match perfectly. i love it! just wish there were more pics though. i hope zefron stays in DC for a few more days or so.

  • kami


    i would think he’d be heading back to la tonight. unless he has something else scheduled in dc for tomorrow.

  • marie

    hmm so hot

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Doesn’t Zachary look so handsome ? Hehe, I love the suit. Yummy. :D

  • duuumm


    huh, really? this person from twitter said that he might be going to NY. but yet again, that’s only a rumor.

  • kami


    then maybe he’s on some talk show tomorrow. someone mentioned the view. isn’t that in ny? or maybe a radio show?

  • Abby

    Aww he looks amazing. Love him so much.

  • susan1

    zac your really. really, looks so handsome of that suit. i think he is going to Houston cinema for another screening today.

  • kami

    don’t think zac is going to the houston screening.

    his next gig will be the uk premiere on nov 18th.

  • me.

    him grabbing his hair like that reminds me of rpattz.
    but he looks soo much sexier doing it <3

  • me.

    and LMFAO at his shoes.

  • istar

    OMG,, i love the way he wore that suit with those shoes! this guy has style :)

  • Tree

    Maybe Zac is going to NYC to support Ashley who is hosting some Halloween Party Event there Wed. night. Or maybe he is going to NY to catch a connecting flight to LA. Just a thought.

  • Mrs. Efron

    That boy is gonna kill me someday! Ugh!
    He is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
    I love you with all my heart Zachary!!!!
    Can’t wait to see the movie!

  • Karen

    I would think if MAOW production people could get Zac on some show like The View that he would end up going to NY to do that. However, I have not heard anything about him doing one of the NY morning talk shows. I guess we will have to wait to see if he makes an appearance with Richard at the Houston screening. And I have a feeling like usually happens we will be getting more pictures of Zac from this premiere from other sites within the next 24 hours.

  • N

    Hey JJjr I think you meant Wednesday the 25th.

  • pink sugar

    Looking good Zac!

  • raider814

    he looks great, but he forgot his shoes

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks amazing. Can’t wait to see Me and Orson Welles.


    Take a look at party girl on E ONLINE and want they say about Zac since he came home and want they say about him and Vanessa, i thought they wanted to start rumors and cause trouble. But read all the comments,alot are great, but read number #29 Ashley Tisdale had to say.I don’t know if it is the real Ashley, but it sounds like it is. I would think she would call or tex him herself and give him advice, there close friends, like brother and sister. I beleive these writer’s are wanting to start trouble. I can’t beleive Ashley would print this knowing Zac’s is pravate person. I know Zac checks on EOnline, especially when they are crital of Vanessa ,he always says nice things about her, He says he loves her and she is great.


    Buy the way Zac looks very handsome and i like his new suit very much. He always looks good.

  • veronica

    lol his shoes I LOVE HIM…! zac the best man everr

  • Soni Hannigan

    #28 what are you talking about?

    Also, this is just me, but I wish he would wear his ring, especially for thngs like the CBS show. But like I said, that is just my feeling


    @ Soni Hannigan, A article on EOnline called PARTYGIRL, they write about the party scene in hollywood and they wrote about Zac, partying at a nite club late at nite dancing and flirting with several women. Ask were was Vanessa was, There are also alot of comments underseath the article, and one of the comments was Ashley Tisdale, giving advice to Zac, that he is breaking Nessa’s heart and she loves him very much. Go to the bottom of the page EOnline and you will see different Journalist and you will see party girl and you will find it, also on Zac Efron on line on first page, its the first one which is MLOB, also down the page has EOnline articles.


    @Soni, I don’t belteve this story is true, Because i beleive in Zac and Vanessa and EOnline has it out for the both of them. Zac was just having fun with friends that is want i beleive. It is always a source that tell these storys and that is another reason i don’t beleve it.

  • pink sugar

    Tha’t was not the real Ashley Tisdale. It was just some random person using her name. Zac and Vanessa share everything in their lives so Vanessa knew about the 1)Nylon party, 2) the Lakers Game and 3) Zac hanging out with his friends.


    @ Pink Sugar, I beleve you are right. I thought it wasn’t the real Ashley, because Ashley wouln’t write about Zac she would call him and talk to him on the phone. I think EOnline is trying to start trouble about nothing. But like the comments that people told them off and needed to get their facts right. Thank you.

  • Karen


    I am sad that people don’t get it when they read certain articles but the E!Online “report” was so clearly wanting to stir the pot so to speak. From the title and all the way through the article the tone is purely gossipy”. None of it is particularly a lie and yet the slant they put on it makes it a complete lie. If Zac would just happen to smile and TEASE with ONE girl then he would be portrayed as flirting and it would be reported all over the globe and make it sound like he was flirting with 50. If people would get a clue as to how this industry operates a lot less people would get all upset and a lot few people would read sites like E!Online or by the “scandal sheets” also known as Star and National Enquirer. Just because words are written by someone and the person is not sued for slander or libel does not mean it is the truth either.

    And for the record, apparently on the Daily 10—an E! show those guys mentioned how contrary to rumors that Zac and Vanessa were fine and still together…duh. The young man landed in Vancouver with Vanessa after the TCA. They were seen together all over the city. Even People Online reported what they wre like at Zac’s wrap party—all lovey and cuddly. Then Zac stayed in Vancouver another 10 days where once again it was reported how they were everywhere together. Then he comes home where he sees old friends like Ashley and Britany Snow and her boyfriend and other old friends. He takes care of business things like showing up at the Nylon party which was for HIM and goes to get fitted for a suit since he will be starting promotions for a new movie. He goes to a basketball game and in less than a week someone is right ready to make it sound like there is trouble in paradise between him and Vanessa and gullible people are just as ready to gobble it down! It’s ridiculous. But it is those gullible people who keep the tabloid press in business.

  • Karen

    Also, nobody should ever believe just because they read the name “Ashley Tisdale” as a poster that it actually is the real person. It is highly unlikely it will be the real person. We have had Ashley Tisdales on these very threads on JJ and JJJ over the past 2 and half years and most likely none of them are the real deal–nor did they sound like they were—but it was surprising how many people would ask that person if they were the real Ashley… Think about that, do you think someone who would want to impersonate her would actually tell the truth and say “no, I’m an imporster”! I can’t believe what people are willing to believe.

    Asl a matter of of fact we have had people doing the same on these sites in impersonating Zac and Vanessa too. And once again we have had some posters buying into it… As I said, if there were not gullible people in the world the gossip sites would be out of business.

  • kgg

    BTW, for anyone who cares to know…..Zac is in Houston now with his director Richard Linklater doing more promo work for MAOW.

  • duuumm

    are there any reviews from those who screened the movie last night? besides the E online one?

  • kami

    so, zac is at the houston event? cool.

  • ashley

    ah God, so hot, hmm Zac never wears his rings anymore! ah well love him any way

  • http://none ELLe

    yum thats a good color on him! he is soo smexi!

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    is comforting to read your comments,
    thanks for the patience to write so many lines,
    where the fans can take comfort with these rumors,
    some of us that we were on the other side of the planet, with some translation difuculdade need many karen, to help us

    a question
    vanessa is to be the holiday of thanksgiving ok?
    what date is this?

  • pink sugar


    Thanksgiving in the U.S is on the 11/26.

    Vanessa may be in L.A again starting on 11/21, but the date may change.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks Good. He looks so grwon up. I’m so Excited to see Me And Orson Welles. Really loving all the great reviews that Zac is getting for his role in the movie.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    sugar pink 43

  • lyn

    wow zac will e in Austin Texas at the end of the month and i will be out of town that week wish it was Dallas that is were i will be. anyway he looks good> I also saw the daily 10 report on Zac and Vanesaa if i remember right was there not rumors about a split when he was filming me and orson wells overseas.

  • kami

    karen is the voice of reason. bless her.

  • http:/// o

    ZAC looks so SEXY

  • Tiptoes

    thanks to Carol…slide and music …lucky fans!