Ashley Tisdale is a Bikini Beauty

Ashley Tisdale is a Bikini Beauty

Ashley Tisdale looks breathtaking in a purple and white striped bikini as she enjoys the sun on her mini-vacation in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico on Monday afternoon (November 16).

The 24-year-old actress/singer jetted out with her family and boyfriend Scott Speer on Friday last week. We love this pic of Ash zooming in on the paparazzi. LOL.

Ashley‘s flick, Aliens in the Attic, is out NOW — and you can get a few podcasts and featurettes on iTunes.

Stay tuned to JJJ for more Ashley news!

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Credit:; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Grace DIMOND

    she is gorgeous :)

    Ashley has such a good figure

  • kayla

    She looks as beautiful as ever, im glad to see her spying on the papparazzi and seeing how they like being spied on, she has such a nice body, skinny but with curves.

    Love Ashley <3

  • anna

    thats an ugly bikini

  • amy

    LOL at the binoculars though ;)

  • love-zanessa-selena

    Love u Ashley <3

  • lily

    She’s so skinny!! She looks great

  • Sav.

    She definitely got a lot more tone since the last time I seen her. Those workouts are really paying off! She looks great.

  • Lion Trubo 84

    Ashley Tisdale is so cute and so hot, hot, hot in a bikini, she’s sexy too. I love her. <3

  • lmao

    she is always at dance studios and gym and i dont see the results, she is plain, stick legs, 0 toned arms, no waist… not curvy at all

  • rere

    Beautiful! I Love the Tiz.

  • kristy

    You’d think with all the time she goes to the gym she’d be toned. She’s flat, no curves.

  • Lisa

    she looks awesome! love her body! i cant wait for new pics and news!!

    haters get a life :)

  • marissa

    haha (: u have nothing to do, ashley has her music career, she’s doing a new movie, she’s doing some concerts… and u? oh that’s right, u’re in front ur computer being jealous… great life!

  • serena

    @haha (:: clearly you’re the one with no life commenting after everyone else comments. obviously you’re just obsessed with her otherwise you wouldnt’ care so much to be commenting so excessively now would you? loserr!!

    @anna: really? i think it’s cute! purple looks good on her

  • serena

    @anna: although the jewels on the sides kinda throw the whole thing off, i still like the purple

  • lucia jonas

    @haha (:
    if U don´t like her, why are you here?????”
    U don´t need to

    Besides @haha (: (so boring)

    Ash looks cute:)

  • alexis

    she so pretty (:
    Perfect body too.

  • hh


  • ooi

    @haha:) get a life
    and haters, i know that she doens’t have the most beautiful body ever, but i dare you that you don

  • dada

    Who says that Ashley has an ugly body, see this picture:

    The girl standing next to her, yes, has an ugly body … Ashley did not now!
    And since they do not like Ashley also excuse to come here to comment, is a favor we do!

  • popit!

    anyways xD she looks hot the gym has paid off! she looks really toned (:

  • anabelly :) haha

    @anna: U can say that but, u can’t say her body’s ugly. lol She’s really fit!

  • kara

    haha (: learn how to speak english then come back here and comment

  • anabelly :) haha

    @haha (:: Stop leavin rude commentz!
    Why are you here?! Anyways Ashley Looks Gorgeous. & I agree with @serena – “clearly you’re the one with no life commenting after everyone else comments. obviously you’re just obsessed with her otherwise you wouldnt’ care so much to be commenting so excessively now would you? loserr!!”

  • Josh


  • Andy


  • daani


  • Kami

    Not the best bikini bod ever but hey who am i to talk:D

    She just loves the attention doesnt she

  • http://justjaredjr zanessalover45

    she looks pretty love her bikini

  • Renata

    i wish i had her body, real nice :)
    no flat, curves, but not a lot, witch doesn’t make her look like a slut!

  • sunni

    love it soo damn much
    haters shut p gosh

  • Manuel

    pretty, gorgeous, sexy, hot!

  • Kyle Webs

    She’s not extremely hot, but not bad either.
    I’d say just above average.

  • Jasmine

    I think she was looking for some cute guys LOL .
    Anyway , i love her 4ever ….

  • fan

    She is comfortable with herself that what’s matter.



  • silvy

    she’s really sexiiiiiiiii with this bikini !!! I love her so much ! her body is perfect !

  • Jannii

    She is gorgeous!! Love her body and the Bikini is sooo cute =D
    Go Ash <3

  • Qiana

    Look At Those Abs!

  • DaleMurph

    I have never seen her look more beautiful!!

  • Latoya

    she needs to eat a burger…girl looks like a tooth pick….she’s in her 20′s for pete’s sake and smaller than a 15 year old

  • tiff

    woow, she looks stunning

  • tiff

    @lmao: training doesnt give you curves you freak!

  • Tiffany

    She looks soooooooooo hot! Get all of her clothes at

  • osama

    flamin HOT!!

  • ZJ207

    HOT <3333
    love her so much :D

  • chelsea

    @Sav.: totally agree…the flab on her stomach has disappeared!

  • tarshia

    Haters get a life she has an awesome body true from far she loks a little skinny but take a closer look she has an awesome body 8)