Miley Cyrus Isn't A Fan of Twilight

Miley Cyrus Isn't A Fan of Twilight
  • Miley Cyrus doesn’t do Twilight
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  • Kristen Stewart is Look of the Day
  • Ashley Greene gets ready for a premiere
  • Nikki Reed: Paris changed me
  • Twilight Cast Appearances: Robert Pattinson — The Late Show with David Letterman; Kristen Stewart — The Today Show, Live with Regis and Kelly and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon; Kellan LutzThe Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • According to the WWD, Michelle Trachtenberg has inked a deal to design a costume jewelry line with Coach. Michelle will apply her tough-girl meets sugary-sweet vibe to her first jewelry collection in collaboration with Coach under the accessories giant’s youthful and spirited Poppy line.
  • Selena Gomez and The Scene‘s new music video “Naturally” will premiere on Friday, December 11th!
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  • amy

    thank god mileys honest about twilight, its all a load of crap.

  • lc

    i officially don’t understand miley cyrus.
    she says one thing and then basically takes it back the next day.
    she needs to find herself.

  • @Raquel

    Can’t wait till Selena’s new music video!
    I totally like Miley at the moment! I hate Twillight too! Never seen it, never will!

  • crystalclear4eva

    first!!! im glad she was honest not everyone likes what other people like,but i love twilight and miley cyrus

  • crystalclear4eva

    btw when i said i loved twilight i meant the book .

  • heat

    good for her. that movie is extremely overrated.

  • Sahina

    not everyone has to love Twilight. i used to be a big fan, but because of all the hype in the media, it’s putting me off.

  • monique gisselle

    not a fan either of the whole Twilight series. its not all that great.

  • janeybell

    Awesome. I like her even more now. The girl clearly knows something. Twilight is CRAP.

  • Gracie

    And I’m not a fan of Miley.

  • sarah(france)

    it’s great i’m so happy that she speaks her mind i love her so much
    i’m a twilight fan but i totally understand her
    i love you Miley !!!

  • twilight

    mileyy shut upp yaa twilight is soo cool its the best movie over the world i dont like you -.-

  • Jash*

    @Gracie so true
    She’s just jealouse! Twilght has so more fans that her and made more mone at the first day that her movie

  • sheila

    the fact that she is so adamant about it (that she won’t ever see it) causes me to think that perhaps she’s against it because of her religious beliefs. i commend her for that. there are those out there who share the same religious beliefs as miley and who choose to enjoy twilight but there are other who don’t because they feel it goes against their belief system. i don’t think either standpoint is wrong. i believe its a personal choice issue. but i do commend her for making her feelings known, especially right now amid the new moon frenzy.

  • andrea

    For once I agree with her but #2 is right. She never means what she says. Can’t wait for Naturally music video!!

  • mike

    She is no fan of Twitter i have to say. Actually is she a fan of anything at all. She’s slanged off everything her fans love. So does she hate her fans too? I think so.
    She phoned Biz Stone founder of Twitter. Here’s what she told him!

  • Anya

    Ah Miley, she’s just upset that not all the attention is directed on her.

  • daniella!!

    miley ok so ya dnt like it but HA 2 u cuz like most of the WORLD likes it. and ya ok so how can u say u dnt like it if you havent even watched it?? like really???… and shes just jealous that twilight has WAYYYY more fans than she has, had, and EVER will. haha twilight rocks her socks off!

  • Brittany

    finally someone normal..

  • lmao

    i dont like twilight too but she hates it maybe because she is not getting all the attention and yeah, she changes her mind everyday and contradicts herself

  • Gossi Girl

    Yeah, So she dosen’t like Twilight, but she likes Robert Pattinson…hmmm… IDK about you any more Smiles. You Don’t like Pop, But you love Britney and Gaga.

  • bianca

    Miley is full of bull…she say she doesn’t like things that are followed and loved by everyone…THEN SHE DOESN’T LOVE HERSELF…cause she’s followed and loved blindly by anyone. Gosh…dislike her and now she talks so rudely of something other people like, it’s like ok you don’t have to like it…but you don’t have to react like she did. I think she lacked a little of touch with what she said.

  • bri

    Miley is just being truthful she does not like twilight. The idiots saying that everyone like twilight are wrong I don’t like twilight and a lot of my friends don’t like it either, so everyone does not like it. She has a right not to like the movie. She said she doesn’t like vampires so why would she need to see it to know she wont like it. I don’t see whats the big deal about this is anyway. People just need to chill.

  • unknown

    Well Mikey I cant stand your shit show!

  • twatlight sucks

    I ,love her for saying this.
    I HATE TWILIGHT VERY VERY MUCH. Yes I seen the movie and I loled so hard.

    Even if I never seen the movie, I would stil kinda hate it or like what Miley said since well the twilight media and stuff is getting annoying and everyonhe is like Z0MGSSSS!!! TWILIGHT!!!11!!!!~~~ SHIRTLESS JACOB!!!! SHIRTLESS EDWARD!!! I WANT TO MARRY JACOB AND EDWARD -___- I kinda understand her. I’m in that situation too where everyone keeps talking about it and so on.

    Anyways Twilight is overrated I don’t get why people would get so fascinated with vampires just because of twilight

    and vampires don’t even sparkle.

  • Tiffany

    She probably doesn’t like it because for once, the media isn’t all about her.

  • Lexy

    Thank you Miley – thank you !!!! You are strong enough to voice your opinion againgst the throngs of simpleton followers. Sorry – Kristen Steward and Rob whatever and just untalented and forgetable. Time to let this craze end.

  • Lexy

    My last post did not go through. Miley – thank you so much for speaking the truth about this awful filme that has gone on way too long.

    Have you seen the trailer for New Moon. There should be a laugh track.

  • Lexy

    ok – I guess it did – sorry. Love you Miley. And your dad and brother.

  • michelle

    I don’t really care about Twilight & the media hype, but I would never go as far as to freaking start ranting about it, especially if I’m famous and have to watch what I’m saying. Miley went too far expressing her dislike for it. That girl’s mouth flaps like mindless chicken.

  • =)=)=)

    love that girl

  • xoxo

    im a fan of both !!! ps. miley is so awesome i love her and always will

  • whatevs guy

    “Twilight” is stupid. I watched the movie for ten minutes, while at a friend’s house, and I puked! It’s the worst movie I’ve ever seen. GO MILEY!

  • whatevs guy

    @xoxo: Me too! 8)

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    she was so rude ! she is so immature ! she is not better than anyone to say i wish it could all go it and it’s fan ! she acted like a fuckin princess like she rly beleives in her miley world ! jealous bit**

  • whatevs guy

    @vanessa zanessa is the best!!!: And let me tell you something else, little miss I-fit-exactly-30-characters-in-my-name, Miley loves all this attention. It’s what makes her so popular. So if you don’t want her around anymore, just stop with your stupid comments! That goes for everybody!!!