Zac Efron: Fans Always Find Me!

Zac Efron: Fans Always Find Me!

Zac Efron is more than grateful for his fans everywhere, but sometimes it can be overwhelming.

The 22-year-old actor revealed to EXTRA during promos for his upcoming drama, Me & Orson Welles, about the fan groups that would follow him and the other actors to set. He shared, “The idea of going to a fairly secluded place and to fly away for a couple of weeks… I was so excited to leave all the attention behind. [But] we had a small crowd of young girls and boys hooraying us as we would drive up to set.”

Zac continued, “It’s incredibly endearing and cool that they would do that kind of thing for you. I’m very grateful. To be honest, I think our crew and the rest of the cast got a big kick out of it.”

Me & Orson Welles opens in limited release on Friday, November 25th.

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Credit: Kevin Reece/London Ent; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Abby

    Haha aww he’s so cute. love him

  • MISHYb


  • Addie
  • MISHYb


  • muse

    Oh my gosh, cant wait to see his new movie. Trailer looks awesome. Wishing for some Zanessa, but get they cant be together 24/7. Love them though :D

  • mykamicks

    He is always adorable. No doubt ZAC is still UP until now. He could deny his self towards his fans. With his looks, normal people could automatically identified him.

  • Karen

    According to some twitters reported on the zanessa sweetheart site Zac is now in London. Once again he found a way to avoid the paps at LAX. But then again, if he left late on Monday night he probably didn’t have so much trouble since I’m sure all the paps were trying to get pictures at the premiere of New Moon and all the celebrities at that event.

    As tight as his schedule is it would seem that once he is done in Europe he will probably fly into NY and be ready for the premiere of the movie there on the 23rd.

  • AdAitaly

    If you want to know the real secret of his success, watch this video on YouTube and comment it ! : “The evident proof that Zac Efron…”

  • ANNE.

    I’ve never found him?

  • kami

    zac is cool.

  • chichi

    “fans” hello girlfriend, if you havent noticed, your star has fallen from the star and you have been replaced as a teen crush with robert pattinson and taylor lautner

  • a.j

    cant wait for the movie
    i love zac

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    I do not understand is zac and vanessa in Greater London
    zac or so, I did not understand the” zanessa”?

  • Grace formally known as Hmm

    @nathalia: zanessa sweetheart is a web-site for Zac and Vanessa fans. According to the site Zac is in London to promote his movie and then will be in New York.

    He’s seems like such a nice guy. I’m sure he’s grateful for the attention but I’m also sure it can be a lot to tkae sometimes too.

  • London Lemming

    Zac is in London. He arrived early hours this morning (London time).
    @nathalia: The Zanessa reference Karen made was to a blog called Zanessa sweetheart which has a twitter reporting Zac has left for London.

  • pop86

    @AdAitaly: You’re a moron. Why would anyone waste their time on your whack-ass video?

  • pop86

    Thanks Karen, I was wondering how he got out of LA without being papped.

  • tena

    I hope ever thimg goes well for zac and the movie :)

  • Tiptoes

    and MAOW got a 100 Critics Choice Rating – AMAZING!

    I am excited for the London premiere…

  • Grace formally known as Hmm

    @Tiptoes: Thanks for posting this . . . that’s awesome. It seems a rare thing that a film gets a 100 rating . . . it’s nice to see Zac’s seemingly wise role choice getting recognized. Can’t wait to see the film and see for myself how great it is!!

  • lilly

    Oh, because it’s a “limited” release, I am SO worried that MAOW won’t play in my town and I won’t get to see it. How disappointing will that be!! The book was really good.

    Zac is going to do the Graham Norton show again. When he was on while promoting 17 Again, the show was hilarious. I can’t wait.

  • katie

    @chichi: Haha, obviously he still has fans otherwise 17 Again wouldn’t have done so well. If you don’t like him get the hell of his page.

  • Karen

    It would seem he found a way to get out of LAX other than using the New Moon premiere considering he just arrived in London this morning. But it certainly does seem that he is getting better and better at avoiding the paps.

    I’m sorry you got confused. There is a website at It has news of Zac and Vanessa and I had seen on that sight earlier from a twitter that he had arrived in London.

    AdAitaly: I have tried to watch this video and can’t get past the first 2 minutes. I have never understood it and to me it is unbearable to watch. Maybe I haven’t watched enough of it but what does it have to do with Zac?

  • athena

    Great news that the film receive a 100 choice critics attention. Zac, your fans will find you no matter what…you’re a celebrity, and you’re hot!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    You go Zachary. I kinda know how that feels. It’s definitely annoying and its like you can’t go anywhere in private. Celebrities basically give up their private lives for this. Obsessed fans/paparazzi’s following them everywhere/anywhere. But I’ll admit it, if I ever did see a Celebrity, I would probably run up to them screaming, “CAN I GET YOUR AUTOGRAPH !?” So yeah,, Celebs. eventually have a private time to themselves, but that’s only once a while.. and I feel real sorry for them.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    now understood

  • ally

    who cares????hes soooo boring…RPATTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rocks

  • chichi

    @ katie, shut your ugly hairy face up , 17 again was released at the begining of the year and alot can change in 10 months you stupid tranny monster

  • lilly


    You’re the idiot. Zac has LOADS of fans. They were all over him in London at the MAOW premiere. They were all around while he was in Vancouver filming Charlie St. Cloud. If you like RPattz and/or Lautner better, then fine. Go post on threads about them.

  • deb


    I just read that MAOW will be release nationwide on Dec 11. Don’t know if that’s true, but I hope it is.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!