Robert Pattinson: I'll Never Live Up To Edward Cullen

Robert Pattinson: I'll Never Live Up To Edward Cullen

Robert Pattinson knows that Edward Cullen is quite possibly the perfect guy — but that doesn’t mean he is.

The 23-year-old actor revealed to TIME mag, saying, “There’s no living up to it. I think the major fear is just fighting too hard against it. Most people who have a downfall from a like situation is when they do try to fight, and fight and fight: I’m not this teenybopper person, blah, blah, blah. Even if a lot of people see me and the franchise as like that, I never have, at any point. But I don’t feel the need to fight against it.”

Rob continued, “I’ve never tried to pander to any kind of audience. I’ve tried to make the films as intelligent and uncheesy as you could. And I’ve tried to make them the best they can be. I’ve never thought about it any other way. So I hope that pays off.”

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  • Kim

    That’s okay, Rob, love you anyway! You are so gorgeous and yet so dorky! Sigh!

  • Sweetmalakrock♥

    robert is the best ..!!!

  • nadnad

    I LOVE HIM……!!!!!

  • leeloo

    he is wonderful guy! love him!

  • marie

    He is the best! Love you ROB!

  • alycia

    he’s so cute!

  • marcoskidulker


  • khristi

    Yo guys are so delusional-you never listen to anything that he has to say, you just want to look at how gorgeous he is and he really is so not into this whole Twilight thing, either you don’t really get that or you just want to continue to see him as a fictional character.

  • jess

    mmm nice

  • Mimi

    @khristi I know the difference between Edward Cullen and Robert Pattinson. I know that Edward is fiction. I love Rob 4 Rob. I no the difference. i’m tired of u ppl caiming we dont JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!

  • pup

    You ppl are all lunatics. This guy isn’t good looking. GET REAL.

  • iellidy

    Não se trata de beleza e sim de simpatia
    ele e muito simpático e que o torna lindo sua performance no filme da um pouco de êxtase quando voce le o livro e imagina as senas com ele e e a Bella dar para deixa de ama-los vai meninos sejam felizes


    Rob is the HOTTEST guy EVER

  • nouf

    Robert is not a cute guy heis a normal guy like evrey one else u see rob and think of edward a character isnt reel,, Rob is a normal guy

  • wow

    i agree w/pup, this guy is in no way the hottest or best actor. and i don’t buy the whole self-depricating thing he’s trying pass off. he loves the attention and is afraid of being type cast.

    and anyone w/that kind of hair is conceited.

  • rocksi

    i would love to meet him one day.
    i seriously like him because of the way he is and not
    because of the twilight phenomenon..
    i am not your tipical twilight fan..
    idk.. i’m kind of weird in a way.. but for some reason
    i find guys like him really interesting and sexy (:

  • carolina

    He could be the new Johnny Depp of this generation. I don’t think any of the characters are taking this whole Twilight thing too serious , though they sound grateful for the many opportunities the franchise will bring and well let’s be honest $$$$$$.

  • vanessa

    ROB you are the sexiest guy alive. the hottest and we loooove you so much in new moon. hope to see you soon in Remember Me !!!

  • Classy

    … i’m a twilight fan and all, but he really isn’t that good an actor.. i mean, the whole movie he looks like he’s constipatied.. is that his sexy/anguish face? casue its not working!

    yeah he’s good looking, in a normal way. but he’s a total hipster, very deep and into himself.. just like every other actor. No Big Deal

  • anna

    well, they’re still cheesy..but I guess tehre wasn’t much he could do. The story isn’t great and he’s not a good actor, just a pretty face, a very hot one.

  • ehhh

    i think this guy is hot but i really didn’t care for his acting in twilight or new moon. and why do they make him whiter than the other vampires? they need to give him just a tiny bit of color.

  • zac

    although i don’t see the appeal of the badly written Twilight films and the overly melodramatic books, and although i don’t quite see how “handsome” or “sexy” Pattinson is, i must say i admire him. It takes a mature and intelligent person to see that there is no point of fighting against the “tweenybopper” image. This is the kind of attitiude that self-important heartthrobs of the past and present lacks. Leonardo, Brad Pitt etc may be much older than him, but they don’t seem to know this.

  • Assel

    You’re very good actor!!! And handsome!!! Like u!!! :)

  • fabp

    the movie’s so corny…love story blah – but rob is definitely a main attraction – - sounds he’s so grounded and seems he doesn’t get into that teenbopper shit

  • britame

    thank god he’s not the typical handsome hollywood star! that’s tiring to look at after a while…rob’s got x-factor which w/out a doubt just gets sexier and hotter as time goes by and that HORRID twiUGLYight movies get canned after a while

  • Susan

    I absolutely have a huge crush on Rob. He is devine as Edward Cullen. And yes, that makes me a puma since I’m almost 40. Did anyone else think that Rob has a secret dislike of Twilight because of how he says he tries to make the films as uncheesy as possible. Rob… slipped honey.


    Well we don’t think that over at! Robert is the closest us twi-fans are gonna get to Edward – but remember we’ve gotta love him as Rob and not Edward, sometimes it’s easy to blur fiction with reality :)

  • Serena

    Ok everyone has to stop thinking of him as Edward Cullen! His soo much more then him! I love Robbiie, for being himself. For breathing, for walking, for even the slightest things. His my hero, and I am his biggest fan! <3 ily xox

  • roblove

    OK , but i love you still , you always laugh and you are so cute : D, i am sorry because i can speak LITTLE english :D because i am finish people : D