Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Tweet Thank Yous

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Tweet Thank Yous

Keeping both their heads down, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson arrive at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday evening (November 23).

The duo, who both do not have a personal Twitter themselves, both took over Twilight‘s official Twitter to thank fans for the success of New Moon at the box office.

Kristen shared, “”You all have proven you’re the most amazing fans in the world once again. Yes, I twittered. Or twitted.. tweeted? I dunno, but thank you sooo much anyway..!”

Rob added, “Thank you for making NEW MOON #1. It’s very exciting to be a part of something embraced by so many people. I hope you are looking forward to ECLIPSE as much as I am.”

10+ pics inside of Kristen and Rob back in L.A…

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Credit: CHRIS/GVK; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Danny

    I hate them.
    Kellan & Nikki ♥

  • pup

    I don’t get the hype about these two. I rlly don’t.
    If not for “twilight” and they did another movie, no one would give a crap because they are crap actors. Society….

  • Hilu

    Love them ♥

  • RobstenLIVES!!

    they looks so damn COOL, that was nice of them to thank the fans :D

  • sarebear

    Thanks Rob and Kristen :-) you guys are awesome

  • Paulina

    They are not crap actors, they are really good actors, they are not like all hollywood teens stars ‘omg I’m soo famous I think I need plastic surgery’ pathetic :/ Why you call them crap? They are the most normal actor I have ever seen I’m thankfull to them that they took these roles and fact that they are famous is becasue they did an amazing job in movie. Even my friend who is like kinda any-Twilight liked this movie soo…it’s not all about twilight mania. Personally I love them both and I wish them good luck for future :)

  • val

    (If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all. At least thats’ how I was raised.) It’s a shame that there are so many rude comments on two inspiring actors such as Rob Pattison and Kristen Stewart. The hate in this world is so huge, why be a part of it too. I do hope these incredible actors continue to inspire young readers to just pick up a book and enjoy reading. Sometimes to escape the realities of life, it is nice to escape with a fantasy such as the Twlight Saga Books. May not be a favorite to all, but it is my favorite.

  • nessa

    they are amazingg. and they arent bad actors, they aren’t AMAZING but they’re good.

  • KristenRULES!!

    Kristen is the boss!!

  • pup

    @Paulina: If you think what they portrayed in the twilight franchise was good, then you obviously have not seen, nor know actual “good” talent. I’m not hating on them, but I will call it as it is. And ppl know it. The sad thing is, is that they’re all caught up in the hoopla known to us as “Twilight”.

  • rose

    i think rob and kristen are not bad actors. they deliver cheesy lines from the books without people laughing at them. they’re chemistry is undeniable. but most important they are a “take no shit” pair, who are proud of their franchise and live as normal a life as they can. kudos to robsten.

  • Paulina

    Yeah becasue for you what a good talent is? Like…Johny Deep or so on? But they are young they are just starting..of course it wasn’t awesome like brilliant their acting but I think they are GOOD and it’s my opinion and I didn’t say anything bad about you just things about them soo don’t judge ma please? Just fact that they start in famous or popular or idk just huge movie makes them look good? If they would screw their part in that movie I would say that even if I’m fan becasue I like things to be done at least good soo…maybe let’s just give them a shoot they will probably play in more movies soon and we will see if they are good or not

  • Paulina

    yeah I agree with rose :)

  • Amalie

    I just love them. <33333

  • pup

    @Paulina: Young or not. Either you got it, or you don’t. And they just don’t have that. Again, not hating. Just stating a fact. Many actors are “young” and they are crazy talented. But one movie, and bam, they are the nxt ‘It” thing. It’s just baffling…..
    Anyhoo, like who you like.

  • Paulina

    Yeah same with you :)

  • overated.

    I don’t know, Kristen Stewart seems so boring in all her movies (besides ‘Panic Room’). Its like she’s deadpanned throughout the movie. Robert, he’s an okay actor. I much preferred him in Harry Potter 4 as a wizard though. Nobody really knew who he was until he was in Twilight which I really dislike cause half the fans like him for Edward while the other half likes him for him. And @pup: You’ve pretty much just summed it up.

  • bruin

    @overated.: oh i was one of those who stayed for the after credits of harry potter 4, just to know who cedric was.

  • Jess!

    i love Kristen!!!

  • nadhira

    @Paulina: so true

  • Team seth clearwaterr!

    just because you think that, doesnt mean its true

  • team jasper

    i love kristen and robert. i think they are talanted. the movie was alot better then the first one. it was more like the book.
    add this site -
    ^^ if you ♥ nikki & jackson<3 i always update :) xx ♥

  • ninnia

    I’am just so happy they were chosen for this role, and Kristen is perfect Bella :)

  • Paulina

    @nadhira: Thanks

    Plus I want to add new thing about them please say if you agree with me or not just be…nice ;p

    I know many people say that they are not real I mean not dating and so on and it’s just they smile to each other becasue they are friends and they spent a lot of time together but maybe I am dumb (but I think I’m not ;p) but friends don’t look at each other that way, they don’t smile like that and just…even through that computer screen you feel like it’s real their conection….that look in the eyes when they see each other not every co-stars have it I guess…but it’s just my opinion ;)

  • pup

    @overated.: Thanks. Glad someone knows reality. Haha.

  • Juliana sampaio BRASIL *-*

    esses dois nunca vão sair do meu coração
    vou amar pra sempre *–*
    E o tay também
    o mais lindo de todos *———————*

  • totally.

    @Paulina: oh my goodness i totally agree!!! it rarely occurs to me that i want two celebrities to be together so bad…. it’s ridiculous. but i really want them to be together..forever!!! they just look SO AWESOME together! O_O :D

  • Paulina

    Yeah it’s kinda ridiculous but it’s the same with me just…they seem to get really well together and sometimes it’s just fate and some people are made for each other and that’s what I think about them ;] and I don’t get why people tells us that we are stupid if we think they are together or that it’s not our business well yeah I agree they can be with whoever they want BUT they are celebrities and people are intresting in their life it’s a part of being famous and I think they knew that when they decided to be an actor/actress soo just let us (fan of them) believe they are together and have hope and if you doesn’t like it, don’t say anything we can be ridiculous but we don’t hurt anybody with that. And again just it’s just my opinion but I hope I’m not alone in it :]

    and I’m glad totally. that you agree with me :)