Zac Efron Gets Flustered Over Zac Posen

Zac Efron Gets Flustered Over Zac Posen

Zac Efron tugs on his black bag as he arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (November 25).

The 22-year-old actor, wearing a Bruce Lee tee, just returned from premiering his new flick, Me & Orson Welles in New York City.

Zac even got flustered at the premiere by another ZacPosen. He shared with the NY Daily News, “Wait … is that Zac Posen? Wow. Amber Rose is here? I just can’t believe she’s here.”

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  • marina


  • Jordan

    Poor Baby, Hes had a long week. Hope he has a great holiday

  • ryanefron

    i love him :]

  • Soni Hannigan

    And hopes he see’s vanessa and we can finally see them together.

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    omg he is so hot..
    hopefully we’ll get Zanessa that Zac is going home..
    he needs a rest..Hope they have a great holiday..

    I hope everyone on here has a great Thanksgiving!!

  • mykamicks

    The Dashing Boy is Back. Im so excited to see him & Vanessa. Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

  • abby

    I am NOT one to fall all over a guy I don’t even know but damn he’s like the only guy in hollywood I’ve kinda fallin in love with. Everything about him seems so sweet. Plus he’s damn hot lol.

  • bianca

    If only god hadn’t broken down the model he used to create Zac….we could all have a Zac of our own for christmas. HES SO HANDSOME!

  • abby

    @bianca: Haha I say that all the time. Really we all NEED our own Zacs. Life would be so amazing.

  • Zac Efron’s Biggest Fan

    Zac Looks amazing. I Hope he has amazing Thankgiving with his family.

  • abby

    Is that his dad next to him? The hair looks like it could be his dad.

  • brad

    O-M-GEE! wow he’s like the hottest guy in the world!

  • pop86

    Now, he can finally get some rest when he goes to SLO.

  • nikki


  • justine

    HOLY SH*T wow ok i usually don’t see zac efron looking hot but MANN lately he has been SO fine, i think im getting a HUGEcrush on him :) and im acually ok with that LOL XD dayum

  • Jess!

    ARRRMMSSS!!! ♥

  • Marie

    Zac is one sexy fine man. I love him.

  • brad

    @Jess!: I KNOWWW GGIIRRLLL<333

  • Calee

    oh gosh, I need deseperately zanessa pics!!

  • Zac Efron’s Biggest Fan

    Next week Zac will be In Austin Teaxes To promo Me and Orson welles.

  • boji

    It’s getting hot in here, temperature’s rising. Zac what the EF is wrong, you are indeed a fine specimen. Some refer to you as Wine but to me you are like Cheese, which tastes better with age and maturity, ie, strongly flavoured and the cheesier the better, that’s how I like them.

  • brad

    @boji: hahaha what?

  • Leah.

    Ha, loving the shirt, Zac.

  • lmao

    hot hot

  • yets

    now i know why there is a vanessa haters
    ZAC IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!

  • kgg

    Zac is looking great! BTW, I’m sure that is his Dad since he was in New York with Zac when he was promoting MAOW. Hope they have a nice relaxing Thanksgiving holiday along with some family bonding and meeting up with old friends. Zac has earned a rest. It would be even more perfect if V could join him!

  • nikki

    WHY WHY WHY GOD is zac efron soo AMAZINGLY hhoootttttttt<333 i would ssoooo wanna date him

  • nikki

    oh and one more thing, I WOULD soo eat zac efron right up :)

  • kami

    maybe his family will be in la to celebrate thanksgiving there with zac. because zac has to leave for texas on the 29th. this way they can spend more time with him.

  • nikki

    @kami: yah maybe, haha i wish i was spending thanksgiving with zac efron

  • star

    Yay he is back in LA! I hope he has a good break and can spend some time with V.

  • star


    Me too. It’s been too long since we have been able to gush over how cute they look together.

  • Zac Efron’s Biggest Fan


    I Think Zac will celebrate thanksgiving in SLO. Then I Think Zac will leave for Teaxes on Sundy night.

  • Zac Efron’s Biggest Fan


    I Think Zac will celebrate thanksgiving in SLO. Then I Think Zac will leave for Teaxes on Sundy night.

  • kami

    that sure looks like zac’s dad in the one pic. i didn’t realize he was in ny with zac. they may have gone to slo this afternoon. or they may have stayed in la. i can’t remember how long the drive to slo is. about 195 miles and five hours? depending on how fast you drive.

  • Lydia

    omg he is so hot..

  • Jollykt

    Hope to see Zanessa together soon…………I luv you, Zac ^^

  • Chizzy

    I like his hair short. :) Great style! Guys should take notes from him! He looks good! :P

  • Ella

    hmm i agee, i hope we get zanessa pics soon!
    friend still thinks he is seriously trying to look like robert pattinson… haha

  • Nomnomnom

    Thats an awesome shirt lol. He’s so hot.

  • mykamicks


    Lets cross all our fingers…hahaha!

  • Katty

    He looks good.
    Him and V will probably spend TG with their own families, then maybe go back to LA and spend a day together or something. He won’t leave for Texas until the 27 or 28 if he has to be there by the 29.
    Even if she doesn’t spend a day with V, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong, it just means that they are spending time with their familes. They did see each other before he went off to London.
    Me and Orson Welles isn’t coming to my city :( I’m trying to find out someway to go see it. I wish it was.

  • peggy

    @Zac Efron’s Biggest Fan:

    He doesn’t have to leave on Sunday the screening is in the evening and the flight is all of 2hrs and 55min and they start early in the morning. HE can come back to LA on Sunday or he can go straight from SLO on Monday morning to LAX and make a flight to Texas.

  • Karen

    Does anyone know if there is a website that tells where MAOW is going to be playing? Earlier there had been word saying it would be out on December 11 in a lot more theaters than it is right now but I don’t know where those theaters are.

    I believe he might go to SLO for Thanksgiving as that seems to be holiday where a lot of his family gets together. Two years ago there was a family reunion at that time. I don’t even know if Vanessa has gotten to come home from Vancouver. It sure would seem that someone would have seen her if she came through LAX.

    However, Vanessa should be done with filming SP before her birthday on December 14 so then they should be seeing each other soon and they both should have some down time to kick around and relax.

  • Katty


    Vanessa did come back from Vancouver, last week. She just hasn’t been seen out much. Go to her archives, she’s home, with her family. She’s probably busy with family things because she doesn’t spend a lot of time with them lately due to projects.

  • fan

    @43, Katty: Vanessa did returned to Vancouver, B.C. last week. There was a twitter from one of the SP extras that the last three days, the casts were filming the big brothel fights of 5 girls kicking butts of 47 guys. No words on Vanessa coming home for the holiday yet.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. :D His t-shirt is just super awesome and his shoes are tight !! Lol.

    Hm, well apparently one of my friends saw Vanessa at a near by mall on Monday, but I don’t know if that’s true.. I don’t even know if Vanessa has come back from L.A or not. All I know is that this is a Zachary post… :D

  • matingas

    it was morning time jared :P .. flight landed like at 11:42 a.m.

  • me


  • abby

    FYI for those of you wonder about Vanessa’s where abouts. She’s back in Canada. Maybe she came back for thanksgiving but as of a few days ago she was still in Canada.