Zac Efron is Austin Amazing

Zac Efron is Austin Amazing

Zac Efron snaps a pic with costar Christian McKay as they attend the premiere of Me & Orson Welles at the Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas on Monday evening (November 30).

The 22-year-old actor, Christian and director Richard Linklater were more than happy to answer questions from audience members after the screening.

Zac recently caught up with the Vancouver Sun and revealed that he takes every movie role seriously. He shared, “Oh yeah ” I take everything very seriously. I think every movie at this point is important. But this one has a different fan base and different subject matter. It’s more mature, and I’m not able to rely on some skill sets that I’ve been able to rely on in the past. So it’s branching out, I think. It made me a little nervous at times, but that’s usually a good thing in my experience. The scarier something is, the harder it is to jump into, and the more of a challenge it will be.”

Me & Orson Welles opened in limited theaters last Wednesday.

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Photos: Jay West/WireImage/Gary Miller/FilmMagic
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  • britame

    love these zac piccies

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    omg he is so hot!!
    I miss Vanessa..but at least we have half of Zanessa and not
    this movie is looking better and better..

  • brad

    OHH mmm GEEEE!! he is loking FINE as hellz zaccy baby :) keep up the good looks babe!!!! :D

  • brad


  • nikki

    OMG OMG OMG OMG i have been waiting for the pictures from this event aaaaaaahhhhh zac is so hot… sexy… i am in love. LOL XD

  • laia

    DAMN!!!! That guy is FINEEEE…!!!! Please Zac, dont let old R-Pattz gets the best of u, u r the best!!!

    need/ post more zanessa!!

  • ZanessaLuvr95

    He’s looking hotter & hotter by age :D

  • mrsefron.


  • maria

    He looks great; mature, sexy, rugged, and definitely older. It’s amazing what a haircut will do for ya!! Love it!!

  • Tiptoes

    he looks good…

    and Christian got a nomination as best supporting actor in the Independent Spirit Award…

  • Lydia

    he is so hot!
    i love u zac so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grace

    @Tiptoes: That’s awesome!! Thanks for sharing that. I haven’t seen the movie yet but if every thing I read is any indication I think it’ll be the first of many nominations for him.

    These are great photos, Zac looks particularly good in them, I think all these great reviews for his movie must be agreeing with him . . . he looks relaxed and happy.

  • justine

    wow, like serously it started off with me not liking him because of hsm stuff, then the moment i watched 17again i started liking him, then once he gotthis hair cut, like honestly i fell in love! it feels so weird and wrong but so right in so many ways. like i have no words how i feel, im just in love with zac efron. hes aazingly perfect in EVERY way. :)

  • kim

    He keeps looking better and better and I didn’t think that was possible.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks amazing.

  • kgg

    Wow! Zac is looking great in that leather jacket….in fact, he’s looked fantabulous though this whole MAOW promo tour. Wonder if he has a new stylist….if so, he/she deserves a raise IMO. LOL

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Great looks and great advice. So handsome… so fine… I wish he was mine. Haha. :D

    “The scarier something is, the harder it is to jump into, and the more of a challenge it will be.”

    That is forever in my mind.

  • nikki

    @zanessa/scashley/ashnessa: LOL that rhymed LOL LOL but its soo true

  • Katty

    Love him. He looks so good with his hair cut. I wonder what is next for him. I hope he gets a little time off with his friends and gf before he does something else.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks good at the Austin Premiere of me and Orson welles.

  • marisol

    hot hot hot hot hot hot hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • pop86

    If you live in LA or NY, you have go see Me and Orson Wells. It is really a good movie overall not just Zac is in it.

    Zac looks really good in leather. Yeah!

  • marie

    zac :)

  • katy

    He’s looking ugly now a days

  • den

    I can’t wait to see MAOW, it has one of my other faves, Claire Danes in it. Zac looks great as always but I still like his hair best when it’s a little longer. Guess I’m in the minority on that one,lol…

  • http://adf ello

    ok i love zac but hes being a douche, i mean he is always talking about how “perfect” claire danes is. i mean has a girlfriend, he really should stop saying that

  • me.

    @ello: dude, he admires her. it’s not like he’s saying that he loves her or anything. and he’s just being a nice guy. i’m 99% sure vanessa doesn’t even give a shit about this… so why would you? if you love him, you wouldn’t say he’s a douche just because he’s praising claire. :/

  • lily

    He is sooo cute!! Idk something about him…he is looking better with age..more mature and handsome and dresses better

  • mykamicks

    Zac knows how to appreciate & gives respects to his colleagues in the business especially those Seniors Leading Ladies. And I love that gestures of him without any malicious motive be it an older or of his age female co actors. And that’s Zac Efron’s chararacter which other young male celebs dont have…

    By the way, I love his aura these past weeks.

  • nikki

    @katy: uumm i dont get how you can call that ugly!!! hahaha you must have something wrong
    zac efron is getting hotter and hotter :)
    @ello: thats his co-star, she is married, hes just being nice

  • sunny

    he looks soo handsome :D !!!!

  • athena

    I know it hits selected theatres and towns on certain days and months, but has anyone seen MAOW yet?

  • pop86

    @ello: Stop trying to cause drama when there isn’t any. Zac has been complimenting his co-stars Clair Danes and Christian McKay throughout this promotional tour.

  • zanessafan4ever

    Awwwwwwww Zac!

  • tena

    Zac looks so handsome in this photos and i hope the further is bright for him but i would say he will work hard to get were he wants.

  • Laura

    i love zac. he looks so good here.

  • Kate from Poland

    I would love to see this movie in my town. I hope that it will be.
    Zac is great actor, and I think that role is perfect for him. He can show us ( fans and critics) that he can play role not only dancing or singing.
    Great job Zac. Hope to see you in Poland.
    what about Zac & Vanessa? Are they still together?
    ps. sorry for my english, still learning

  • em

    This is how a professional promotes a movie and co-star’s work. It isn’t about personal relationships.

    I really don’t understand JJ relegating this movie to the Jr. site when he has clearly added a wider base with this movie and these interviews in particular.

    What on earth is JJ being so stubbornly resistant for? Older people don’t think someone is a “douche” for promoting their work and co-workers.

  • inji

    ooohhhh, hotness! i love his leather jacket. :D

  • pop86

    @athena: Yes, it’s really good. If you are in NY, it’s playing at the Angelika and at Lincoln Center Cinema.

  • Karen

    I agree about this junior site stuff. He is working with Claire Danes! Does JJ consider her a “junior”? Is Zac here because he is the lead in this movie? Would JJ put Zac and his movie on JJJ if Zac was the lead character in a movie but he was also in the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio?????? I don’t think so…

    Kate from Poland:
    Yes, Zac and Vanessa are still very much together.

  • nikki

    He is so Sexxxy

  • susan1

    I can’t wait to go and see Me and Orson Welles this Friday oh well iam
    so excited now.

  • Grace

    Pulled this off of the web-site Charismatic today:
    According to Box Office Mojo, Me & Orson Welles has grossed $91,128 in the past six days, not bad for opening in only four theaters in Los Angeles and New York City on November 25th. Me & Orson Welles will open in several more selected theaters in Louisville, KY, Austin, TX, Chicago, IL, Philadelphia, PA, Boston, MA, Dallas, TX, San Francisco, CA, Houston, TX, Washington, and San Diego, CA on December 4th. Visit to find a theater in your area. If the movie is playing at a theater in your area make sure to go and see it!

    KAREN: Hope you’re luckier than I am, it looks like it’s not coming anywhere near me. :(

  • kami

    zac is a true gentleman. he is always complementary to his costars. also he is kind to old ladies, young ladies, middle aged ladies, tweenies and little girls.

  • nikki


  • Bradley Bobst

    Grace thanks for the info. That is great news for Me and Orson welles.

  • Karen


    I’m going to check it out. Although Louisville is almost an hour and a half drive for me, I might consider it! I will check out the site. I had read that even more theaters would be getting it on December 11 so maybe it will be around you and even closer to me.

  • Mia

    Oh God I wanna see that mov ieee!! crap !!! he looks so mature and beauti in this pics !!! luv ya zac

  • justine

    Wow this movie is doing really good for only being out in 4 theatres and get 100,000 dollars
    zacs beautiful