Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Explore NYC

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Explore NYC

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson felt like celebrating — by touring NYC the way that lovers would do.

The twosome had five dates in five nights, starting at Italian eatery Gemma on Friday, November 18th, where Rob made sure to keep next to Kristen. During the rest of the week, Kris and Rob dined at Del Posto, mexican restaurant La Esquina, the aquatic themed Dive Bar and Japanese eatery Megu.

They held hands at Avenue, gazed into each other’s eyes at La Esquina, stole sweet pecks at Dive Bar and sipped on artisanal beers at Megu. “They seem very natural, very normal,” Debbie Weiss, who saw the lovebirds get cozy last Monday night at Dive Bar, tells Life & Style. “They laughed, held hands and kissed a few times.”

Aww, how sweet!

Another source dishes that, “Kristen has changed. She used to be a lot more awkward and unsure in interviews. Now she’s started to have fun with them. Kristen and Rob have really bonded over this franchise. They’ve gotten through all the craziness together and have a real connection because of it. They’ll always be important to each other.”

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Photos: Daniel Deme / WENN
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  • Heather


  • Shaye

    that’s what i call chemistry

  • marie

    i love them!

  • jasmine

    they are so so cute. And i just love Kristen

  • Ms. O

    this was random…I want pics…

  • Lola

    Love, love, love ♥

  • Paulina

    It’s awesome to hear that if it’s ture…I mean are there any pics of them? I don’t know if I can believe in that…even if I want to soo badly.
    I think they would be or they are a great beautiful and made for each other copule :) just we want mooooore pictures or any pictures ;p

  • nathalia

    I don’t know if I can believe in that…
    i love them.

  • team jasper

    love them ♥ i hope we could have pic ;) add my site for jackson and nikki – :) ignore the url, its old. xxx

  • loveghosts

    Sweet!! But must proof video of them, sorry .. I barely beleive pictures because of photoshop, that’s why . Only way video are more power proof..

  • wrong dates

    November 18th was a Wednesday this year???

  • Anonymous

    Need pics….Rob said himself that people make up so much stuff when he’s on the other side of the world the ‘tabloids’ are like he’s on a date with so n so..WHAT?!
    Believe what u want….pics just jared!

  • fan

    love Robsten!

  • van

    True, or untrue (talking about this particular event) I love them together, that’s what I call real chemistry and like a bizarre deal with soulmates.

  • katie

    Wouldn’t trust Life and Style. Ever.

  • Kate from Poland

    this story sounds very sweet, but still we don’t have a proof…what about pics from their date nights. If we see real photos from their dates with hugging, holding hands or kissing it is more possible to believe in it.
    I hope that in Premiere tour Twilight Eclipse all cast will come to Poland too. It would be awsome to see all them.

  • ms. cullen

    Where, the hell, are photos? I need them to believe this! But I think this could be truth… Finally… :D :D

  • Heather

    Kissing?? People actually saw this? We need photo evidence..

  • http://x twilighter xxx

    Wow! Love robsten…but where are the pics!!
    I believe there dating (an of course in love) but we need some pictures!!!


  • iellidy

    wpws gostaria muite de acreditar mais enfim como provar

  • tribe pride

    i’m on team jacob deal with it ,also i think carlisle is going to turn bella into a vampire . taylor latner has awsome acting skells he is so HOT i’m in love with him and jasper needs to relax. quit whining or i’ll give you a papercut in front of jasper!!!!!!!

  • Chris


  • hmmm

    Hmmm….who wasn’t carding Kristen at these places. Not good publicity to state she was sipping on beers when she isn’t even 21!

  • bruin

    well one thing is for sure, kristen isn’t as awkward as she was before, it would be nice if it were true

  • Jen

    I think it’s great to not see pictures for a change! That means the pap didn’t have a camera shoved in their faces and they possibly could enjoy themselves out somewhere. :) They deserve some privacy. Whether they are dating or not is noone’s business anyway.

  • Dee

    I’m not even a huge Twilight fan and I love this couple!

    They are so refreshing. Both awkward actors who got into acting for the right reasons….neither of them wanted to be in the spotlight. They don’t give a crap about Hollywood yet they were both thrust into that world at the same time…..and got through it together.

    They both just have this look to them…..timeless faces….just like old Hollywood.

    They are perfect for each other. A true Hollywood fairytale.

  • Michelle

    Very true ladies. There must be proof, something must be out there. All we get is reports, but someone somewhere must have photos or a video. I’d like to believe it’s true, but so far no physical evidence. Besides, if it were true so what? I wish them both the best anyway! :)

  • naree

    we always love you Rob/Kristen…so sweet..

  • bridget

    Your source is Life & Style, are you serious? Jared you must be really hard up for hits to your site to use that piece of crap publication as a source. You probably don’t even believe it’s true, but are posting it because you know Robsten shippers will come to read it.

  • twilightfan29

    Very happy for them!!!!!! Wish them the very best together. :)

  • http://justjared ellis, woo!!!!!

    it was my bday on the 18th november and it was a wednesday!!

  • me

    Don’t know if this is real…seeing as theres no pics I don’t fully believe it but if it’s true good for them!

    Though I don’t agree with Kristen not being awkward anymore…she’s still pretty uneasy from all the recent interviews I’ve seen but that’s no biggie. That’s just her personality

  • V

    I actually saw this on “People weeks ago.” I saw some pics of Rob at Megu, too. Real or not at least there’s not pictures invading their privacy.

  • paola_200494

    @hmmm: I was just thinking the same thing!

  • priya

    pictures or it didn’t happen

  • Paulina

    @hmmm: and @paola_200494: She sipped his beer hehe xD nah I’m just kidding ;p

  • marie


    i so agree with you!!! They are adorable together!

  • team edward/ team taylor

    i dont rele want pics i just want to know but pics would be nice. i dont want paparazzi all around them on their dates so i guess i believe that they are dating.

  • team edward/ team taylor


    i agree with you completely especially on the whole picture thing
    thanks for finally saying that so ppl can think about it
    and how they would feel with cameras always shoved in their face!

  • c

    @hmmm: haha omg for real shes only 19.

  • tena

    You now i really hope it is true but we really need proof, i do hope they are both happy if it is true :)

  • trace


  • trace


  • jennifer shaw

    @katie: i agree i work at a store that has the mags a check out and they change there story every week . dont trust them as far as i can throw them ok mag is the worst though they wount know the truth if it jumped up and bit them on the butt

  • ktita

    si estan juntos.. espero lo digan.. pues desde hace mucho tiempo que lo vienen negando.. se estarian contradiciendo demasiado.. eso seria super feo de su parte.. y ademas… TIENE FOTOS.! DONDE ESTAN LOS VIDEOS.!! …. como podemos creer a estos nuevos rumores.. que se siguen sumando y sumando a los que ya tienen.. si no tienen nada con que demostrar que lo que estan diciendo sea cierto… Si tiene fotos o algun video.. algo que demuestre que esto es cierto.. entonces publiquenlo… y alli recien… podriamos creer algo de lo que estan diciendo….. solo en ese caso…

    We need photo evidence..!!

  • Elena

    They’re cute ^.^
    I love how awkward they always are. And I love how they were both unknown celebs at one point, and all of a sudden they’re huge, and fell in love on set.
    Thats a pretty sweet story (:

  • Nikki

    Would be real sweet if they are together but will not believe it till they confirm it on their own.
    But you can see the changes especially in K.Stewart she is a lot less shaken with nerves when being interviewed and has settled into it.
    I just do not like the harsh words said about her based on anything from how she looks to her personailty so she is not the typical falling down in the street on a weekend drunk kind of a girl but has deep thoughts and is well spoken for her age and lives her life how she wants to (Perez is the worst of them jealousy does not look well on him even if he has the hot’s for R.P or not).

  • Lynn

    @Kate from Poland: There is heaps of pics on the net of Rob and Kristen together eg: Rob holding a script, kissing Kristen while she is on the phone, also the one taken of them first thing in the morning with Kristen sitting on Rob’s knee….

  • Sharon

    omg so cute! i totally love them <3

  • rachel

    whether its true or untrue i still love robsten!! they’re soooo in love!