Nick Jonas & The Administration Groove at the Grammy Concert

Nick Jonas & The Administration Groove at the Grammy Concert

Nick Jonas rocks out with his new band The Administration during the GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live! held at the Club Nokia in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening (December 2).

With big bros Joe and Kevin introducing them, Nick and The Adminstration performed their new single, “Who I Am,” which will release on iTunes TONIGHT!

Nick will also be on KIISFM with Ryan Seacrest tomorrow morning talking of his new venture. Be sure to tune @ 7AM PT/10AM ET!

10+ pics inside of Nick Jonas and The Administration

Nick Jonas & The Administration – “Who I Am”

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Photos: Michael Caulfield/WireImage, Kevork Djansezian/Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images
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  • Alexa_r

    He’s amaizing!!! I luv him

  • Jade


  • cathee


  • Cass

    he was amazing. ♥

  • too. cute.

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    He was amazing..
    I’m so proud of Nick..I wanna meet him!!

  • vanessa

    im so proud of this kid i love him so much :)

  • Jake

    Your all kidding, right. I hope the single is better but, live song sounded awful. Is feedback part of the song. Only way JoBros at award shows next year is as car valets.

  • Jon

    The song was awesome! The full album should be even better! I am not a fan of most of the the early Jonas music but from their newest CD to his project it seems they are getting better the older they get! I think they will be around for years to come. Nick is the blood of that group though, his talent is way beyond his age.

  • Sandy

    Wow Jake, your pathetic. He sounded AMAZING, you must be NUTS or not a JB fan.

  • ranran

    soo proud of him!
    love the song!

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    Really? I’m sorry, I’m a HUGE JONAS BROTHERS fan!
    But Nick won’t ever be good without Joe & Kevin.
    I find it pretty shallow and greedy for him to not include
    his brothers in something they’re better at doing TOGETHER!

  • oopsie

    Clearly you are not the #1 Jonas Brother Fan if you don’t get it! This is in no way cutting into their band! They all went off and did their separate thing and he decided to work on music on his break. There is nothing wrong with experimenting with different styles!! and his brothers fully support him! the jonas brothers are still in as big a swing as ever. they just finished a movie, working on another album AND world tour. IT’S ALL GOOD! and as for #8′s comment HA! I can’t wait to you eat your words. people said the same thing last year. and they keep coming back. they are amazing and talented lads with longevity in the business!

  • mal

    this is really good. but is it me or is it EXTREMELY repetitive?

  • Nell

    Jake…I SOOOO AGREE with you…I was thinking what is this…is he serious?!?!?!? It sounded like he was straining and struggling to get a “big boy’s” voice out…it wasn’t good at all. He should definitely rethink the going solo thing, but hey I’m sure young teen girls will love it regardless of the sound…what has music become these days…SO SAD

  • oopsie

    oh and ps: Joe looked better than ever tonight!! LOVE THE HAIR!

  • Vicky

    they was amazing !!! (:

  • Nkeeyah

    I love Who I Am. Its great. All three of the guys looked great. Nick I am So Proud!

  • Bostonmag

    Oh boy. He was not very good. Not as bad as when they played with Stevie Wonder, which was embarassing. But that song is so puerile.

  • Jake

    @Sandy: Fan of good music and that was not good music. Maybe his cuteness impairs your hearing. I’m not pathetic; really, no need for name calling. Disney is done with the JoBros and Nick and his old guy band aren’t going to fill a tent. Girl’s, like you, will go to see Nick. Bring earplugs dear.

  • Johnny

    Joe’s a rocket scientist. He dumped a women who looks like a super model, is brilliant, will make $60mil this year and is really nice. What is the boy looking for? He’ll look great parking cars at Disney World. OMG what a loser. Did he really think she was going to drag down his career?

  • Jake

    @oopsie: Grow up! What does Disney do when boy bands get old. The only one who made it was Justin Timberlake. Yah, Brit and Christina are not boys. As little girls tire of them and box office, tv ratings and cd sales fall, and they will. They will disappear. They are a creation of Disney and they are a business. Bring on the next trio for the tweens to scream about. I think it will be you eating Websters. OMG OMG there SOOOOOOOOO cute! NOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    This is a nice song, but still has the Jonas Brothers sound. I’m a little dissapointed, I thought this music was going to be a little different and perhaps more inspired by musicians like Elvis Costello, because I know he has the talent in him to do that kind of stuff.

  • http://- Mellz

    He’s GREAT !!!!!!!

  • Amanduh!

    you guys just have to remember this is his first single released from the album…. the rest of the album may sound COMPLETELY different… just saying

  • Ella

    @Jake Disney is done with them? Than explain to me why they just filmed Camp Rock 2,had their tv show renewed for a second season,and had their reality show renewed for a 2nd season.Nick’s tickets are goin really fast & he had to add shows.Please check your facts before you talk sh*t.

  • Ella

    Oh boi.. It’s so nice to see Joe again.. I’ve been missing him for these past days.. :’)

  • i love Chris brown

    i Love HIM
    He did Great

  • NWLzzz

    i love the preformance and i love how joe and kev are supporting him he did a wonderful job and i’m really proud of him

  • jonascyrus

    I am so proud of him, he handeled himself amazingly, I mean put yourself in his shoes, that performance was def. nerve wrecking FIRST TIME LIVE at the GRAMMY!! but he did great, the song is so addicting I can’t stop listening to it especially the chorus I love him and I love how the fans and his brothers supported him and how that member of the BEP stood up and clapt for him, Nick you’re truly gifted and blessed <3 if he keeps doing this I think we’ll be hearing NJ&TA nominated for a grammy one day , I LOVE YOU JONAS BROTHERS

  • angeliz

    i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will by the album !!!!!!!!!!!!! he s just soo amazing !!!
    and so ………………. idk ~!!!!!!! hes just great !!

  • nathalia

    He’s amazing.
    I’m so proud of Nick.. i love him.

  • florencia

    ouh !!!!!!! i love him !!!!! HE IS AWENOME !!!!! I love his new band (the administration) i love jonas brothers i love nick his brothers & all about he !!!!! the son is beautiful !!!! me encantaaaaaaa

  • Luis F. Gomez

    I feel really proud of him… He did it! This is a new thing and for sure Nick will do great in his Tour!… God Bless him and like I said I feel super proud of this new thing he is doing! Everything went super great!

  • jlene

    Sounds like he’s constipated and I mean badly!!!!

  • mech

    i don’t want him to leave the JoBros, even if the Administration sounds great… because this sounds just like the typical story of the guy who founds a better arrangement and leaves the bandl, and the other members of the band says it’s OK but its not… and it all ends baddly :(
    can’t anybody see it? cause I think that’s what it’s going to happen

  • karen

    he tries to hard

  • Jake

    @Ella: He sucked! Popularity is going done. You check your facts. Last movie had below expected sales. Movie will be DVD only and TV show won’t last.

  • ash3737

    i luved him and he rocked he is a natural born perfomer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    @oopsie: Clearly you don’t get my point of view of this. How can he handle it all!? I honestly think he’s biting off more than he can chew and somewhere down the line, it IS going to affect them.

  • Corinna

    I think Nick Jonas and The Administration did a great job. I Love the song and can’t wait for the rest of the album. All you haters can talk bad but the fans know what’s really gonna happen. We’ve been right plently more times with The Jonas Brothers than you guys have. :)

  • jessica

    i lov u nick

  • megan

    i love nick and his brothers fully support him in his quest to change his sound. they all are doing something different with there free time. nick with his band, joe with his acting, and lkevin with his personal life.

  • Tiffany

    I like Nick Jonas he has a good voice and a TON of musical talent….he has carried Jonas brothers far ,but this song is awful! It was sad to listen too…i hope his other songs are better

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