Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift: Benihana Buds

Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift: Benihana Buds

After an afternoon of reshoots for Valentine’s Day, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift step out for a bite to eat at Benihana restaurant in Beverly Hills on Thursday evening (December 3).

The two Taylors, you also grabbed a snack at Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, met up with gal pal costar Emma Roberts (wearing a brunette wig) earlier this afternoon as they shot scenes in football field bleachers at a local high school.

Swift and Lautner were spotted holding a giant pink box (we’re presuming of chocolates) and a giant polar bear. Guess Tyler Harrinton (Lautner) is really Samantha Kenny’s (Swift) prince charming!

35+ pics inside of Swift, Lautner and Emma

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Credit: GSI Media, MP/WG/DS-ISM/Pedro Andrade/Andrew Shawaf; Photos: FlynetOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • miinot

    Keep on posting these things…
    It will make my day!!!!!

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/12/04/taylor-lautner-taylor-swift-benihana-buds/#respond Rebecca

    this is such anoying. I love him and I love swift music, but they’re look weird together. taylor swift is getting anoying every single day

  • Belle

    Good luck to the couple. I hope it last forever but young hollywood couple don’t always last.

  • Serena

    I know I’ve said this before, but I really don’t like Taylor S. for doing this. I mean, does she seriously think Selena would be okay with this? Even if she said she is, I bet she feels hurt that her best friend is so inconsiderate.

  • Sarah

    there friends , they were hungry after reshooting some scenes and went to get a bite too eat, were the eff in that statement did it say couple , or hugging or kissing , seriously stop assuming things. there not a couple, they are really close friends and taylor s . would not do that too selen even if selen say her and taylor L were friends , friends dont go * out * with friends supposed boyfriend , so why dont we just call it wat it is , too buddy’s getting a bite to eat and call it a day . unless these 2 actually come out and say hey were together stop , which they would if they are , there’s no reason for them not to say they are, so more proof there not together in that way . damn now im hungry LOL


    i just dont like them together!
    they are the oddest couple.
    no offense but she is to damn
    skinny and tall and just plain ugly
    for him.

  • Sarah

    one more thing , i love taylor swifts black shirt , i wonder were she got it. sorry that was on my mind lol

  • jo-jo!

    lol when i first saw Emma Roberts photo i thought it was Selena Gomez so i was like WTF!?!? but then i realized it was Emma Roberts
    by the way i don’t like that couple!


    Why the hell are they re-doing the scene?

  • http://twitter.com/Officalvstyle abby
  • justme

    yeah taylor squared xD

  • anymony

    Selena and Taylor Lautner seem real to me.

    When they were going out they didn’t have any album or movies to promote.

    They were just regular teenagers hanging out together doing normal things like movies,bowling and walking in the park. They didn’t have billions of papz waiting outside and following them in well known returants or being in the front row of a hockey game with all the cameras on them in the big screen
    I remember There were lots of sightings
    of them together from regular folks.It sucks that disney and Summit forbid them to see eachother and wnted them to keep the relationship quiet

    and I also found pics of them together.They were so cute:


  • cam

    I don’t know why you can’t get the fact that Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez are good friends & were together for lunch this week. Selena does not have a problem with the 2 Taylor’s dating – if she did she would not be hanging out with Taylor S. This is no one else’s business. I can’t wait for this movie & congratulations to Taylor for her 8 Grammy nominations!

  • http://www.celebuz.com silly face

    aww they are just adorable if selena is okay with it then its ok it took time to start accepting the pair cause of the selena thing but she seems fine with them and i like both Taylors there awesome

  • Natalie

    They are cute !! I like them together they seem happy !

  • http://weightloss-help.info pharmacy weight loss

    Taylor looks perfect !!!

  • http://- Mellz

    Agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tiffany

    Get all of Taylor’s looks here http://outfitidentifier.com/?cat=905

  • http://- Mellz

    Couldn’t Agree More !!!!!!!!!!

  • zv

    i love them individually but as a couple i just don’t see it!!
    they DON@T look good together at all…it seems like there no chemistry plus they look sooooooooooo different that it looks wierd!!
    if they are a couple (an i hope not!) they are one AWKWARD UNUSAL lookin couple!!


    but i love them all!!

  • lucy

    mmm @Rebecca: i totally agree with you!

  • zv

    sorry commenting again .but they’re just SO ODD!! i an’t help but grimace wheneever i see pix of them!!

    Taylor L go back to Selena you guys were beyond cute together..just look at the oix you have with slena and compare them!!
    TAYLENA..now thats a couple!!!

  • heartdhape

    i hate when these two persons r mentioned on the same title..
    both r really gd in their own field but plzz not together…they look wierd together..like frm totally different planets..i hope they r jus frens…selena looks way more gd with taylor l. than t,swift…i rather hope selena n t.launter get together again…start over again if possible…:D

  • nathalia

    love them.

  • heartshape

    im totally agreeing with=ZV…
    totally..TAYLENA’s beyond gr8 couple..:)

  • Em

    I feel so bad for Taylor Lautner. He can’t eat that ice cream or w/e it is and everyone is eatting right in front of him. Poor guy. :(

  • Ally

    I love them both….. But does anyone else kinda hate how someone is carrying taylors purse for her?? It really bothers me. lol

  • justme

    He did not smile a lot because the papz hounded them everytime. Besides, he looks cute when he’s all serious like that. He probably want to look all macho in front of TaySwift, because that’s what all guys who date older girls do. They tend to look more macho and mature. Kinda like how Joe and Camilla Belle used to be.

  • lucy

    this is why she’s so skinny … she’s always eating yogurt!

  • lucy

    this is why she’s so skinny she’s always eating yogurt!

  • mech

    i love them together, they’re very cute but honestly? i don’t think they’ll get to boyfriend and grilfriend… anyway, if it happens, i’d really wanted to be Taylor Swift (beautiful, talented, not forgetting who u are or where u come from, and with taylor lautner as bff (and if u want so, more than that) )

  • Chloe


    They do that for loads of films if they just want to change something in a scene.

  • jennifer

    guys stop freakin assuming that they are dating or that “taylena” ever existed. we have NO idea. most likely they all are JUST friends. just because a guy and a girl are pictured hanging out together, you all assume that they are dating. IT IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING! so stop it with “taylor s has betrayed selena!” please get it into your tiny brain that hanging out with a guy doesn’t mean anything. ok that’s all i got to say

  • Courtney

    I totally agree with Jennifer. Everyone needs to just stop assuming that “Taylena” ever existed. Taylor Swift did not “betray” Selena at all, they’re still good friends. Geez.

    That said, I think the two Taylors are cute together.

  • maria

    Omg that not fare Taylor is so skinny and the dude is * hot and what Taylor doing that is she is of best friends

  • qwerty

    Is the “13″ on her hand a real tattoo? I’ve seen it on her all the time..

  • lulu

    I sooooo agree! I’m sorry, but i hate taylor squared. they disgust me. i mean, i love taylor lautner, and i love taylor swift, but i hate them together. I MISSSS TAYLENA SOOOMUCH</3 i feel bad for selena, but she’s a trooper. :D I PRAY THAT TAYLENA WILL BE BACK TOGETHER<33333333

  • anum

    i dont like them togehter honestly it doesnt make sense

  • daha

    OMG i totaly agree, love them both but just not right together….

  • wildcats

    awww I guess I’m the only one who loves them together…he seems so nice, and I’ve met her, and she IS really nice..hope he doesn’t do anything bad to have a song written about him…hehe

  • xoxo

    the things i would do just to meet him

  • looks are not everything

    @KASSIE: Let me guess, you think that you would be a better match for him?

  • looks are not everything

    @lulu: ROTFLMAO Do you have a life?

  • looks are not everything

    Do you people honestly think either of these two care about what you think?

  • looks are not everything

    @wildcats: No you are not. Most of the girls commenting about how disgusting they look together are jealous little fans wanting to have Taylor all for themselves…It’s quite pathetic..

  • notbk

    people! can’t you accept the fact that we don’t know the truth! . . . . so don’t assume anything and just let the issue about s, tl & ts go . . . . and one more thing, can we just be happy for others even though it’s not our favorite choice

  • Misa


  • aakriti

    @Rebecca: TOTALLY AGREE .

  • Jealously will kill ya

    @wildcats: There are so many jealous little fantwats in here, it’s crazy. You are not the only one who thinks they are great together.

  • Attention all Jealous skanks.

    @Ally: It’s called being a gentlemen..