Miley Cyrus Meets The Queen of England

Miley Cyrus Meets The Queen of England

Miley Cyrus gently shakes the hand of Queen Elizabeth II following the Royal Variety Performance in Blackpool, England on Monday evening (December 7).

The show, also featuring Lady Gaga, features a wide range of artists from all aspects of popular entertainment and show business.

According to the Mirror UK, Miley sang her hit single, “Party in the U.S.A.,” while wearing leather shorts and a cropped top.

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Photos: Photo Pool/Anwar Hussein Collection/WENN, Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images
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  • jimmy

    This remind me of the previous episode in Hannah Montana

  • haley

    that dress is way too low cut and inappropriate for an ocassion to meet the queen.

  • Leslie

    Lucky lucky!!!!
    Shes gone far! i luv her dressss

  • CS

    Dude, is the queen of england! can you choose a classy and elegant dress for once?!

  • vanessa

    haha No comment… :) HAHAHA

  • Andy

    love love love Miley’s dress, but it’s rather cold here : /

  • ronnie

    Cute. That’s the same dress Taylor Swift wore at the Grammies 2009 in a different color.

  • LoveLeeR

    just like that episode from hannah montana !!!

  • LoveLeeR

    btw it’s the 2nd time I see her with the guy sitting next to her in one of the pictures above, who is it?

  • tessa

    I love Miley

    The Queen is not God or The Pope Benedict XVI hahaha

  • rania


    The boy is her hairdresser, he is Gay :)

  • rag107

    The guy is Scott Cunha. One of Miley’s girlfriends who works with her on tour.

  • ronnie

    The “boy” is actually 29 yo, it’s Scott Cunha, her hairdresser. He probably wanted to see the queen.

  • carley

    is it really that impossible for her to cover up one time!?
    like jeeeez louise, she’s meeting the queen!

  • http://justjaredjr sameera

    wow she met the queen……i live in england and i have only seen the outside of her palace!
    the royal variety show is wicked but singing party in the USA? haha
    well she is a role model for kids worldwide

  • zzz

    i love miley, but i think that she should have chosen a more elegant dress to meet the queen.

  • Jenny

    I think miley looks amazing i love the dress but i do think it may be a bit too low but i am sure she has wore it before but i dont know where atleast she didnt meet the queen in her performance clothes she wore hotpants and btw i hve noticed she tends to wear hotpants for the P.I.T USA performances so that may be why but i love the smile on her face

  • Taya


  • lol


    you are so right! really low class isn’t she

  • lol

    No – but if you were taught anything about proper etiquette then you would know that what she wore was disrespectful to wear meeting the 80 year old Monarch of England – even Laday Ga Ga showed more sense & class than Miley & that is really saying something.

  • cam


    I have to agree with you.

  • amy


    well, I can’t disagree with you, she should have worn something like she wore to the Oscars – that was a really nice dress & classic looking.

  • Brian

    I do not see anything inappropriate about the dress. The dress is just fine. Your just mad that she got to meet the Queen.

  • Sarah

    i dont give to shiz about the queen but i know if i was to meet her i wouldnt be showing off my titties , honestly miley wtf were u thinking? she’s the queen of england and u parade around in short shorts grabbing u crouch , low class doesnt begin to cover this chick , i see another britney spear looney in the works , i cant waite till she shaves her head .

  • jo

    So taylor swift can wear the exact same dress and not get a single thing for it!?
    I think its just fine, and looks cute o nher.

  • me

    Taylor Swift wasnt meeting the Queen. Miley’s dress should have been a little more closed up top.

  • missdestinyhope

    @fearless: oh wait, The Queen doesn’t care! So why do you? Stop playing like you guess the way the girl dresses. By now, it’s een 3 years already. You ought to be used it to.

  • missdestinyhope

    @jo: yeah, just because she’s not a Disney kid singing to 5 year olds.

  • missdestinyhope

    @Brian: seriously right, if that were Beyonce in that dress, people would not give a care in the world. Cause she’s use to having her boobs out.

  • Evie

    Dress is cute, but too low cut to meet the queen of England. I mean, really.

  • Susanna


    You may not know this, but there ARE standards for meeting the Queen. Our first lady got reprimanded for simply touching the queen. You don’t just do whatever and wear whatever. You show respect. Even Beyonce would get flack if she wore something revealing like that. But she wouldn’t dare, because she knows the difference between classy versus trashy and appropriate versus inappropriate. Miley has yet to figure that out.

  • TheQ

    @CS: LOl True that

  • Gabby

    @jo well, was Taylor meeting the Queen!? I think not. That night that Taylor wore that dress was a night to show off everything and this occasion Miley is at, is not. Miley needs to realize that when she meets people such as the queen, she needs to have some class and act like a lady.

  • ashleyy


    look at the girl to her left,
    she’s wearing skinny tight shorts, and a tank.

    at least miley covered up,

  • ashleyy


    fyi. look at the lady to the left of miley.

    take a chill pill.

  • jonaslover988979

    i think miley’s dress is just a little too low :/ if it were like a little higher i think it’d be fine…. and you cant compare miley to taylor swift b/c taylor swift’s dress that she wore (i think its the same as hers but in black) fit her better…miley’s looks like it doesnt fit her well….but its a pretty dress :] im not a miley hater, but idt she shouldve done party in the usa… i mean the clothes for the performance said it all…. maybe she should have done a little more modest song like the climb…. i think thatd be appropriate. but i gotta give miley props…shes come a long way :]

    and just to restate it… im not a miley hater!! miley rocks :]

  • Obi wan

    Im from Asia and even i knw tht dress is nt appropriate to meet the queen.too much cleavage on top..its just nt suitable thats all..come on its called CLASS.

  • Carol

    I really don’t care all that much about Miley, but the criticism that she’s been getting recently really annoys me. Most of it is regurgitated remarks that 12 year old girls repeat after they hear their moms go on and on about the promiscuous way that Miley dresses. These girls have no opinons about it themselves, they just assume it’s okay to speak self righteously about another person because their parents do it, and their parents are their main moral guides at their age. All this about Miley Cyrus being a role model, SHE’S A CELEBRITY. I have respect for what she does, but I really hope that my children consider her as an entertainer, not a role model. I hope someday when I have children, they will see me, their mother, as their “Role Model” because I’ll encourage them not to judge others that they don’t know, and have respect for others’ choices, even when they disagree with them.

    So basically what I’m trying to say is that I’m pretty sure that Miley wasn’t intending to disrespect the Queen in any way. Trust me, her publicists knew what they were doing when they picked out those outfits for her, and they obviously thought it was for the best.

    Leave the girl alone.

  • Queen Peppermint

    Proper etiquette for meeting the queen require COVERED shoulders and properly covered cleavage. To wear that to meet the queen…. trashy and disrespectful.

  • ronnie

    LOL. She is standing in a group of sweaty circus artists in sweat pants that performed at the Royal Variety and people are concerned about etiquette? And still people only focus on Miles. Not to imagine if Miley was standing there in a sweat suit, that would probably be the scandal of the year and we’d never hear the end of it.
    There were obviously relaxed rules for meeting the queen on this occasion, and it is awfully nice from Miley to change into a evening dress just for the handshake.

  • annie


  • blabla

    I love her but she should have worn a more classy dress…at least she didn’t wear hot pants xDDD

  • me

    uh.. the woman to the left has no shoes or bra.. ew

  • lol

    I’m sure the publicists had nothing to do with picking Miley’s outfit for her. Miley picked it for sure – this is the sexy / trashy way she likes to dress – It is obvious by now in all the pictures we see of her coming over the web now.

  • Carol

    @lol: She might like wearing those clothes, I don’t know. But when you sign your life over to Disney, they own you. When you make a public appearance at an event that might in some way reflect on the company, they usurp all creative license, and you become a corporate commodity. You can’t do or wear anything to these events without the consent of your publicists. It’s kind of depressing really. It seems that Nick treats their child stars a bit better though, they are less promoted. That’s the way it should be. Look to these celebrities for entertainment not as a model for emulation. I’m just glad that some company doesn’t own me! LOL


    jo “So taylor swift can wear the exact same dress and not get a single thing for it!?
    I think its just fine, and looks cute o nher.”

    So jo u think miley can get a tatoo which is not legal she dresses like stripper and fyi taylor swiftt can wear that cause shes 19 mileys not even 18 so shut up u just don’t wannna believe that mileys turning into lindsay lohan and the dress shows to much clevage to meet a queen fyi did you see what she wore for Royal Variety performce?well she wore a bra with a jacket and short shorts so HA!

  • awesome girl

    you guys are so retarded when taylor swift wore a dress just like that one everyone thought it was elegant but when miley cyrus wears it she has “no class”.! seriously u guys r a bunch of retards!

  • awesome girl

    your a dumb dumb 2!seriously…miley cyrus dresses like a regular teenager the only reason why people are out to get her is because she really famous and vulnerable!

  • shannon

    wish ppl would leave miley alone…i like the dress, miley looks gorgeous as always

  • trace

    that is an inappropriate for the occasion.
    meet the queen in something more decent