Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Fitness Friends

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Fitness Friends

Vanessa Hudgens walks and talks to her honey Zac Efron as they leave the gym in the pouring rain on Saturday evening (December 12) in Los Angeles.

The black-hooded hotties just returned from Vancouver, where Vanessa, 20, was finishing up filming on her upcoming action flick, Sucker Punch.

Vanessa celebrates her 21st birthday TOMORROW — how exciting!

WHAT DO YOU THINK Vanessa will do for her 21st bash?

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  • http://q Lisssssss

    awesome! :D

    soooooo cute

  • http://q Lisssssss

    gym dates FTW <3

  • ktawnyy

    so much zac and vanessa! i love it (: they are THE cutest couple. love them <3

  • dan


  • rie

    love them together<3

  • http://deleted anymony

    They’ve been together for 4 years! Wow !

  • LG

    Love them!

  • Kro

    They are lovely… Did V already finish all her scenes for sucker punch?
    I think they are cute and this show that they are still going strong…

  • abby

    Aww I really didn’t think we’d get any other pics of them for a few days. So cute. Shows how normal they are. Love it.

  • Jess!

    OMG!! so cute!

  • Pit

    they inspire me to work out!!

  • http://teamhudgens kuli

    celebrate you birthday with your family, friends and of course with zac then go for a nice vacation ‘coz the two of you have been working so hard. wish vanessa good health, happiness and a very successful career. your one very special lady god bless you always

  • Jazmin

    great couple…I can only wish them the best and hope they continue to stay strong.

    Thanks JJjr.

  • simplylovely

    i love seeing them together!!

  • Katty

    They look a little miserable, but then again, I would be too. They just got back, and paps are already watching their every move. It’s pouring down rain on their heads, and they must be tired from the time change. I hope that V has a wonderful birthday tomorrow, she deserves it. They should go a on a vacation, they need one from all the work they’ve been doing. Plus, some more time away from the paps will do them good ;)

  • Angel

    Awwww! <3 Adorable!

  • abby

    @Katty: There is no time change between LA and Vanucover.

  • Mona

    Keep the pics coming! I love seeing them together – despite the rain. Wish Vanessa a very happy 21st birthday!

  • georgiegirl

    hope to see pics of vanessa’s birthday!! and lots of ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gin

    i love this couple!

  • a.j


  • Shannon

    aww working out together and them walking out in the rain is a hot pic! “fitness friends” I think there more than that lol

  • stella =)

    @Katty: there is no time change between vancouver and LA :|

  • Jess

    Her birthday is on the 14 of Dec. not tom.
    love the pics

  • fearless

    @Katty: iknow getting back to be stalked isnt something comfortable.. they are together and that’s the only that matters=)

  • MiizR

    they have the same sweater or jacket? lols! they always match!! loovvee them<3

  • Yah yahhh ;)

    Vanessa’s birthday isn’t until Monday, not tomorrow. (the 13th) Taylor Swift’s birthday is the 13th. Vanessa’s bday is the 14th.

  • Katty

    @stella =):

    I did not know that. That shows how well I pay attention in World History…. hahaha. I am also blond….that affects it. I know that that is just a joke, but sometimes it really does affect me.
    I just hope they stay happy and don’t let the paps get to them.

  • Katty

    @Yah yahhh ;):

    It’s two AM in the morning where I am, so Monday is tomorrow and today is the thirteenth now. Depending on where you live, it would still be Saturday…

  • Katie g!

    yay! there on here like three times in the last two days!! its kind of awesome =)

  • Katie g!

    yay! there on here like three times in the last two days!! its kind of awesome =)

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    AW !! Matching hoodies !! Though.. by their facial expressions, I think their annoyed with all the paps. *sigh* Oh Hollywood. First a Scashley sighting, now Zanessa. This day is GOOD.

  • deepgurl

    i love zac!!!!! vanessa???

  • Laura

    Omg zanessa two days running yay!!!

  • ~eg~

    they are so cute :)

  • ditto

    i knw wht she’ll do on her birthday.. PARTY IT UPPPP!!! she can drink now right so wht else would a good n normal american do.. ;@

  • Vicky

    they look cute.. but it will be cute if they kiss in the rain!!! ;D <3

  • VHud_rocks!

    Aww..matching hoodies! Cute!

  • lalalove

    @Jess: but here..its dec. 13…and tomorrow will be dec 14

  • zanessa14krizline

    SO CUTE! I miss this kind of pictures of them together, but i want more sweeter than this pics. I wish have more birthdays to come, good health, a very good career and i hope you and ZAC married soon as possible. ^_^

    Happy 21st Birthday V!

  • athenais

    I’m happy to have new pictures >…

    poor Zac & Nessa, rain is very rarely in California

  • ZNlover

    Gosh so many sightings nowadays, love them an early happy birthday Vanessa!

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    I love them. ♥

  • ti3m

    @Vicky: you are so right.. lol.. thanks JJjr.. hope to see more.. especially on V’s birthday.. (:

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    Awwwwwww another sighting and once again they’re matching… Yay… But the look on their faces show that their mad with the paps in LA :(… Anyways I hope Nessa has a brilliant birthday and whatever zac has planned I’m sure it will be fantastic… I wish her all the best in the many more successful years to come and may her life be filled with a lot of happiness with her family, zac and all of her friends!!! I believe that she thoroughly deserves all the success she will get after the things she has been through… Happy advanced b-day bbv… Your fans will always support you:D

  • Swiss

    goodness 4 years!!!! Wow I can’t even stay with the same guy for a week! LOL…they are the cutest couple in the world!!!

  • sunny

    soo cool … gym date ;D
    love them so much !

  • lslsharon

    Vanessa looks so cute!!!LOL
    Happy birthday,Nessa!!!!Wish you all the best!!!!



  • Mareike

    she’ll prob get drunk or somthn…