Justin Bieber Cranks Up The Citadel

Justin Bieber Cranks Up The Citadel

Looks like Mom got her way!

After prematurely getting rid of his foot boot, Justin Bieber performs on stage with it on at the Citadel Outlets in Los Angeles on Monday night (December 14).

The 15-year-old musician took it off briefly while he was in Washington, D.C., preparing to perform for The President of the United States. Justin tweeted, “My cast was suppost to be off on Friday, but it doesnt hurt anymore. lol.. i took it off. I mean its only like 5 days. my moms angry.”

Justin updated his Twitter again once he had performed his set on stage last night, saying, “great night in LA. they r saying 15 to 20,000 people showed up for the show 2night. thanks to everyone that came out. In n Out burger now.”

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Photos: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN
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  • http://www.kaiyanicole.com Kaiya

    We were there it was a madhouse! Just posted some footage:


  • none

    Enough with this womanizing jerk. He is so overrated and has an ego. He thinks that all girls want him. Girls do yourselves a favor and run as fast as you can away from this womanizing jerk before he deflowers and ruins you. He is no good.

  • Talent?!

    Disastrous! Children were actually being crushed in the frenzy. Not enough security!!!! Incredible that the number of injuries weren’t higher. I was amazed that Beiber thoughtlessly, although obviously innocently, encouraged hysterical kids to feign Injury, for a chance to get on stage with him!!! A really disappointing experience. Plus. What’s all the fuss about?! Singing skills??? Mediocre. At best. Good thing I love my daughter! Otherwise, I’d NEVER have stayed longer than the first few high (and off) pitch warbles from this kid. His speaking voice is about an octave higher than my daughter’s!

    Justin. Listen to your Mother. Your comment on your cast displays your obviously not as mature as you think you are! And Mother. Bring that kid
    back down to earth, where he belongs. Yet another example of talent free
    individuals getting lucky. What a sad ‘entertainment’ world we live in.

  • ana :)

    he’s such a cutie *-*

  • Candice

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was there 2!!!! It was so much fun. me and my best friend Karina got to Citadel before the show started and still found a great spot. thanks mom!!!He is so cute :) <3 I’m gonna marry him. Justin please come back to LA.

  • http://www.theentertainmentempire.com Trey


  • http://www.kaiyanicole.com Kaiya

    I have most of the concert, thinking of posting individual vids for the different songs…

  • Cindy Mai


  • Sara

    I was there too! I loved it. It was like a riot though. I was in the front, and people kept on pushing, so it took an hour basically to calm everyone down. He was amazing and that was sweet of him to let the two girls that were crushed to get up on stage and get to hug him. :)

  • tutti

    gosh….he s so cool & sweet right?
    just love him~~ :D

  • kimberly

    i was there !
    the girls who went up there were lucky!
    he was so amazing :)

  • sara

    I went there! It was great,and he was great at singing. I was in the front, though so many people were pushing it was uncomfortable. It took an hour for everyone to calm down, so Justin came out at 7:00. Two girls got hurt in the front, though Justin sang to them “One Less Lonely Girl.” It was so sweet! At the end there were firetrucks, police cars, and the ambulence!

  • jackie

    i was there! it was awesome. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER. i guess you can say i’m a bilieber(:

  • destiny abrego

    I was there i was in the front but it was crazy i as so uncomfortable the security had 2 take me out but it was still really fun !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nasreen

    Justin Bieber is so fit and cute and hot he is so nice every time i hear him or see him he makes me smile he is such a nice guy!

  • snejana manolova

    az obi4am justin bieber i mi e mnogo tajno 4e toi si e 4upil kraka i rakata ;(

  • http://none jesse

    justin looks soo cute i dont care wat all u haters think cuz if u didnt lyk him then u wouldnt have found his picture soo back off
    *miss bieber*

    p.s. HE IS SOOO CUTE

  • http://justinbieber raquel

    eu te amo sou uma garota alegre edivertida

  • http://justinbieber raquel

    te amo



    If you love your daughter, why did you take her in the first place?

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