Logan Miller is In The Band -- JJJ Exclusive Interview

Logan Miller is In The Band -- JJJ Exclusive Interview

Check out Disney XD’s latest leading man, Logan Miller!

The 17-year-old Ghosts of a Girlfriends Past actor recently caught up with JustJaredJr.com to chat about his upcoming series, I’m In The Band, the psychedelic purple band van and what he really wants for Christmas. Check it:

JJJ: Tell us about your character, Tripp Campbell.

Logan Miller: Tripp has been playing the guitar and has loved rock ‘n’ roll since he was born! He’s the guy who would stop at nothing to achieve what he needs to achieve. If he comes across an obstacle, he’ll find a way to overcome it.

JJJ: What type of music do you play on the show?

LM: It’s all very 80s rock. That is what is so great about the show — we stay true to 80s rock. We always have different songs but they all sound like different bands, which is so cool. Sometimes they’ll sound like Aerosmith or Motley Crew. We have one song called “Spiders, Snakes and Clowns” that sounds very much like Motley Crew.

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JJJ: What instruments do you play on the show?

LM: I play guitar. I’ve actually been playing it about eight years in real life, too. I have one in my dressing room and I’m always playing it.

JJJ: What is your favorite episode you’ve filmed so far?

LM: There’s this one episode where we [the band] had to trying find a charity fast to get some good publicity. We thought, why don’t we help older people? We go to Tripp’s grandma’s retirement home and there was a bunch of craziness with tons of older people. It was really, really funny. One of the older people in the episode is James Hong, who is this giant character actor. He’s got almost 400 credits on IMDB. It was so cool to work with him and it was an all around funny episode.

JJJ: I’m In The Band is all about your character joining a real live 80s band. If you had to choose a band to join, which one would it be?

LM: Oh man! The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Jim Morrison and all them. Hust be able to work with those guys would be amazing — they’re my idols!

JJJ: What do you love doing on down time on the set?

LM: I like playing guitar and being on the computer. Sleeping (laughs). I’m always so tired, I take a nap every now and then.

JJJ: What is the craziest thing that has happened on set so far?

LM: We have crazy things happening every week. On one episode, a bunch of eggs were thrown in my face. Derek, the lead singer in the band, was doing a magic trick where he was my hands and I was like the body. He was mad at me and kept throwing eggs all over my face. It was disgusting and gross! (laughs) There were about 24 eggs on me, and then he threw a hard boiled one on me and no one knew. When he threw it on my head, it splattered all over my hair and was a big white mess. It went all over my hair.

JJJ: Do you have a favorite prop on set?

LM: Not really prop, but it’s kind of a set. We have a band van, which I love. It’s our version of a tour bus. It’s really an 80s VW bus with a purple snakeskin print on the outside that says Iron Weasel on it. Then you go inside and there’s this crazy psychedelic plaid, leopard print. That’s probably my favorite ‘prop’ on set.

JJJ: If you could get any for Christmas what would it be?

LM: I really want a new car — a Mini-Cooper. Really bad!


In the premiere episode of I’m In The Band, “I Wanna Punch Stuff,” Tripp gets dumped by Lana, the prettiest girl in his class so he’s inspired to write a new song, “I Wanna Punch Stuff.” Meanwhile, Tripp surprises his band mates with a visit from professional mixed martial arts fighter and former roadie, Ernesto the Besto (Hollywood Yates), who unbeknownst to Tripp, has a bone to pick with Iron Weasel (Steve Valentine).

“I Wanna Punch Stuff” premieres Monday, January 18 @ 7PM ET/PT on Disney XD.

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