Lucas Till Tells All About Taylor Swift

Lucas Till Tells All About Taylor Swift

Although everyone suspected a love connection between Taylor Swift and Lucas Till earlier this year, it was never out in the open — until now.

Lucas, who appeared in Taylor‘s “You Belong With Me” music video, dished to MTV a bit about their short relationship and break-up. He shared, “We dated for a little bit. But, there was no friction because we were too nice. We just really both liked each other … [but] most relationships work out cause you get along and then you don’t, and then you make up and its passionate, and with us I really just liked her as a friend. That’s the only reason that didn’t work out.”

But nowadays Lucas goes for the older girls. He shared, “They are a little too old for me ” I’m actually looking at the Sherlock Holmes poster right now ” but Rachel McAdams is so hot and so talented and I really want to kiss her. I really respect her career as well and I love talented actresses and she happens to be the complete package.”

TELL JJJ: Do you think Lucas and Taylor should’ve stayed together?

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  • Rochelle

    Maybe later in the future they should try to work things out again. hahaha.
    cause taylor and taylor are kina cute.

  • Kaylaaax3

    nope. I never liked Lucas Till. He’s cute, but i just never saw him for Taylor.

  • fan1234

    i like him better than lautner

  • jane

    It is great that lucas being honest and being friendly to taylor swift. Lucas/taylor s started out without any media buzz or showing off . Tay-tay started out more for benefit.
    Oh well, they are all so young, Lucas/taylor s maybe have chance if they meant to be each other in future !

  • Emily

    They’re both great. I Think Taylor & Lucas were great together. Taylor & Taylor are great too. Both guys are great for Taylor, and Taylor’s great for them. We shall see what happens. (:

  • w

    They look like they could be related. I like Taylor with Taylor, but this Lucas kid seems nice.

  • fan

    Like Lucas and Taylor swift better. However, since they are so young and lucas is smart to stay being friend with taylor swift at this young age– more loose friendship.

  • MISHYb

    Rachel McAdams is so awesome!!! HELLO she went to the best University EVER!!! (IN MY OPINION).

  • fearless

    yes they were dating but it was not public, i read that somewhere and lucas dated briefly miley too.. he always confirms his relationships months after

  • eLLa

    @1234 I’m not s Swift fan, but yeah, Lucas is much better than Lautner! It’s just his ABS which make him attractive! Agree?

  • Kat

    haha Lucas is cute and much better.

  • mrs.nickjonas

    I just wonder what song did she write about Lucas… Well, I hope is good! hahaha I love Lucas, his smile is just perfect!

  • Gah Bee

    THAT’S OBVIOUS….. Of course

  • lucy

    i like taylor L BUT he’s so young for her

  • tswiftfan

    @eLLa: I agree with you. I think he doesn’t really have a attractive face. The only thing I think it’s hot about him is his body lol. I’m sure he’s a nice guy though.

  • Sarah21

    i didnt know they dated , they look good toget her , but u know they are all soo yound just date whoever u end up with in the future u end up with.

  • Tiffany

    I love Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danielle

    Whatttt I think this guy is ugly … and Rachel McAdams??? pleaseeee

  • jaime

    heyey, they are so young, lucas sounds nice and mature at this young age to deal with or saying ” dating/break up” Anway, Laylor is cute !

  • Danya

    I think he should stay with Taylor Swiftt!!!!

  • keN

    . . . before you drive fast,,, first, you have to learn to drive.
    before you write love/life songs, you have to love and live,,
    A LOT..! ..Get’n good at anything, takes practice…lots.

  • Uncertainty Principle

    I cannot answer this question because it ultimately depends on what both Lucas and Taylor thought of the relationship. However, I will be extremely happy for Taylor regardless of who she chooses. I think Lucas himself admitted why the relationship couldn’t work though. Taylor does not want someone like that. Who knows? She may not stay with either Taylor Lautner or Lucas. I know she will find the right person some day though.

  • chichi

    what a little nasty, he obviously looks at this as a little publicity stunt so that people can watch his flop of a movie kung fu freakshow or something. he IS SUCH A LITTLE NASTY, WHAT A LITTLE NASTY. Going on about ‘oh rachel is so hot’ what are you some rabid monster or something.

  • miLcaheunice

    lucas is really cute but I don’t think that he’s good for taylor…I’m a huge fan of taylor squared and I think that they are really meant for each other…

  • jane

    Who are not for publicity ?! Taylor swift wrote her songs by using her previous dating boys. Taylor L and Taylor swift public dates more for benefit and media buzz. Guess depend on whom you choose to be their fans.
    I do not feel annoying about Lucas. Lots of Lucas and taylor swift’ s fan want to know “Did Taylor swift date Lucas ?” .
    Now he answers nicely–that is great. Nothing to hurt Taylor swift. They are all so young.

  • Kelly

    How creepy is it that he is saying he wants to kiss Rachel McAdams? Not creepy that he wants to, just that he is saying it…in an interview….that everyone will see….

  • Uncertainty Principle

    Jane. What makes you think that Taylor Swift is dating Taylor Lautner just for media hype? So they have the same first name. It is mildly amusing, but they could be a perfect pair. I have read many comments criticizing Taylor Swift for not making wise decisions in this area because she is so young. However, I think she has much more understanding in this area than many people twice her age. Her philosophy is one that many people refuse to live by. I am still attempting to figure some aspects of her philosophy. I am serious when I use the term philosophy. Her view on life is different than most and I want to know why. I am studying philosophy and advanced mathematics in college therefore this question is os some interest to me. I would describe myself as a Hegelian. My life has been changed in a lot of ways after reading his Science of Logic.

  • jane

    First clear up that tay-tay is not my business. They can date who ever they want. I have nothing against them. It is entertaining for us to talk about them and that is what tay-tay and their PR wants, more people will go to watch their movie/TV/music video ect.
    Did you see any pictures of taylor swift solo when she hung in Los Angeles during the time of taylor s -taylor L public date photos or filming Valentine’s day movie? No, solo photos are not buzz enough.
    How did the paparazi know where tay-tay were going if no one tip off paparazi.

  • music

    they never date. just a publicty stunt.

  • steph

    i think there better as friends
    btw i like the music video! x
    taylors awesome!

  • Uncertainty Principle

    Actually Jane, I didn’t see any of the pictures because I am blind. I use screen-reading software to operate my computer. However, I understand the point you are making. However, all Taylor has to do is venture out anywhere in public and she has a crowd following her. As she has stated in her blogs, she has come to the point where she simply does not go out if she does not want to be visited by crowds of people. Therefore, I don’t think it would be too difficult for the paparazi to find her even if she didn’t inform them of such things.

  • tessa

    So I guess we know Taylor wrote “The Way I Loved You” with him in mind..

  • Luísa

    well…they do make a cute couple. But if there was no sparks, then no :/

  • Aww

    Aww! I thought they made a really cute couple, I thought they were gonna be Hollywood’s next “IT” couple…Guess I was wrong. They should totally try again. Anyway, if they meet again like in 5 years and get together, I’ll be jumping with joy and remember their (special) kiss in “You Belong With Me”. Thought Laylor was a really cute couple and Lucas was good with Taylor until “abs” (Lautner) appeared. Lautner should NOT be dating Taylor S because 3 years difference is a LOT. He should stick with his ex now Tay Squared is history.

  • ashley

    Why did they break up they were perfect for each other?! I hope they get back together in the future.

  • Amazing5

    @Danielle: they should be Together! :P